Friday, August 31, 2007

Why Don't You

Why don't you come right out and say it
Even if the words are probably going to hurt
I'd rather have the truth than something insincere
Why don't you come right out and say
Come right out and say it
What it is you're thinking though I'm thinking it's not what I want to hear
Relient K

i love songs. every song has smth to say. n they say it so well.

n i still can't believe how long ure making me wait. yea. i can guess what happened. it was expected right?

i hate being right abt the things you do.

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well here i am on Merdeka day (yes its currently 12.00 am whie i'm typing this) blogging. cuz i cant be out cuz parents say i'm out too much n i dun spend enuf time with family. yet my family is sleeping now. wut the. supposed to go out at 2am. but i tought abt it n decided i wont. well, its not that bad since i got Dana to teman me n i'm temaning her also. yay! thx Dana! =D

this week was kinda interesting. i found out quite a few stuff. photos will do the talking again. :) sry la i'm a lazy boy. =P this week i realised.....

...nails can actually be burnt.

...i've got famous frens. =P

...there's a Decepticon in Intec

....or just a very elaboratly decorated scooter. =P

...when ure a star like Reshmonu, u haf to start practicing for ur night event at 2pm.

...the Persona still looks like a Gen.2 to me no matter what.

...some ppl need their afternoon sleep.

...someone actually has a full Devastator set! now thats a collector!

...if u wanna laugh a lot in a horror show, go watch Black Sheep.

... that you get free bowling in Cinelesuire if u watch a movie. =D intimidated feeling when the first two plays by Jin n Joel were spares was for nothing. i won in the end. haha!

...karaoke-ing can be quite ok.

...i guess its based on who goes la. haha.

...these two ladies have really great voices. =D

...apparently Indian guys cant get drunk. well i dun feel anything now n i do believe i'm 2nd in place who drank the most. but its jus beer la like Jin said. haha. there's better stuff also. ;)

...this drink is nice. but not when u lose your glass. =(

...that Joel can really sleep. =P

...that that is not my lifestyle. i dun think i wanna haf anything to do with it. which means that includes you too.

heh. thats all for now. hope u enjoyed the pics. =P

oh yeah. Miss Lauren Chia also came to the Curve coincidently. haha! ;P stop stalking me lah. haha! just kidding. this reminds me. i need to buy Lauren and Wei Zhen's present still. dang. my money is seriously flying away. u guys better appreciate the present k! i hate parting with my money!!

this part is for Dana who kept me company on Merdeka night/early morning. haha! her name is goin to be mentioned hundred times.

Dana. (x 100)

now u all read it aloud 100 times so she feels happy k. haha!


honestly i cant believe you. any other person wud haf the decency to inform. which is y i dun wanna care anymore. n i'm putting no hope in wha u promised u wud do tonight. i know u'll break it. its jus so you. n yeah i guess i want to be proved wrong. here's your chance.

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing

Nothing at all

Simple Plan

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It jus seems like it was all for nth. everything I said jus wasted. like it din mean anything. like it wud nvr mean anything.

it makes me wonder. of all the things I’ve said, all the advice I’ve given, what have u listened to? am I really giving u bad advice? that u feel u haf no reason to follow?

n the way u say u everything u do depends on me. how can that be? all the things u’ve done or are doin now I’ve nvr done or I’m not doing. so how is it u say u rely on me? I’m starting to see it as just an excuse.

the way u brush what u did off like that seems to tell me like u care abt it. like “oh it happened. too bad. jus forget abt it.” like I know u wud do it again. n it really sux to know that. well, even if u do forget, I’ll still remember.

or will I remember cuz I dunno anything abt it? how it happened? did u plan for it? haih. I wish I knew.

seems like I’m on the outside now. like I’m not supposed to be trusted. n eventho I shud know better and I act as if I dun. I’m acting as if nth happened too. so maybe it’s my fault.
I’m still wondering y u acted that way. wudnt it be easier to tell me that u din wanna continue cuz u weren’t ready for the answer?

I wish I cud make u feel like how I do. n u know, all the things that you do, you wudn like it if I was doin the same things. yet u still do it.

