Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Random Video Post

ok so youtube has like tons of videos which are awesome i've seen lately. and i decided i'm gonna put them up. haha

the famous sohai vid

amazing coordination

joker n batman :)

the awesomely talented ppl i play with (i still think this is so awesome)

halal (seriously what the crap man. hahahah)

k that's all i have for now. enjoy la if you got free internet. :)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

I Apparently Can Talk To Randoms

seriously. i think it's easier to talk to random ppl i meet, and when i say talk i mean talk quite a lot, well relatively, as compared to ppl i should know and should be able to talk a lot to.

maybe cuz i know i won't be seeing them again so i don't have to worry about what to talk next time? hmm i dunno la.

i guess that's why one night stands are way easier than real relationships?

who knows. oh well.

and today was a good day. hair got cut. and washed. plus went skateboarding for an hour with friend. good day. the sun was out too! plus going out later tonight. aaahhh. good times good times. :)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Know It's Not Wrong, But It's Just Weird

k to me right, when somebody does an accent/slang that is not originally theirs, it's like super weird. it just feels out of place and very noticable a.k.a weird.

example? when a Malay/Indian person starts speaking with a Chinese slang (the lor, meh, etc). or when a Malay/Chinese person speaks with an Indian accent(?). or even when a Chinese/Indian person speaks with a Malay slang.

it's just weird! am i the only one who notices it? i dunno la. maybe sometimes it's the person who says it la. actually ya i think it's the person who says it. cuz i realize some ppl, when they speak malay it's really weird. like it's real funny. well, that's what i noticed from my sis la. she just speaks it in such a mat salleh way. and it's hillarious. but some ppl can do it just fine. like Bernard. i don't think i've felt weird whenever he spoke it.

but yeah, when an Indian guy starts using "lor", it's just so weird la. and when other ppl tend to use the Indian accent, it turns out funny, which i guess was the main point of them mimicking it which does make it insulting la but i don't wanna be a bitch and be over sensitive (though maybe i'm not being that) and whine and say you shouldn't but yeah. it's just weird la.

i think cuz maybe sometimes ppl try to hard to put on the accent that it sounds so fake and that's why it's weird.

ah whatever la. u get what i mean.


on another note, it's super hard to NOT be pissed off at some idayots who simply cari pasal with you because your friend doesn't want you to get into a fight or for things to get worse.

what a dick la. seriously.

but i guess i probably asked for it with what i said. aih wtv la.

don't wanna let it affect me.

but yea i'm pissed.

and omg nice guy, my friend, pretty good friend too, is now pretty good friends with bitch? what? seriously? come onnnnn. what are the oddss?? stupid la.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Conditioner Do You Use?

hahahaha. i find this photo funny.

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I'm Pissed But Trying To Change, So In The Meantime

**** inside jokes la.

it's only purpose is to irritate other ppl who don't get it.

am i the only one who seems to understand the concept of control? or consideration?

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Monday, August 24, 2009

So Far Gone

Late night contemplating on the words to say
Gotta set the record straight
I can't pretend that I'm alright
I give in to the night

She's got me on the edge, I'm slipping
Try to look away
But she stares down inside me
And I lose my way, can't fight
I give in to the night

So if it's love that she wants Love that she's after Don't come looking for me Cause I'm so far gone If it's love that she wants Love that she's after Don't come looking for me Cause I'm so far gone

Been exhausted
I'm so worn out by the games she plays
Sneaking off, you leave me hanging
I won't take that bait
Can't offer you forgiveness
Or justify your foolish mistakes

So if it's love that she wants
Love that she's after
Don't come looking for me
Cause I'm so far gone
So if it's love that she wants
Love that she's after
Don't come looking for me
Cause I'm so far gone

So far gone, so far gone, so far gone

So drained and falling apart
Predicted it from the start
Tried hard to break it
But I strayed too far away
Your words, they don't mean a thing
I stayed despite of the pain
I'll keep my distance
And you'll keep all the blame

So if it's love that she wants
Love that she's after
Don't come lookin' for me
Cause I'm so far gone
If it's love that she wants
Love that she's after
Don't come lookin' for me
Cause I'm so far gone

