Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stay Away!

k i totally gotta stay away from my laptop if i want any work to get done. like really.

cuz now i end up chatting away and surfing and who knows la what else. and it's not like i'm in my room so much also to be wasting so much time when i am in my room ready to do work. so yea.

plus! i can't be emo when i'm doing work. cuz this will happen.

and then once i start, i won't stop til i sorta think it's done.

oh i may plan to colour in the black lines. but see how.

but FOR NOW! i totally gotta do my physics work which is so overdue. hmm.

and i think it's someone's bday today. can't know for sure and have no communications established yet. haih.

oh and yeah. got some mistakes on my busyness post last week. i actually start at 8 for 4 days in a row. and i also din come online cuz i dun have my spare batteries for my mouse. and my touch pad is a pain. so yea. bad stuff is internet is back now. so more distractions. ish. but will try to use up all my cap somehow.

and it's so cool to know that ppl you hardly ever talk to don't want to see u emo. it's like u know when they say stuff it's sincere and genuine. cuz they like normally don't ever talk to u. but then sudd THEY start the convo just to tell u not to emo. plus they're encouraging too. itulah dipanggil kawan. they may not always be there and not neccesarily ur good friend and even close friend. but i believe they are somehow real. like real friends. aih. dunno how to explain la. i guess it's jus the nice feeling when someone u don't expect to care cares la. maybe cuz it's opposite of the ppl u expect to care not giving a shit la and doing nth. hmm.

oh and i should learn to find out the truth instead of assuming stuff. i take back my words in the Very Disappointed post. hmm sry man. shud have asked first.

so thats all for now. will leave here and i plan to only come back when i have finished all my work. maube i won't come on weekends so i finish my work too la. so this is ur post for the whole week.

still have mails to reply. sry WZ! also that guy compiling the book i need to reply. and like asap. ish. forgot abt that. still more friendster replies to reply. cepat la u perempuans. haha. and i also got an email expecting for once. haha! yes i know it's a long one Lauren, sry. u shud know after all the mails i can't stop once i start. haha!

kk see u guys! won't be online also cuz dun wanna get distracted. anything means leave me an offline msg. i'll check in the morning b4 i go to class. then i'll shut down laptop again.

kk see ya.

p.s.: sheesh. i told that i would off the comp at like 9.30 and now it's an hour plus and it's still on. sheesh.

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cal said...

wahhh...cantik dan besar nya...

haha...hope you already stop doing those during math lectures! dun start drawing those around pulleys and trajectories in mechanics!

keep laptop tk cukup, now hv to keep pens n pencils away from u...haha jk jk

glo said...

sigh. i've the same problem too. the laptop and internet...

i think the only place i can study now is a coffee shop..

and i'll never go to the library.. very smelly :p

man. benJ, you can draw!!!!! very very nice!

Ben J said...

haha. yeah. keep pencils away also. haha!

and library is ok la. for me at least. haha. and no la. can't draw. jus words i can do. thats all. haha.