I also realize you said I changed. but you changed too. I see it now.

maybe it’s my fault. but u played a part in this too. n dun say u rely on me. cuz as far as I can see, everything you do is based on what u want. right or wrong doesn’t seem to matter. as long as you can get what you want.

I was wrong to encourage u that day. to make you think it’s ok. I shall hold that guilt with me as long as I live. that I will admit. n it wasn’t right for me to let u think its ok. it still isn’t right.
but what am I doing? y do I stay? why do I feel its my duty to change you? why does it hurt when u do those things which are not right? why do I care?

so far I’ve seen the two reasons ppl can go crazy. one is cuz of pure genius. the other is cuz of love.

I think I fall into the latter category.

heh. so i am crazy huh.

Maybe someday you will grow

Maybe someday you will know

Maybe someday you will end these tears and go


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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yes I Know

sheesh. i know. but yet.... i dunno. k its wrong. we both know it. n yes i was going against what i said. i guess it was just to suit myself huh. or maybe cuz its just right? its supposed to be that way. i really haf no idea. jealousy? hmmm.

darn. no one was supposed to know. yet now so many ppl know. n they'll all see and there goes me. just haf to keep my mouth shut for now. onli very few ppl know exactly. and even less know exactly exactly. lets hope they dun haf a reason to let it all out.

n i still haf tons more to say to you. abt 3 guys. abt books. abt stuff la. loads of stuff. yet, there's jus no chance. y do u always seem busy? ure supposed to try u know. is it that hard to try? it doesn't even take much i think. its the small things that work for me.

if i cud i wud be there all the time. but i cant. not cuz of me. cuz of my parents. if i cud i wud be there everyday. cuz i want to. i'd really do almost anything if i was given more freedom. its so hard to get eventhough i'm 19. this is the part abt bein in my family that sux. there's jus no freedom eventho i'm over 18. these are the times i wish i was in rich family where the parents dun give a damn. then i'd be free. free to try to make u a small bit happy. jus like how u wud want. jus like how others cud give you. i want so much to be there. n when i can i do my best to. maybe u jus dun get it cuz ure like living the exact opposite life. n ure surrounded by ppl who are capable of doin whatever they like. ppl who can be there. yes i'm feeling useless n less than everyone else again. but hey, u'll nvr see this till i'm feeling way better. so i guess it doesnt matter. jus know that if i cud, i really really wud. but wud you?

bet i'm not makin sense right now too. jus letting everything in my head out. let it go. i got another song. smth i wish you cud sing. maybe. but lets not hope on it k. cuz hope jus leads to disappointment.

*******Best Of Me*******
It's so hard to say that I'm sorry I'll make everything alright
All these things that I've done now what have I become
And where did I go wrong

I don't mean to hurt, just to put you first
I won't tell you lies
I will stand accused with my hand on my heart
I'm just trying to say

I'm sorry
It's all that I can say
You mean so much and I'd fix all that I've done
If I could start again
I'd throw it all away
To the shadows of regrets and you would
Have the best of me

I know that I can't take back all of the mistakes but I will try
Although it's not easy, I know you believe me 'cause I would not lie
Don't believe their lies, told through jealous eyes, they don't understand
I won't break your heart, I won't bring you down
But I will have to say

I'm sorry
It's all that I can say
You mean so much and I'd fix all that I've done
If I could start again
I'd throw it all away
To the shadows of regrets and you would
Have the best of me

I'm sorry
It's all that I can say
You mean so much and I'd fix all that I've done
If I could start again
I'd throw it all away
To the shadows of regrets and you would
Have the best of me

*********Sum 41*********

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Melaka Trip

heh. my blog seems to have died while i was gone. hmm. anyway, i jus came back from melaka. n i'll try not to talk much cuz i'm lazy plus a photo is worth a million words right? yes yes i'm gonna post tons of photos. haha. =P

on the way to the hotel. nice clean lookin place.
The hotel. yes the building behind.

thats what they call it.

they served chocolates as a welcome gift. cool!

this bed is heaven. the most comfortable bed i've ever slept in.

