Friday, June 30, 2006

One Week There..

Well, actually it was four days. For those who don't know, I've just started college at INTEC, UiTM Shah Alam. And I'm supposed to stay there for the whole time I'm studyin there. Except i can come back on Saturday and Sunday.

For this week, there was nth much.They just had this Orientation Week which was called Minggu Mesra Siswa (MMS). Overall the whole thing was okay. OKAY onli. If they took out all the times where we doin absolutely nothing, They could have probably fitted the "Minggu" in two days.

The first day was registration. Went there with Joel. Yeah, he drove. Which was a very useful. Thanks so much Joel! for being my "chauffer" and letting me tumpang you to-and-fro from the hostel to INTEC. =P Anyway, registration went pretty well. I just forgot one thing which i got and settled later. Then, we went to the hostel, which is about 10km away from the college, to check it out. The place was not bad. It was new. unfortunately the floor was filled with cement dust because of it's newness. Our roommates were two chinese guys from Sarawak, who happened to be classmates too. So the four of us share one room. So far, they are pretty cool roommates. Then later we had some taklimats back at INTEC, which, like other talks and everything, boring. And to cut a long story short, for the next few days of MMS, there were a lot of taklimats that were a waste of time basically. Some of the group things we did were pretty cool though. Like getting to know the places in INTEC. Now thats was useful. We also got to design our own dream college. My group's college was the best of all. Well, i guess it was a bit unfair since we had Wan who was a student who's taking "Town Planning" as his course. =P
Other than that it was pretty boring la. The exercise time was lame. We couldn't play football. Joel kept insisting that everyone there was a bunch of nerds who don't play football. I told him if i start playing at least 100 ppl will come and play. AT LEAST 100. =P

Oh yeah, met a lot of new n old friends. First i met Vincent and Clarence which were my roommates. Then i met Syed Nabil (yeah, that guy in the Moral Form 4 Text book =P). I dont see him for like 3 years, then suddenly i see him twice in a year. Met Rama there too. But he seems to introduce himself as Ram now. But he still looks and act the same as last time. jus a bit taller. I met a new guy there too. Seaport's top student, Vimalan. (It's a scary thing when people just know who you are when you just say your name. it's like you're famous and you don't even know why. I hate when this happens to me). Anyway, i said my name was Benjamin and he suddenly knew who was my mom. Yeah, Freaky. Then later he told me that he is the Sri Aman discipline teacher's neighbour and he heard that I got the scholarship from the teacher who obviously found out from my mom. Small world.

Oh yeah, i learned some "interesting" stuff also. Like Joel told me most chinese people don't know how to use their hands to eat. Which i found very weird cause i tot that since we're in Malaysia they wud know how. Anyway, we were at dinner and Joel was like "How do you eat with hands?". I was shocked la to hear. So there i taught him how to eat with his hands. Later, Joel wanted to prove that he wasnt the onli one so we asked some other chinese guys in our group. Isaac said he didnt know and Huan Yang said he knew because of National Service. Then later at lunch one day there were no fork and spoons. So then we saw Sook May and Jia Ji askin Ira how to eat with hands. then when she showed them, there were like "WOW!". I found that hilarious. =P So is it true that most chinese don't know how to eat with fingers? So far, Lauren and Ruth say they of course know. The other people out there?

Well, thats all i haf to say for now. Yeah i know its kinda boring. I never had a flare for writing anyway. But jus read la if you're bored. I gtg and pick up my sister now. Bye!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I Got Tagged Again....