Love that she wants, whoa, love she's after
Don't come lookin' for me.
Cause I'm so far gone.
Love that she wants, whoa
Love she's after
Don't come lookin' for me.
Cause I'm so far gone.
I'm so far gone.
So far-

Danger Radio

why does it feel i was pushed away just to be pulled back in?

or i just thought i was pushed away?

or maybe i think i'm being pulled in?

we'll see soon.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009


so which do i choose?

to just leave i feel would raise a ton of questions.

and the party that would have caused it, would think it's cuz of the other party.

and the other party would definitely think it's cuz of them when it's not.

things just change. they don't fit anymore. with one. the other, well, i thought i would have eventually, but it doesn't seem so.

and it feels like i can't leave more because i would feel bad if i leave cuz i know i'm needed. and no i'm not being perasan.

and heck, i don't know if i should. maybe i'm concentrating on the things that don't matter when it comes to that. my focus should be elsewhere. but i still don't think i can/want to focus for now.

what to do? =/

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My My How Things Have Changed

seriously, other than the obvious, i've like totally become the opposite of who i was.

i used to be pretty outdoor-ish (cuz of BB i guess). going for camps, hiking, jungle trekking and all the other things that go with it.

and now, if i had a choice, i wouldn't go for any of these things.

i used to cycle everywhere. i've even cycled to One Utama from approximately Taman Paramount LRT station.

and now, ppl wonder if i can even ride a bike. (even i'm starting to wonder if i still can)

i used to know ALL the cars on the road. the brand and model.

and now, i just don't care. all i know is a tiny bit of fancy cars.

i used to know who wears what number of ALL the MU players.

and now, i don't even know who's still playing for MU.

i used to collect Nokia cards.

and now, i don't even try anymore.

i used to only play Need For Speed as my main game.

and now, well, it looks like the list of games won't end.

funny how i'm nothing like i used to be and i don't even look like i would have been able to do such things.

the only thing constant was my love for music that just grew and grew.

from the sorta outdoorish guy, i've become the gamer-skater-rocker guy.

i find myself pretty interesting. :)

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If You Wanna Talk, Let's Talk

seriously, one of the most irritating things i find is when ppl start saying something, and then stop.

and then when you ask them more about it, they don't wanna tell.



fine, you have the right to say what you want and not say what you don't want. but it's just SO FREAKING IRRITATING.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Like This

so i was on FB (as usual) and i came across smth a friend wrote. i REALLY like this cause he's being very real and logical and well, i don't know how else to explain it. it's just that i think he's thinking very real and very str8 and very true (well to him at least).

pssh. i have no idea if i'm explaining it right, but yeah, i really like this. there's truth in it. give it a read.

i hate malays.malays are stupid!they dont even need to be educated to get into uni.i hate chinese.they eat pork!disgusting!

*the author like to express his intention of naming the post as so is that it is a quote from a movie he recently watched

recently i watched a malaysian movie entitled 'gadoh'. personally, i think the content is interesting as well as the presentation (it gave me a theatrical kind of feeling after i watch the movie)
anyway, the issue tackled in the movie is basically on racism, facism and all those stuff related those words. i remember someone once told me that racism in malaysia is overrated. it is just being amplified by media and old people's talk. the young ones are actually uniting under one umbrella regardless of skin color, eye size, height, body odour, hair style or race.but sadly, i hardly think so.

being a born malay, i was destined to be able to mix around malays easily.sometimes is so hard to break the bond and just hop to another group of friends with different races (though i personally think that this is mostly due to language constraint.malays generally suck in english and they often think that the chinese sounds superior when they converse in english even if some of them speaks ah beng slang).but what makes it even harder to leave the malay group is how hard it is to be accepted in another group - in this case, another race group.its hard to mix in with the chinese because they prefer to speak mandarin/cantonese/hokkien
/whatever-chinese-slang that they use.maybe thats why malays who understand mandarin mix well with the chinese.