Chicken Rice Balls! din taste that great tho.

oh. this is the convoy car for Merdeka. its supposed to travel to all to all the states b4 Merdeka. saw it on the way to the zoo. yea at night. oh yeah! i saw a lot of u guys there during the Zoo visit. i think it was at the cage labelled monkeys. =P

waste of money for a drink.

it's a kenduri. and when ure in the army n get married they raise their swords and do smth. i dunno what.
Sg. Melaka. i think. from the pool level view.

view of Melaka from the pool level again. look at that bridge far at the end in the middle of this pic. i'll tell u why later.

i was at the pool and not swimming so i took photos.

view from the lazy chair.

If i jump couldwould you save me? or at least try?

whoa. dinner was nice. all i had to do was sit there and ppl came to serve me. haha! food was ok la. no mood to eat nowdays. ppl say i'm getting too thin. oh well. so my friends n i decided to get out of there cuz we got nth to do at the dinner. the original plan was to find a CC. which WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CLOSE-BY! BUT! we ended up walking all the way to Makhota Parade and Melaka Megamall from the hotel. how far away is that? remember the bridge in the pic? yes. cept it was a bit further. yes we walked.

see! dataran pahlwan. thats where the Megamall was.

oh n Jim was trying to teach us to speak to random girls on the road. we basically asked her where was a CC. n she din know. oh well. at least we talked to her. haha!

so we did find a CC. cept it was a CRAFT CENTRE. -__-"

on the way back (after failing to find a CC) we decided to take a photo to remember our craziness. haha! so while we were walking, we were sorta standing at this small roundabout place near St Paul's Hill there, waiting to cross the road. suddenly while walking this Waja drove past us and this is what we heard............


Hai sayang!

and we all jus stared as the car jus continued driving on. heh. Melaka girls are quite brave eh. haha! but too bad the car din stop or anything. haihhh.........

haha! anyway we were discussing this for quite some time. and they came up with the conclusion that the mysterious girl said that cuz i was walking in front and it was for me. =_="

wow. i've got an admirer n i dunno who it is. sheesh. haha! Jim said the Hai was for me and the sayang was for him cuz he was behind me. i like his explanation. doesn't make me regret not knowing who it was. haha!

so anyway, we continued back and on the way back, like 10 min away from the hotel we found a CC. =___________=""

so since we found it we went in n played for about half an hour. sheesh walking around for more than one and a half hours and we got onli half an hour. man. well, if we din walk that long we wud haf nvr haf got the Hai sayang right? haha! so i guess it was a good thing we missed it huh.

so then we went back to the hotel and slept. then next day i'm back here in front of my com. haha.

oh ya....... something new has been added to my front yard.......

hahaha! unfortunately i'm not allowed to drive it. government car n all that. parents are scared i'll wreck it. sheesh.

so i'm still stuck with continuously malfunctioning car. seriously. look at the Rev Meter! its at 6!! and after i took this pic it almost reached the RED ZONE! i din even reach my 120 yet! the car smelt like it was burning after i reached home.

oh i think the sign says the speed limit is 80. oops

u know whats amazing. the fastest i managed to reach was on the slow lane. cuz the slowpokes decided they were fast and shud be on the fast lane. n the slow lane was free. sheesh. Malaysian drivers.

if u knew smth was wrong and u shudn't do it, yet u know its fun n u'll enjoy it and it doesn't cause much harm. yet u'll be goin against all u've said. would you do it?

its jus for fun right? i hope things dun mess up.

here's a song which i feel is so related to me. some parts. oh you know which ones.