Awesome People I wanna Meet :
  1. Marcus Beaumont
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Spongebob
  4. Cosmo
  5. God.
Things I Can't Live Without :
  1. Guitar
  2. Music
  3. Discman
  4. Sleep!
  5. God
I wish I could :
  1. Have mutant powers
  2. Start my life over knowing whats good and bad
  3. Be a super chun guitarist
  4. Study harder
  5. Not get angry so fast
I want :
  1. Sleep!
  2. Headphones for my discman
  3. A nice computer game to play
  4. To watch Lost season 3!
  5. To not be bored
Song I think that are Awesome :
  1. Third Eye Blind - Blinded
  2. Relient K - Apathetic Way To Be
  3. Hillsong United - From God Above
  4. blink-182 - Not Now
  5. Fall Out Boy - The Music Or The Misery
  6. Sugarcult - Memory
  7. Lifehouse - Spin
  8. Hillsong United - Free
  9. Hillsong United - All Day
  10. Destroy/Stomp/Hell March/HM2 - Frank Klepacki
i din onli haf to do 5 right? =P
How I see myself in 10 years :
  1. Working for the Goverment
  2. Found the right person for me
  3. Not fatter
  4. Smarter?
  5. Still playing guitar
Rich Random Facts :
  1. I can play guitar for an hour plus straight without doing anything else
  2. I have 1358 songs in my WMP. For now at least.
  3. I think way too much for my own good.
  4. I dun hate the fact that i am wrong sometimes, i hate the fact somebody else is right.
  5. Cant stand slow songs.
Misconceptions :
  1. Not as smart as ppl think i am
  2. Not as good at guitar
  3. Ppl think i'm easy to read
  4. Reliable
  5. Ppl think i'm hardworking
  1. N
  2. O
  3. O
  4. N
  5. E
ahahhahaha... lazy to tag la.... so other ppl jus read la.. its u feel like tagging urself then jus do la.. haha!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Aaaahhhh...... Finally after trying for the past hour, i got music onto my site. Dun ask why it took so long. Tried getting it from other blogs but for somereason, what worked on other blogs jus didnt want to work here. BUT thanks to perseverance, i finally got it. Although i had to steal from frenster.... but i still got it. So thats what that matters. =P

Well, first i wanted to put Destroy from Red Alert 2 soundtrack, but link didnt work. So i tried Hell March 2. But didnt work again. Soooo, now i got Free by Hillsong United. So go enjoy the song k! I took so long to get it there, better enjoy it! =P jk jk

Oh yeah, managed to figure out some of the tabs for Destroy n Hell March too. Got my medical done today morning too. Now i got an X-ray of myself in my room. I think i'll hang it up as a poster or smth. it's kinda cool la. =)

So today was a pretty productive day for me. Feeling proud. =D K Gonna play guitar now. Jus haf to make sure its not too loud til the neghbours complain. ;P


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Monday, June 19, 2006

We Freakin Rocked!

Jus got news from Theresa, we got 6th placing for our Pesta singing competition and 3rd placing in our group for Drill competition. Man, that seriously is damn chun wei. But the sad part abt it was that we were robbed! I mean, for singing there was 5 places that were given prizes, and 1st JB definitely don't deserve to be there. WHich means we could have at least 5th! Then for drill. Well, supposedly they shud haf chosen 3 from our group, but they only chose 2! What the crap!? This means that we could haf gone into the finals! So yeah, we were ROBBED! Oh well, what goes around, comes around right? >;)

Oh yeah. Miss Lauren Chia had to nicely tag me on her blog. So now i haf to write out 8 things about my perfect lover. Man, i dont like these explain stuff. So i'm jus gonna write out the points onli, no explainin like in Lauren's, Grace's and Julian's 1 part out of 8. =P

8 things about my perfect lover.

1. Christian
2. Loyal
3. Trustworthy
4. Caring
5. Loving
6. Cool and Lame at the same time =P
7. Doesn't try to be someone else.
8. Open n Sharing

ok Lauren, i did it! Hurayy for me! That was such a headache la. I din know what to write. So jus had to write la. i dun really know what are the exact things for my perfect lover so i jus put what came to my mind now. =)

Well, thats all i have for now. Gtg watch some Doctor House now. He freaking rocks.


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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is It Worth It?

