Thursday, July 03, 2008


thx to Miss Lauren, who said she's been "commenting" on my blog but meant saying smth in the chatbox, i went on a nice and interesting trip down memroy lane reading ALL (yes i am that free) the comments ppl have left me on my posts.

well, i must say it was cool. and i think it was awesome how some ppl are brave enough to just comment on the things i say and not be afraid of what i might think or say or feel or whatever. i like how some comments ppl left were just them speaking their mind abt what i said. its awesome. i mean in today's world where everyone is so self concious and worrying abt what some other person might think of what they say, comments with such great content are really rare. so yeah.

there was this once tho, that there was like 8 comments which was really cool and helpful and insightful also. tho there was anonymous ppl, they actually identified themselves so it was all good. i think the most fun was when i asked for one emo song and ppl responded. that was cool. finding out emo songs and all. and yes i DID download and listen to every single song that everyone recommended. so thank you very much to those who took the time to comment. REALLY appreciate it. thx! =D

i think i just love comments la. on anything i blog abt. random also can. i hate the anonymous comments that don't make sense. i like how Jin blasted one anonymous guy by saying they were cowards. cuz i guess thats what they are la. not willing to stand for what they say. k la, i prob am scary and all, but i am willing to accpet anything ppl say la. i may not agree, but i will accept la. so bring it on! haha! plus do explain stuffs la. i'm not a smart guy so u have to explain a bit la. haha.

and also while going through my posts i noticed the ppl who comment quite frequently on my blog. not many but still important la. these ppl are Wei Zhen, Gloria, Eu Jeen, Caleb and also KS.

UNFORTUNATELY, despite these wonderful ppl commenting on my posts, i somehow always like don't reply their comments. this is something i need to learn la. so sry ppl for not replying ur comments on my posts! sometimes i guess i dun have anything to say or dunno what to say or procrastinate til i forget. haha! need to learn to acknowledge the comments!

PLUS! i need to learn to comment more on ppls blogs too. k i prob don't do that much cuz i dun have much to say la. but yeah. will try to comment more on other ppls blog cuz i'm sure it makes them happy somehow. haha! =D

random: it's 2.18 in the morning and i'm eating the sushi the girls made yesterday. talking abt weird hours doing weird things. but one sushi has a kiwi fruit in it! =D

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laurz said...

finee, here's your REAL COMMENT. haha!

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