*************One & Only*************

Verse 1 - Timbaland]
I'm head over heels for someone (I)
That I really can't deal with (deal with)
I want to block her out my mind
But I really can't do it
I tell myself this the last time
I'ma let her do this to me
Whenever we do spend time
I realize that I can't get enough of you

[Bridge - Patrick Stump (Timbaland)]
(Let me say to you)
Wipe that smile off your fucking face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your fucking face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your face (Then I say to you)

[Chorus - Patrick Stump]
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Right in the middle
I'm right in the middle
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Be my unholy
My one and my lonely

[Verse 2 - Patrick Stump]
I wear scarves and hoods
'Cause they're the only poker face that I got left
And everything I love about you is a mess
Smash the mirror and break the palm readers hand
(I) want to be better than I am

[Bridge - Patrick Stump (Timbaland)]
(Let me say to you)
Wipe that smile off your fucking face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your fucking face (Then I say to you)
Wipe that smile off your face (Then I say to you)

[Chorus - Patrick Stump]
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Right in the middle
I'm right in the middle
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Be my unholy
My one and my lonely

[Verse 3 - Timbaland]
Girl, just look what you've done
How could you do this to me?
I gotta put my foot down
I can't let you do this to me
I can't forget those good ole times
And all the things you've been doing to me
I wanna hit that one more time
I mean love, what your doing to me
I'ma say it loud, right here
Let's fuck in this crowd
Why we arguing
I thought me and you were supposed to be
Let's chill for minute (for a minute)
Better yet we could heal for a minute (for a minute)
Baby, put down the knife
Sometime I wanna save ya life
Why don't you

[Chorus - Patrick Stump]
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Right in the middle
I'm right in the middle
To be despised
To be loved
To be dreamt of
To be sought
On the inside
I don't care
Be my unholy
My one and my lonely

*******Timbaland ft Fall Out Boy*******

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Maybe It's Too Soon

but i'll just blame it on my impatience. right now i feel dumb/stupid/like a fool. and y? cuz of my own fault. i said i wudnt do it yet i went and did it again! =( where is your self control ben?? u know by doin what u did what the outcome wud be like. it was expected. and prob now wasn't such a great time to do it either. but wud you listen?? nooooo. u jus had to do it right?


sry su teng. eventho i said i wudnt do it today but yet i went and did it. n i'm thinking now it was a mistake. i shud haf controlled myself and waited. argh. now all i have is hurt again. ish.

and i cud be overreacting as usual in my normal way. hmm.


as i see it, both ways i lose. if i din find out, u wud say i dun care. if i do find out u wud say i'm stalking you. so how now? i'm jus destined to lose eh. haih.

anyway, i'll be gone. hope i dun end up too bored. if i do i can always call Darrel. he already offered. haha. see how la. they've already got plans all planned out for us. so maybe i'll be busy huh. haha.

damn it. i shudnt la. argh. but its not like i can keep myself away. argh. u r d one supposed to try ok. =(

Why am I still suffocating
Constantly devastated just to stay alive
Sound The Alarm

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Heh. Funny.

u know that thing abt not being out after 12 doesn't stand anymore. i guess we both know this. jus that i'm reconfirming. playing pool so late, i mean early, in the morning? haha. sure la tu. plus it wasn't like there was any occasion k. and it wasn't like u were on ur way back. no no. i'm not complaining or anything. i'm jus saying i'm right. again. =)

my first official day of the holiday. feels awesome! nvr really felt like this before. today i woke up at abt almost 12. din haf to worry abt goin anywhere or getting ready for anything. everything was just so relaxed. i love every bit of it. not having a worry in the world. ok. maybe i did have a worry for someone who was speeding on the road. haha. but other than that i jus ate lunch, online, play guitar, watch tv, online, haf tea, sleep again, online and dinner and now i'm back here typing this. haha. i love the hols. but already my parents are complaining that i shud be doin smth useful with my time. haih. my life is jus so restricted. and this is y u were nvr happy. cuz i wasnt free like ur other frens' bf's and go out and spend so much time. haih.

