Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cold Start

interesting eh? heh. now i may jus b busy on the 1st eh? ;P

plus i haf like reached my 5GB limit already too. so this will b like my last post til somewhere in the middle of March. plus u wont b able to see me online too.


is it jus me? or is it cuz i jus cant listen to some ppls words. i guess its smth like ur fren who smokes tells u not to smoke. u know u wont listen to the guy. why? cuz u have no respect for him? or cuz u follow what he does? and not what he says? k i'm prob not making sense. cuz what i wanna say aint coming to my head now.

but its basically smth like when someone tells me to take care of myself and not do anything stupid while they themselves are messing up their lives, i somehow just cant listen. i know they're telling me for my own good. but its like i sorta feel like "u cant tell me that if u dun do it.". so whatever the person says will jus b thrown out the window. cuz i cant listen to that. its too hypocritical in a way i guess.

plus when a person like that says dont do it, somehow there's another urge to purposely do it. cuz that person said dun do it. like the person is trying to hide smth. like hide the fun they're having so u cant enjoy. sounds stupid but it somehow seems that way.

and i'm not the type to purposely not listen to good advice. but when good advice comes from a person doin wrong i guess i jus blocked it out. i jus cant listen. and all the more i want to go against the good advice. smth like, if u wanna screw ur life then i cant too. and u haf no right telling me i shudnt if u cant do the same.

haih. dunno la. jus some thoughts.


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh My Uni

soooo…. so far 2 days of classes have gone by. well, nth much has really started. its basically all intro classes for now. and some of them are repeats of what we’ve learnt. personally I dun mind the repeats la. esp cuz I cant remember what I learnt last year already. haha.

went and walked around the library too that day. it was pretty sweet. like darn fancy like that. they even haf those beanie couches for u to sit on. haha.

oh yea. on the first day of class there was this interesting guy walking in front of me.

he was wearing all black and that trench coat thing. with sunglasses too. yep I think he jus got out of matrix too. =P

today was quite cool. I went to the UCSA building to get thumbtacks for my pinboard (which I nvr got in the end), and I found this waiting for me there.

apparently it’s a contest where u haf to play NFS ProStreet and get the fastest lap. the console was a PS3. that was sweet. cuz the graphics were reaaaallllyyy good. much better than my laptop. (I’m prob getting a lot of “duh”s by now but hey! I think my lappie is gr8 ok! =P ) annnnyyywaaayyyy, the prize for this contest is a PSP. another sweet deal. imagine, u get to play a PS3, play one of urfavourite games (for me), and stand a chance to win a prize too. cool right? =P

that’s how I did on my first round. its ok I guess.

cuz my 2nd round was way better. and I so know I can trash that no. 1 guy. I think even the organisers think so. haha. its jus cuz I drove off the path at one instance. haih. so close.

nvm! tmrw I’ll try again! =D

and it was also clubs day today.where the clubs promote and try to get u to join. joined CMSA (Malaysian Club), TrueRockSoc (Rock Music Club), ICF (International Christian Fellowship) *Wei Zheng is the president! cool eh? =P* and also Every Nation Campus (my church here’s club). not bad la for the first day. may jus join more tmrw. there’s also ENSOC (Engineering Society) to join. see how la.

but there’s def some clubs I’ll b avoiding. they freak me out…..

k gtg. sleep early again. sucks la the time diff. can hardly see anyone online. ish.

here’s another scenery pic. no its not photoshop. =P

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Joyful Bliss

finally after a week plus i cud finally hold a guitar in my hands. this happened in church after the service today. it was joy i tell u. awesome. so happy. and yet it felt so natural. like i was playing guitar this whole time. like i was nvr apart. it din feel weird or anything after one week not playing. haha. jus that i din have much of the songs i wanted to play. plus it was an acoustic.

think it belongs to that emo guy la Su Teng. and i think he doesn't like me now cuz i played so long with it. haha! and i still want MY electric la. but beggars cant b choosy right? haha.

and after church went to Andrew, one of Raymond's friends place for lunch. Lunch was good. tasty! plus Josiah came up with a pretty sweet sandwich. haha.

nth else much happened today. got CS on my comp thx to the Hub. plus got my Lost episode 4 too. and all free! but i'm currently up to 3.2GB of my 5GB limit. haih. almost missed dinner cuz i was playin CS and ended up being the last in the dining hall eating. haha.