Thats the question in mind everytime i want to buy a cd. Will buying the CD be worth it? Spending at least between RM30 to RM50 for CD's. Is it worth it?

Well, so far I've spent at least 350 bucks on 10 Cd's. To some of you, that may be very little. But to me thats A LOT. Now, i'm wondering was it worth it? I could just download those albums. And basically thats what i did, at least for the Hillsong United albums that i owned. But i realised that i should buy it. I mean downloading is supposedly "stealing" right? N to steal from a Christian group, i guess thats just wrong, right? I mean it is written in the ten commandments that "Thou shalt not steal".

So was it worth it? Well, seeing that i spent a lot of money on my Cd's, I'd definitely want it to be worth it. But, actually i guess it really was worth it. I can't explain how, but i just know it is. I guess it's cuz i know i'm doing the right thing. =)

So, i guess i'll go now n enjoy one of my very "Worth It" Cd's. =P

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

N it just got smaller

I tot the world was already too small from the many different ways and different people i know her by. Now i find out the guy she likes is my Grandparents' neighbours grandson, whom i met last year during christmas in all the way in Taiping. Jus when i tot the world was too small. Oh well.

Reminder: Do not wear watches when playing futsal!

why? Cuz it causes injuries and damage to property. Well, actually the injury was jus a slightly deep cut on my hand and damage to property was my watch being broken off. So dont, wear ur watch when playing futsal. Even if u do, dont let some whack to ball straight at ur watch. =P

Another reminder: Dont ever wake me up from my sleep to ask me to do u a favour. Unless u need me to save ur life. other than that i dun think anything is that urgent that i haf to be woken up from my sleep.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006


hlo ppl!... well pesta is over...had fun altough there were a lot of stuff to complain abt... so here's what happened...

Day One:

Went to UM abt 5.30. Realized that i passed the Ambang Asuhan Jepun at UM. Thought i wud see Azrie, but didnt. Later, found out i'd be sharing a room with Jon Ng on the 7th floor of Kolej Kediaman Ke-12 (I still remember the name, haha!). Anyway, waited til 6 smth then went to the room and unpacked. After that went to have dinner, which wasnt much cuz there wasnt enuf food. seriously, what kind of planning is that when there can be not enuf food??! Anyway, after "dinner" went to hall for international nite. it was kinda good, except i din like the guitarist for the worship part. Basically, he was annoying.the performances from Philipines was nice. after that whole thing we had supper n went back to our rooms to sleep.

Day Two:

Woke up at 5.00 thx to some stupid fire alarm that went off. Had to go all the way downstairs n fall in to be just told to go up cuz it was just a false alarm. since we all woke up so early, we decided to start polishing for the opening parade. After breakfast there was the Opening Ceremony. this was when the VIP guest started talking crap abt his life story, how he doesnt like to go shopping, some kids head getting chopped in half n brains falling out. Man, he was seriously annoying. After he was FINALLY over, we had our state orentation, where Selangor state started choosing ppl for the interstate games in the afternoon later. After that was lunch and we changed and got ready for the interstate games. I was in futsal with Jo, Yih Ren, Bryan and Kevin. First game: Kuala Lumpur, who have been training for the past month. Obviously, for our last minute state team, we lost. But we tried our best. basically, our state lost all the games. Although we did get medals from Table Tennis and smth else i cant remember ;P.
Later at night was the gospel rally. everyone was basically half asleep during that time cuz of the interstate games. but while i was actually paying attention, i tot the play n the worship they had was kinda ok. din really hear much of the sermon though. after gospel rally went back to room to sleep. Slept well too. had a bolster n blanket with me. Haha!