anyway, i'm supposed to tell u abt a story. first we'll have 3 characters. Guy A, Guy B and Girl C. so the story goes like this, Girl C says she wants Guy A, but is caught , lets put in mild terms, "flirting" with Guy B. Girl C then says she's completely regretful of what she's done and says she still wants Guy A. Guy A, who loves her so much, decides to forgive her and give her a chance. PPl make mistakes right? So you can't really blame her right? so anyway, Guy A and Girl C soon get together. then one day, Guy B says he's migrating overseas. (oh and it is also known at this time that Guy B wanted to get together wih Girl C, obviously that didn't happen). so Guy B wants to see Girl C before he goes because they are very "close". and with all that had happened, Girl C tells Guy A she wants to go see him cuz it'll be the last time she'll ever get to see him (cuz frens are important to her) for another dunno how many years (cuz he's migrating far away right?). not wanting to be such a control freak on his gf and wanting to trust her he says its ok. but inside he wants to say no to her. that she shudn't go see him after everything that has happened. so she goes and they jus haf a drink and nothing happens. or so Girl C says. but Guy A always has to live with the fact that Girl C choose to go see Guy B eventho she knew it wud cause a lot of uneasyness to Guy A plus all the hurt that she caused by doin what she did with Guy B before they got together and she said she wanted him. now remember, Girl C said she had to go see Guy B cuz he's a fren and she doesn't know when it'll be the next time she gets to see him. and chances are she'll nvr see him again right? u know whats funny? its been less than a year and Guy B is back already.

Heh. Funny.

This is what I thought, I thought you'd need me.
This is what I thought, so think me naive.
I promise you a heart you'd promise to keep.
Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

obviously, this isn't my story la ok. haha. of course if i told my story it wud be futile to try and cover up the names with Guy A, Guy B and Girl C right? you already know the ppl and my life and what has happened. but i cant tell you whose story it is either. cuz then, knowing humans, those ppl will be judged. so jus leae some comments on what u think abt the ppl in the story k.anything will do. there's no right or wrong answers. jus say whats on ur mind. even if u think its not helpful it may be helpful to someone else. and basically, he really is hoping for comments to know if the way he is feeling right now is necessary or not. so don't be lazy la ok. haha.

riddles. =P my favourite part. haha. but these two riddles will be best understood but those who are aged above 15 la. haha. sry la for the underaged ppl. haha. its more related to physics and chemistry. haha.

Question 1: There is no specific mass for proton. Why?

Question 2: Pretend a neutron could walk around and behave like a human. So this neutron goes into a shop and takes stuff off the counter and goes to the cashier. But when he wants to pay, the cashier dismisses him and he leaves the store without paying. This happens at all the shops he goes to. Why?

thats all. think abt. i'll be back with the answers later. =P

k i gtg now. dad wants to use. i may be back later to blog more. but see how la. haha. bye!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

100th Post!

heh. n i've reached my 100th post on blogspot. feeling kinda proud. haha!

b4 i go any further,there's a wish that needs to be said..........


a.k.a miss laran/pinkcess/marshmellow/conning partner/potato/"ex"/limbo!/poring/Lauren the Limbotic Limbo.

hahahha. i hope u enjoyed urself yest n had fun! like doin math at 5 in d morning? hahahaha. another year older eh. haha! well, hopefully u'll have another 100 more great years ahead of u k! =D

ps.: i still want all the photos and videos. esp the photo of ur face being smashed with cake. ;P hahahaha!

anyway, yest i was feeling super horribly sick. like dunno what disease got into me. i was having aches and fevers and my throat was the WORST! it continued today, but it like got worse for my throat. everytime i swallow it feels like someone stabbed me in the throat. the pain was excruciating. so everytime i tried swallowing even saliva, it wud hurt like hell. n this was goin on since last night while sleeping. its such a horrbile feeling k. imagine every few minutes someone was sawing through ur throat. but its not like i really did anything to heal it. was drinking cold drinks whole day. n the worst was my root beer float which was a mix of cold and sugar which is really bad for sore throats (Josef 2007). i did take a strepsils in the morning tho. helped onli a little. but now it still hurts, just not that much. now i dun wince everytime i swallow my saliva. so i guess its getting better? hmm.

i got some lame jokes from my lame classmate again. i'll post it up tmrw. hope u like them. =P n those who know the answers cant say anything ok! haha.

not that emo currently. i'm still waiting for you to tell me. cuz i know you know. but maybe i'm jus hoping too much. for me to trust you i need to know u trust me. and if it really is nth. u wud tell. its been abt 1 week since i've known. i dunno how long u've known. maybe its smth u tot u cud hide again? hmm.