then back to room. and nth much happened. jus been online wasting time. trying to figure out more stuff with my comp. thats all. haha.

and u know New Zealand is called the Land of The Long White Clouds. and now i see why too.

cool right? haha. k gtg now. class startin tmrw. haf to wake up early too. haih. so this is the end of my hols. =/

i miss it already.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

T-shirt And Shorts

yup. it was that warm today. well it was still cool of course. but warm enuf to walk around jus wearing a t-shirt and shorts. but maybe its cuz of the futsal and i was sweaty which allowed me to do that la.

and there was also cool glorious winds blowing around today. such a gr8 wind. i really really love this place la. its like so awesome and beautified. haha.

nth else much happened today. for one thing i woke up late thinking it was 4pm when actually it was 1pm smth only. so yea skipped lunch. actually jus ate 10 biscuits then went for futsal at 2.

oh yea. when i went back i passed this one guy's room. check it out.

its only been abt 5 days he's been here ok. i wasn't kidding when i said beer was their water. haha. and i think there's another stack behind the one u see.

since i had nth to do i watched Blood Diamond. pretty good show. quite long a bit. but nice. and then was sorta stoning in my room a bit. then Wei Zheng came over to pass me some blueberries that he went and PICKED. cool eh. the picking ur own blueberries thing. it was pretty awesome blueberries too.

then after WZ left, my supposed to be boring night after that, well at least so i thought, got way better. went over to Angeline's place to celebrate Eric's bday with Calvin the chef cooking some nice PROPER asian food. i say proper cuz i got some real crappy rubbish cold rice for dinner. seriously la. dunno whats up with that. but i was happy I got nice food to eat later that night. haha.

and we also peeked out Angeline's balcony to see what the neighbours were up to. well it wasn't pleasant. there was noone around at that time. but this is what we saw la.

see that pipe and bottle? well u can guess la what happened. hmm. or at least what we think happened.

oh but the walk back from Angeline's place was awesome! sooooo awesome! the night sky in Christchurch is superb! sooooo extremely lovely. and this is night somemore. wahh.. i think i may jus move here la when i'm older. so awesome i tell u. the stars. the clear-ish sky. the bright moon. the white clouds. the awesome atmosphere. the night wind blowing. haaaaaa....... so nice and relaxing. kept staring at the sky and looking around and enjoying the beauty. and yes i'm in love with Christchurch. =P (sry no pics of the night sky. my camera phone aint good enuf to take a night sky and all that.)

the spoiler part was the crazy drunk ppl running around at 1am. thats the one thing i dun get. ppl know they do stupid things when they're drunk yet they still will continue doing it. no idea why. oh wait! i know. its cool. oh well. while they're busy being cool, we shall sit and laugh at how moronic they're being. ppl these days. sheesh. embarrassing. and pathetic too la i believe.

they even made a beer can tower. sheesh. haha!

k i gtg now. haf to sleep to wake up early. cuz Li Ying dun believe i can wake up early to eat my muffins for b'fast. haha. got church tmrw too. so i'll mmg haf to wake up early. but she doesn't need to know that. haha! =P


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bedsheet Clothing Ppl?

heh. yeapp. they had Toga night the other day. found it really interesting cuz its like the first time i'm seeing it live. haha. and i din know girls take part in this bedsheet clothing event. haha.

there were so many diff types of Togas. my neighbour Scott was in his own spray painted bedsheet Toga. some girls had fancified togas. and most were jus plain.

i really found it amusing. esp cuz it was like sooo cold! with the wind blowing! like how in the world do they tahan la. seriously. jealous giler la me. esp cuz i cant tahan cold. i'm the tahan hot guy la. and this is jus summer! make sure u all come to my funeral when i freeze to death in winter aight. it'll prob b in NZ cuz i dun think they ship blocks of ice around. i dunno.

unfortunately, the Toga party ended with a lot of drunk ppl and a lot of mess. there were even security roaming around that night at Uni Hall. even a Police car was there. din know what was up tho. this morning is when i saw all the damage done.

oh yeah. for some reason the TV in the common room is gone. dunno whether it was stolen or they took it away cuz of our bad behaviour. i met another guy named Ben earlier who was kicked out of the Toga party at 9.30. so like u can imagine la the rest. and dun ask abt the trolley in the middle of the field. no clue.

