Thursday, July 17, 2008


k. i think it's kinda obvious that my life is getting kinda busy from now on. lets see why.

1. EMTH weekly labs - which have 10 programming task to do. and 2 extra task which are extra tough.
2. Phys weekly online quiz - which apparently is hard
3. Phys weekly 3 hour labs - nuff said
4. Phys weekly tutorials - starts today
5. Math weekly tutorials - work for the first tut is already up and i'm yet to do it.
6. Engr weekly tutorials - Starts next week. and i have no idea where the rooms are.

k these are all the additional stuff other than the classes which i'm going for. which is abt an average of 3 hours each day. the extremely boring lecturers DO NOT help one bit.

3 of 5 days my classes start at 8. the other 2 they start at 9. with shaving and washing hair and everything, i normally have to wake up between 6 and 7. this explains why i don't come online anymore. i know i have to sleep early and if i go online i WILL end up chatting so to sleep early i just don't open my msn anymore.

plus i'm learning to not be on the comp so much. i honestly have no idea what u ppl do when ure at home. it's so boring! jus sit in room and there's only the comp. i've actually been shutting down my comp the past few days. no reason to keep it on cuz there's nth. i would really wanna know la what ppl do at home if they're not in school. hmm.

my internet has also reached it's limit. so now i have only dial up speed instead of broadband. (which feels just like streamyx la now.) so yeah. with such slow speeds i got no mood even more to come online.

and to my ppl i owe emails to, sry ya. will try to reply ur emails as soon as possible. when i'm less busy. sry for asking for a reply from you so soon when i can't answer them right now. din know it'll end up like this. same goes for the lovely ppl who still use Friendster and comment. haha. :) and also to the gr8 ppl i need to chat with online. :) sry!

got so many things on my mind also now. worrying abt friends, things to do, ppl to please, self to please, friend to make sure don't become enemies, and enemies to make into friends, to know certain ppl more, or at least start talking to them, and seriously a bunch of other stuff.

k so ya. i'm kinda busy. so will prob won't be around for some time. see how la. maybe got time on weekends. see ya.

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glo said...

crazy time table you have there... all the best! :)

8am classes. sounds jolly fun :p

i also keep my laptop at uni now. haha. and it's been good. i can't go online at home anymore. and i'm way more productive nowadays at home - at least i've the time to read and less distractions :) yay!