I swear I didn't mean for it to feel like this
Like every inch of me is bruised
Jack's Mannequin

i've got some stories to tell too. not stories abt me. but stories to get u ppl thinking. n i wanna know what u all think too.

but we'll leave that for another day la k. hmmm. now i'll leave u girls with something to think abt. Got it from one of Sanjit's friend's blog.

Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they get the apples from the ground that arent as good, but easy. So the apples up on top think something is wrong with them when in reality they're perfect (and way too good to be eaten). They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

I Am Ok!

no seriously! i am so fine k ppl. dun need to freak out. haha. chill la. my blog is jus damn emo.

i wont say i'm not crazy cuz only crazy ppl say thy're not crazy. jus like how drunk ppl say they're sober.

but seriously! i'm fine k. its jus a picture. i'm jus blowing things out of proportion la k. i'm not gonna commit suicide or anything la k. sheesh. jus adding drama la sikit. =) haha.

the paling panic response i got was from lauren. she saw the pic n called straight. n the first thing she asked if i was free. n i smartly went and said no jus to kena marah. sheesh. haha!

once again, i am ok. its jus me overreacting la k.


Ben J

plus it adds life to my blog in a way. so from now on, u ppl see emo posts, dun worry, i'm ok. =D


first of all, THE HOLS ARE HERE!!!! =D

hahahha. yeay! now can relax like crazy. but not really. got my ESLS tutorial, Chem Test, Moral test, Physics Presentation. Math Test & Quiz coming up. Plus the results for the Spec Math n Physics test. haih. there goes my holiday mood. =(

Camping out the hall waiting to go in before physics exam.

anyway here are some random photos.

The first fews ones are abt this place near my house. its called Food Foundry. price may be a bit high. but the food is AWESOME!! the drinks totally rock! i'd totally recommend that place if u weren't on a budget.

U know that green apple sour tape u love? Meet the liquid form. =)

Imagine they take milk chocolate from the fridge and just blend it. So good! =D

My club sandwich. Yummy! ;D

Trust me. It's as good as it looks. =P

The AUSMAT Grand Dinner has been planned out already. Date set. 27th November. but it's gonna be so depressing. Y? Jus look at what the girls are restricted to wear.

Even the girls feel pissed off. this is all cuz of the seniors who couldnt control themselves and now the juniors haf to suffer. No bare-back, no sleeveless. What kinda GRAND dinner is this? (Of course if it was my girl who was going for the dinner i wud agree with the rules la. I mean, its like Ting Feng said, as long as its not my girl who's revealing herself i dun care. =P )

I think i shud be performing for the dinner too. i wonder what song. they haven't told me yet. i haf to start practicing. and i need to get smth to wear. plus i need to find a date for the dinner too. k i shud stop now. i feel i'm starting to sound like a girl. =P

As usual, physics was cool as usual. We viewed the emission spectrum produced by a Mercury light source. pretty cool. my group managed to get all the colours of the rainbow. u can see some in the pictures and also some in the video. to know how the setup of the apparatus looks like go to my previous post here. anyway, here's 2 pics and the video.

i was at the library today and i found this book.

really cool book. helps u know what to do if ur phone is infected by viruses and how to overcome it and all. but the best part of the book is the author.

if u look carefully, u can see that he's ONLY 19! (in 2006) thats like only one year older than me! plus if u continue reading it says he has started his OWN COMPANY! O_o! like wow! n he's only one year older than me. i feel so useless right abt now. and he's a Malaysian dude too i think. not sure. Malaysia memang boleh la. haha!


as for you. no things cant jus go back to where it was. how can u expect that. the way u asked me is like i was supposed to decide in a few weeks. what makes u think its so easy to heal. haih. i know ur attitude. u'll say u agree that what happened is wrong, but then u'll forget and it'll happen all over again. y shud i risk that? thats y i'm not gonna forgive you. i dun c a reason to.

and i do believe its either i know smth u don't or u dunno i know smth. but we'll see. u want me to trust you right? this is ur chance.
Why do we keep this up?
Why do we live like us?
When there is nothing left to save
Will you be afraid?

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