Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Best Lie

feels like i've talked abt this. somewhere b4. u go find la. haha!

anyway, the best lie is the truth. get it? bet ure saying, "if it's the truth, how can it be a lie?"

well for one thing, there's like a half truth, so technically, ure telling the truth.

but what if there's no way you can tell a half truth either?

that's where telling the "truth" comes in. what happens is, you convince yourself of a lie, and then you believe it to be true. so in a way, u'll be telling the truth as you believe it.

for example, if you wanna lie you bought a fancified car. then just act like you mmg did buy one. act like it is real. believe urself that you did.

the best lie will be the lie that you yourself believe is true. why the best? cause noone else will ever figure out it's a lie. think abt it, how would you react if someone doubted your truth? there's definitely a certain way to react right? and you definitely wouldn't react the same if someone doubted your lie.

cuz that's the dangerous part, someone finding out your lie. esp if ure lying abt smth dangerous/important. so if you believe your lie, you actually act the part of your lie. and ergo, stay safe.

but the hard part i guess is decieving urself to believe ur lie la. hmmm. but i've seen ppl do it to me. they act as if what they're lying abt is real. hmm. and i've leartn from it also. it's pretty interesting the way things turn out i must say. there comes a point when u actually look at urself and wonder, is it that convincing? haha. but that jus shows it works i guess.

k la k la. shudn't be talking abt lying all. not good all. haha! :P besides, i was just crapping and i bet like everyone reading this will b blur abt what i'm talking. haha. just decided to post this up cuz of this song, Believe by Disturbed:

Believe, when you lie
You will never need to recognize yourself
To deceive
To remove all chance of doubt and be received
With your lie
The deception is complete when you concede


yeaps that's it for now. u know right, now that i think of it, maybe this is why my dreams are so real. like i met Kate Voegele and her sis. sheesh. too many lies i've believed di. haha!

k random. bye!

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Anonymous said...

The trouble is making sure you can later remember that its a lie.

Anonymous said...

Believing the lie is the most effective way. It takes practice just like any other way. I always prefered practicing body language. We all have tells. Anyone decent at reading body language can tell when someone is lying. Incidentally if wlgat you believe is true, you will give off the same language as a truth. Faking that is harder, especially on the fly caught off guard, but believing every lie when caught off guard is borderline sociopathic in my opinion.
If you study your own mannerisms, body languages, head movements, eye movements, hand gestures, etc during normal conversation and learn to emulate them that's a good place to start.
Remembering them is important..