today went for the engineering welcome talk. it was pretty cool. they had a short intro at the start intro-ing stuff and all. then we went to see the lab. the Electron microscope lab was cool. and the was also this lab with a robot. which can cut super cool shapes onto styrofoam. the other two were ok i guess. then i topped up my canterbury card too. so yea i think i'm all set for Uni! =D

then went back and slept for awhile cuz i was tired cuz i woke up early. then woke up to leave for Gloria's place for a BBQ to welcome and welcome back all the Malaysian students. i dunno how long was the walk but i enjoyed it. cuz i cud jus listen to my CD on the way there. enjoying Louder Now soooo soo much. i guess thats y i like to walk alone sometimes. jus me and the music. =)

met so many cool ppl at the BBQ. esp Bernard. another guitarist guy. and he said we can go jamming too one day. yes i'm excited! its been one week already k i havent touched a guitar! I"M DYING HERE!! i miss my baby at home. i hope she's fine. and NO LAUREN! dun touch her k. haha! plus Bernard lent me a few CD's to listen to too. now its jus a matter of listening to them. haha.

alright thats abt for now. its abt 4 am here. jus finished watching Fight Club. really awesome show. totally nvr expected the ending at all. love shows like that. but i guess i spoilt it also by watching the Taking Back Sunday Cute Without The 'E' video la. but seriously its sooo super darn cool. erm yes its for 18 and above pls. haha!

ps.: i finally did my laundry today after a week! but got caught up with the laundry room chat that i din haf time to iron and clothes. yes Wei Zhen, my t-shirts need to b ironed too. haha. must find some time to do that. plus i wasted 3NZD on machines that din work. grrrr.

jus some random scenery. =P

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Temporary Accent And Louder Now

i seriously think i have one. like when i'm talking to the "foreigners" i feel i'm talking in a different way. like seriously.

yet when i talk to the Malaysians i talk normally like how i wud talk.


but kinda cool still. =D

heh. n i've jus come back from my trip to the "city". went to Riccarton Mall which is the closest mall to us here and also the biggest. and its basically like Jaya supermarket sorta size la. haha.

AND! the most happy part is...........

yes i bought it alright. soooo super worth it k. n i'm so happy i cud find it. haha. cudn't find Anberlin's Cities tho. only their Never Take Friendship Personal album. haih.

but i'm still super happy that i cud find this and buy it. =D

i'm even listening to it now. its cool la. =D

k thats all. think i'm still supposed to show u my room and talk abt other stuffs here. but later la ok. haha.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

NZ Photo Overload

for those of u who are lazy to read, look! =P

view from my room

Church worship team. (the drummer is a girl. and she is damn pro k. don't mess)

Su Teng! thats ur emo guy. playing bass. haha.

view from church.

NZ roads.

the field near my place.

same field.

opposite the field.

i took this to show that i'm really there. those are not some photos i took online. i dunno how this'll convince u, but yeah la. haha!

another view from across the field

next to the field.

in NZ ure allowed to cross diagonally across the road.

the violin girl. (think her parents forced her to do it tho.) she's good.

live band!

some cone flower monument thingy.

this pic is for Lauren and Dana. =P dun say i nvr got u ur starbucks k! =P

big cathedral

damn big chess board.

japanese pizza for lunch

tram that runs through the city.

boatman (punter)

clear blue skies. not a cloud in sight.

shallow river water.

city view.

some architecture thing.

botanical garden

see that tree? it aint no ordinary tree k.
why? u see that person near the tree?

well, actually you can GO IN the tree!

like seriously!

Memorial Monument

heh. =P

optical illusion made of wire.

big tree. seriously. hardly the biggest tho.

today from the opposite side of my accomodation place facing my accomodation place at Ilam Fields

a higher view

now this tree is damn big. see those small things at the bottom? those are ducks. =P

ok. so these are the pics from day 3. day 2 nth much happened. jus some briefing and seniors took us out to show us around and stuff. i've got my phone number too btw ppl. ask Jo for it aight. dun wanna post it out in the open here. or email me la. haha.

oh yeah day 3 is when i went to church then for lunch we went to the city when my seniors took us around. its pretty cool la. i only posted some pics la. not all of course. haha. will post more abt the place here later. and i sent out mails to everyone! or at least almost everyone. cudnt send to some cuz i din haf their mails. sry abt that ya.

k gtg now. enjoy my super fast internet connection downloading at 50+ KB/s constantly. haha! =P

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