Sunday, July 06, 2008

Me and You

u know, i think it comes down to doing what i wanna do.

or doing something that helps others.

of course helping others shud come b4 ourselves and all.

but what if you had to give up a HUGE part of ur life and suffer by just helping someone.

just to make them feel better? make their life better?

and don't underestimate the HUGEness of the part of ur life.

just imagine, if you had to stay paralyzed. but u help someone make their life better.

sounds like a noble thing to do right. give up ur life to help others?

but what if they screw you over? they go back to their messed up ways? then everything you sacrificed sums up to NOTHING!

kinda sucks doesn't it. no matter how much you tell urself, "it was worth it", deep down u know it wasn't worth it.


just thoughts going through my mind. and somehow this line comes to mind: "actions speak louder than words"

comments more than welcomed. long profound ones from anonymous ppl are cool too. thx.

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