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Music Influences Part 2

k i shall continue where i left off here.

Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American, Futures, Chase This Light
k as i know J.E.W. has been around like since forever la. cuz i remember their old songs and it used to be quite famous la. but then those were the old radio days before the comp and downloading music and all. so i din have any songs from them til like 2003 or 2004. was watching MTV and there was their video for Work. dun think i really listened to the whole thing also. may also have heard it on radio then. but anyway, i heard it then got the songs from the album and all la. quite a few songs i heard on OTH and went and downloaded. and ended up with all three albums from them. out of which i like Chase This Light the best.
First Song Heard: The Middle [Bleed American]

Jon Foreman - Fall EP, Winter EP, Spring EP, Summer EP

yeapp. it's Jon Foreman from Switchfoot with his own albums. 6 songs in each album. first heard he was doing his own album EPs from Wei Zhen. but only recently i went and downloaded them. this is also after Julian sent me a song from his Winter EP. it's not bad la. quite nice to listen to. but it's basically all acoustic stuff.
First Song Heard: Learning How To Die [Winter EP]

Kate Voegele - Don't Look Away

Kate Voegele, or more known to ppl as Mia from OTH. well, basically, thats where i found her la. from OTH. was watching and realised that she really has such a gr8 voice. and the album's not bad la i guess. quite cool. i guess cuz she has a good voice la. her songs are not thaaaat gr8 la as far as i can remember.
First Song Heard: No Good

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

k apparently she's and American Idol. i have to admit i've been listenin to her songs for so long not knowing this. i think i was watching MTV and saw her there for the first time. so one song from there. then she kept coming out with awesome song after awesome song. so yea. she's in my top 3 favourite female artists.
First Song Heard: Breakaway

Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future

this band was found from the Newspaper. Star Newspaper to be exact. not bad eh? well, apparently, they won some best new comer award or smth like that. so they must be pretty cool la. so i went and got some of their songs. weird at first. but not bad la. then saw more on MTV also. wah not bad song also. then AGAIN appeared on Need For Speed ProStreet. and the song was weird at first but u grow onto it la. quite cool. tho most ppl dun like la. haha.
First Song Heard: Golden Skans [Golden Skans EP]

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Meteora, Live In Texas, Collision Course, Minutes To Midnight

k. this band is like legendary. i have like 3 of their albums as in ori bought ones. all worht it. and when i have the money i'll buy Reanimation also. k so i found this band out like way back in 2001 or 2002. they were played on the radio and noone knew them then. but their songs were not bad la. first they seemed like some crazy metal band la. then thx to my good friend So Eu Jin from Alor Star, i got to know them better. and man, it was totally worth it. they are really awesome la. they got skillz. it's like 6 ppl in a band which is like normally too much, but then for them it's just nice. plus how many rock bands do u know that has an MC and a DJ? cool right?
First Song Heard: One Step Closer [Hybrid Theory]

Lostprophets - Start Something, Liberation Transmission

this band was found while playing Need For Speed Underground. as i figured the bands they used on the games were like pretty much unknown so i din think they were that gr8 la. then i remember seeing them on MTV also for their MV of Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja. and it was a cool song man. then later on i found their lyrics for Last Train Home posted on Grace's blog waaaayyy back when she used Xanga. then i was like, eh this band quite famous eh. then more songs came from them and i loved like everyone that came out. then i got the albums la. another 2 albums i would buy if i had money.
First Song Heard: To Hell We Ride [Start Something]

Mayday Parade - Tales Told By Dead Friends, A Lesson In Romantics

another band introduced by Mr. Jin. i think we were at Starbucks at Cemara there where he asked me to listen to a song by them. and i was like, eh not bad la. then when we went back on the weekend he sent the song to me. and wah got addicted la. and he sent some other songs also la. then i also like, then i when i got both their albums la. which both were good. but i would def say A Lesson In Romantics was better. but maybe cuz there were more songs la. hmm.
First Song Heard: When I Get Home, You're So Dead [Tales Told By Dead Friends]

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade

i'm pretty sure this band was found from listening to the radio. and also from talk in school la i guess. then there's also watching I'm Not Okay on MTV. which is a pretty cool video. and out of the two albums, i think i like Three Cheers better. but some tracks on Black Parade are really cool too la.
First Song Heard: Helena [Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge]

OneRepublic - Dreaming Out Loud

this band shot to popularity with their song remixed by Timbaland. so i would def attribute the finding of this band to the radio. or it cud have been my younger sister too. can't remember. haih. but yea. also after recommendation from Peter, i got the album. and it's pretty not bad la. ok la. some mellow stuff and enjoyable i guess.
First Song Heard: Apologize (Timbaland Remix)

Panic(!) At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, Pretty.Odd.

never knew of this band during the time they were up and rising cuz i didn't listen to the radio during that time. had no clue of them. then in church i was talking to Yui Teng abt the Fall Out Boy video which just came out. and i remember her mentioning abt The Academy Is... singer being in the video. then i remember her mentioning abt Panic! At The Disco too at the time. being the lazy me, i didn't really go and find out la. then Grace also post their video on her blog. and i watched la. then heard of them more on the radio and also through MTV. then found their song quite cool la. and got it. then came to NZ, and was randomly listening to music off ppls playlists and saw their A Fever You Can't Sweat Out album. so i thought, might as well have a listen. and wow, i was so impressed man. i even went and bought the album man. thats how good it was. Pretty.Odd. is still an ok ok album la. AFYCSO is still way better. best NZD15 i ever used. haha.
First Song Heard: I Write Sins Not Tragedies [A Fever You Can't Sweat Out]

Paramore - Riot!

another Friendster found band. was surfing along friendster and came across Shahira's page and the video for a song started playing. and i was like, eh quite cool la. so got the song la. and then suddenly a few months or weeks after that day, Paramore became famous. with their album Riot! quite a few good tracks on the album. and the acoustic songs are also really good. proves she can sing.
First Song Heard: Emergency [All We Know Is Falling]

Relient K - MMHMM, Apathetic EP, Five Score and Seven Years Ago, Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer, The Birds And The Bee Sides

as i remember, i was surfing Yahoo music and instead of the song i was searching for, Relient K's video starting playing. and i also listened la. and i was like, wah not bad. quite nice. so i got the song. then i got some other songs from them too. then i remember lending my thumbdrive to Julian and he put in the Five Score album in. and wah. it was nice man. well, it shows since i bought the album too la. haha. i think this is probably the only band i have that is like all feel good songs. k not all la. but mostly and i get that feel good and happy feeling. cuz their songs also like happy happy only. haha.
First Song Heard: Be My Escape [MMHMM]

k thats all for part 2. will try and finish up by part 3 maybe. but i counted a lot more to go. and hopefully i can remember how i know all these bands as thats the main reason i'm doing this.

Currently Listening To: Be My Escape - Relient K

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