Friday, July 04, 2008


i just realised i think i may have made a style of saying some words. and i din know it at first but then i just say it and sudd i realised ppl started laughing.

cuz its like if it's normal, then ppl won't react la. so if got reaction means its prob new. just like how ppl went "wahh" with my hair today. haha.

anyway, what style did i *believe* i created?

basically, it's just putting words in between the words ke-, -ness and -an which is called kata imbuhan in malay according to Beccy.

i mean it works for anything. k not anything. but some words la. like...






yea. u get my drift. and i just realised its used for words of expression. cool.

k i shall update abt GoldRush, which was really cool, some time soon.

oh and smth intersting!

i slept at 9! yes in the morning. after breakfast. haha!

thats like worse than in Malaysia when i came back at 7 and fell asleep. haha!

see ya! =D

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