Day Three:

DRILL COMPETITION DAY! woke up at 6 to start polishing. oh yeah, polished my boots the night b4 too, with some of richard help. Thx Rich! Was tense when we went there, got really relaxed, then got tensed up again. Overall i think we did pretty good. Even Caleb said so. now thats a compliment =P. BUT we din get into the finals, which was quite dissapointing. Then later that night was the singing competition. 2nd Subang was FANTASTIC! Our guys n girls were unique. Most of the other companies came out as hip-hop fellas and started rapping where u cant hear what they r saying. We came out as farmers who sang gr8 where u cud hear every single word. UNFORTUNATELY AGAIN, we didnt get positioned in the top 5. 1st JB which KILLED Tell The World with their lousy singing got a place. Wth?! Dunno y la but its so obvious the judges are pilih kasih n cannot hear properly. so annoyed. later some kid had gone into shock cuz he din haf enuf to eat, so i gave my jacket to help cover him. havent seen my jacket since. =(

Day Four:

Nth much happened here. Jus review and display day. The selangor contingent was lead by the Staff Sergeant from 1st Ampang. Man, he really is a joker. Oh yeah, this is the day when i had to stand in the sun and nicely got my face burnt. Then after R&D was the band competition. 1st JB was really good. Their drum major was amazing. Leading his whole team with a fractured left hand? Simply AMAZING! No wonder he got best drum major. 1st KL were good too with their Phantom Of the Opera. 3rd Kl with Ghostbusters! oh and, 10th KL whcih i think most ppl didnt concentrate on thx to the "girls" dancing up in front and distracting everyone. So at the and of the day.

1st: 1st JB
2nd: 1st KL
3rd: 3rd KL

All of them deserve it. They were really good.

Day Five:

Sunway Day! Broke into our selangor groups for the treasure hunt, which was at sunway pyramid. Like W/O Blitz Gun (cool name eh =P) "Home Ground advantage". So half the paper with questions were done on the way there. then a lottle bit more of filling in some stuff and we were done by 11.30. BUT, we were too early so we didnt submit til much later. So, after hafin lunch at A&W, went to sunway lagoon! Had fun there, riding the rides and the roler coaster. didnt go on much rides though. Cuz it was crowded. Waited 45 min for a 5 minute ride. oh well, at least we had fun right? At 4 smth went down to the wet park for the beach party. Changed from our wet clothes. and went to the beach-ish part for the "modeling" part of the beach party. Euodia was chosen to represent selangor for the fancy dress. Go 2nd Subang! =P After dinner, which took awhile to get then beach party then started. There was a lot of singing by a lot of ppl and it was raining too. Well, being me with a short attention span, i got bored halfway and started to build a Sand-Letter.
Not bad eh. Of course i had help from Ruth building it. Cuz she got bored too. =P. thx to Kenneth for his camera so i cud take this photo. After everyone was done singing, we packed up n left back for UM again. Once reached, went to my room n just dropped and my bed and fell asleep. Sleep that night was good.

Day Six:

Final Day. Woke up at 6. got out of bed onli at 6.35. Polished, had a bath, and ended up late. =P Then the Closing Ceremony started. Oh yeah, the was no breakfast, since there was supposed to be Brunch later. "Brilliant" idea by the organizers. Putting a bunch of ppl with empty stomachs out in the hot sun. Soon, members were dropping like flies. Oh yeah, our buglers Samong, Julian n Jon Ng played with other buglers from other coys for the closing ceremony. I bet they were so proud of themselves getting to play at pesta. Oh yeah, they played for R&D too. After the closing ceremony, we went to our rooms, changed and packed up then went down for lunch. Later came back to rooms and cleared all bags out of the rooms. Then when i wanted to go down. Lift was so full that i cudnt. So i had to go up n down the stairs, 7 flors, Twice. Like i said to Grace, "good excercise" =P. Later when i reached home, abt 1 smth, dropped (again) on my bed and just slept til 5.

Overall, pesta was good. No actually, it was great! Had so much fun with all the ppl there. Thx to all the ppl who made my last Pesta gr8. 2nd Subang continue to rock on! All of u all really rock in your own special way =).

Gnite ppl!

-|Ben J|-