Sunday, April 04, 2010

Because, I Don't Believe In Love Anymore

it's funny, we were talking about all the people getting married and stuff.

and then i was asked, when am i getting married.

and i thought about it, and considering all that has happened to me, and quite possibly, i probably won't get married. that's what i said too.

i mean what's the point. as i see it, there's quite possibly no girl in this world whom i could/would fall for, who would actually love.

there's no more love in the world. just lust. what the eyes and the flesh wants.

i think i've come to believe that there's no girl who could love without lust.

so yeah. i'm not interested. at all. cuz in today's world, i don't believe there's such a thing as just love anymore.

if i can actually find someone, whom i can fall for too, then i might get married.

but i doubt it.

love is dead.

but the bright side is, doesn't mean i can't be happy. :)

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Zhen Lim said...

I refuse to believe love is dead. :)

Might be rare, but that's what makes it special. :)

Smith said...

no worries ill let u know when i find someone for u to keep

lol did u watch the latest office