Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jojowa Sufibro

seriously, how'd u get that name again? haha.

anyway, Jo will be leaving tmrw for US. and who knows how long la til i see him again. he said he'll be back in 2010 so i'm planning to come back then also. hopefully the timings and stuff will be nice enough la. haha.

hmm. i've known this guy for like what, almost 20 years now. thats like giler long. k la. abt there la. sure i din know him for the first 9 months when i wasn't born yet la. and also when i was a small kid and pretty much din know anything or anyone. but u know what i mean la.

the earliest memory i have of this guy is probably the funniest ever. i remember we were in Appacha's house in SP. it was night. we were like so small kids then. and i think i remember not wanting to share my tricycle and all. and Jo wanted to ride it or smth la. then i called him stupid. and that got me in a big deal of trouble. he told his dad and his dad spanked me. damn. i so remember crying. haha.

what a first memory of someone eh? the guy got me spanked k. all for jus saying 'stupid'. and now he ends up being the closest person to me. haha! things sure have changed eh.

and i think i remember writing a letter to him when i was in Std 1 talking abt the Power Rangers episode that ended a few minutes ago. obviously the letter never got mailed. haha. but not bad la. so young di started writing letter all. must have been the first letter i wrote or smth.

more recently, i remember all the crazy things we used to do. skipped BM tuition once to go and watch The Punisher. not bad. we cycled all the way to One U man. thats like achievement. haha. and so many other places i cycled to also. i remember cycling to BK classes also. then i started learning drums from him also. cuz of the drum set at the BK place. oh there was dinner at ming tien also b4 goin to class and all.

joined BB cuz of Jo also. and man, i seriously dunno what would i be doing on my saturdays if i din join BB man. i wud be so bored and dead and what not. met so many great ppl and learnt so so many things in BB also. oh i think i used to hang around him a lot during the first year at church and all. must've been quite annoying eh having like a tag-a-long guy following u around. but thx for tahaning me i guess and helping me make friends and all. now i don't have to tag-a-long and all. haha.

oh ya. i remember in Form 3 also. we used to like spend long times on the phone and all. seems so weird now. but last time like nothiing also. haha. then we had a competion to find who can get 100 MSN contacts first also. he obviously won. haha. in fact, i think like almost everything also he wins la. quite cekap. like the time we both tried to get 100 for math. i'd always fail and he got 100. ish. tak puas man. haha.

oh ya. went and did my driving lessons with him also. we like signed up one day after SPM finished i think.

oh and he got me to read the Dan Brown series too. not bad. for a person like me who doesn't like to read. and got me interested in ambigrams also. i still think the ambigrams he does are better than the ones i can do. respect! haha.

and he can drive the volvo too man! thats like the ultimate skill. for me to drive also like can die. seriously dunno how u do it man. haha.

and he also brings me along to all the stuffs he does with his friends and all. cuz studying in Intec means i don't have a lot of friends that i can go out and hang out with very often. so yea. thx for bring me along and making my life more fun.

oh and the poker also! man those times were fun. playing and betting and he and his poker face. susah to menang man. haha. and also Catan! Catan was like the best board game ever. and it's so hard to beat that sneaky mischevious Jo. too much. like somehow when it looks like he's winning in one turn everything's gone. ish!

i prob played Futsal so much cuz of Jo also. he is like the synonym for Football la i think. Makan, Minum and Tidur bola. haha. i dun think he ever missed a single Man U match la. even through SPM and STPM. itu lah dipanggil fan. haha. i prob like Man U cuz of him also. one of the most skilled players i know. heh. i remember the Ronaldo strands of hair that he kept. and which i was influenced to keep also. haha.

heh. i remember Mr. Chan's tuition also! i remember we were all reading from the book then when it came to his turn, he din read. why? cuz he slept off! haha! but he slept off in a way that he looked like he was reading his book. quite skill man. haha.

oh and i remember Buggy also! and Need For Speed 3! damn. those were fun games to play. not bad la. i remember staying over and like almost everyday we'll play buggy and try to figure out all the hidden stuffs and all. i remember Meanie Mode! haha! and Ghost also. eh i wanna play Buggy la now. ish.

i actually dunno anyone who doesn't like this guy la. somehow he got that skill of making everyone like him or smth. like some magic spell or smth. not bad. k of course when i say anyone i'm excluding those problematic ppl whom everyone has a problem with la. and also those who mmg don't like anyone and all.

k if i were to write everything down, this blog post wud seriously almost never end. so i think i shall stop here. also because i can't remember what else i wanna write la. =P haha! and if i were to list his good qualities and all, the list might jus go on forever also la. plus i think i agree with the list that Jesh made up la. quite accurate.

so Jo! since ure goin to US and all, ALLTHE BEST K! and u seriously better be a good boy there k! like seriously, don't too much and all k. don't do what i won't do also. haha. k la, i know u shud know well enough and all. so yeah.

damn i so know i'm going to miss you. k one day i'll come visit u in US or smth la k. seriously. weird la how i'm not in Msia but yet i feel like ure leaving also. hmm.

and damn i don't even have a proper photo with you to put up. ish. too much la the time i left, hardly cud say bye or take photo with anyone. ish.

anyway, i sudah cakap panjang panjang, so i'll end here.


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DaMan said...

haha, he got it for a concert held in Wesley Methodist Church..Just Praise concert, where Juwita Suwito was singing with Liang..haha..then jo was like, "wat kinda name is that?" then i said "its philipino", then he was like, "ok, cool, i want a philipino name too...Jojoa Sufibro"

haha..good times..