its hard to mix in with the indian because they are too busy trying to mix in with the chinese(since the word chindian is synonym to coolness and hotness at the same time).its hard to mix in with white people because they think asians can't speak english and for some reason every asian just have to know 'arigato'.its hard to mix in with black people because when we talk to them in english, they just have to be ludacris.

generally, it is hard to mix in with anyone.that's why you rarely see tigers playing around with is by nature that everyone have their own soft spot towards their own species.but sometimes being too immersed with this nature might be stopping everyone from looking ahead, from enjoying what life really offers.sure that there are certain constrains that some races feel 'uncomfortable' with but still, that is not an excuse to be left out from the world.once in a while try to do something out of the ordinary.

imagine a world without indian.there would never be curry.imagine a world without white people.there wouldnt be hollywood.imagine a world without arab.there wouldnt be al-jazeera.imagine a world without japanese..there wouldnt be porn.(there are a lot more better examples than what i just provided, but i guess you smartasses could figure it out yourselves)see?we are actually in need of each why arent everyone shaking hands rather than hiding in their own group?

lets be honest.some of the most important person in my life are not even my own race.and i dont regret that.some people ask me why do i hang out with these guys?usually i would answer because i want to try something else.i've been living, growing up with malays for 18 years of my life.why not try spending a year with indians?why not spend a year with black people?taste their food, talk their talk, walk their walk, understand what to they see as home.

it pisses me off when i read something about freud's research saying that white people carries superior genes compared to asians.screw freud.we stand on the same ground.we eat the same food.we throw away the same why bother comparing genes?just because asians are shorter than white people so asians are inferior?

anyway, this is just another session of my ranting because i can't get enough sleep and im pissed of with something(which the author would not reveal in this post).

anyway, watch gadoh (with subtitles if some of you dont understand mandarin)

the only part i may disagree on is the indians being too busy mixing with the chinese cuz chindian is hot. well that's for me of course. i mix with ppl who can and want to speak english, which happen to be chinese. so yeah that's me.

what do you think about his thoughts?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Once Again, What Holidays?

so this holidays i have:

Solidworks Design Task 2
EMTH271 Assignment 1
227 Lab Report
224 Long Lab Report
CMSA Cyber Games
Band Prac + Ballroom Check
Malam Stuff

ALL in the 2 weeks

so seriously, what holidays? seems like no time to do anything else also. so how to do everything else??


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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something's Not Right But I Can't Place My Finger On It

k so i created my third wallpaper. but somehow, it kinda looks okay, but just doesn't feel right. but i dunno what.

so take a look. and let me know what you think. i personally don't like the way the main pic turned out. and for the verbs, i wanted more, but din know what else i could put. plus i'm not sure if i wanna list them or just randomly put them overlapping each other with the last one over everything and in red as well. plus choosing the fonts itself gave me such a headache but i settled for what you see. i think the blend of the picture to the black area cud have probably be done better.

maybe if i actually knew how to use photoshop instead of simply trying stuff it could have turned out exactly how i wanted. but yeah.

what's puzzling is how when i create stuff, ppl tend to like it more than i do. it feels like somehow it cud have been better, but ppl tend to like it as it is. an example, my current FB profile pic. i really think it could have been way better. but somehow ppl like it.

maybe it's cuz i had a picture of how it's supposed to turn out like. so knowing that, i'm not happy with what i got. and others, well, they weren't expecting anything i guess. hmm.

but yeah.

k tell me what you think.

p.s.: you're supposed to tell me WHY you got the joke la, not whether you did or did not. tell me what you understand from the "joke". cuz there's ppl who say they got the joke, but totally didn't get it. so yeah, WHAT did you get? hmm.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Most Frustrating Joke EVER

somehow it seems like this joke noone can get (except smart ppl like Gloria. thanks Glo for getting it! :D ). and it's so frustrating! trust me, when someone doesn't get your joke, it's not cool man.

anyway, here's the thing, i'll tell the joke, and then you tell me what u understand from it k. leave a comment. and it must be the first thing that came to your mind. no cheating and looking what other people answered b4 answering.

Q: When are your eyes not eyes?

A: When the wind makes them water.

ok! comment away! do you get it? or do you think you get it?

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

I Give Up

cuz i'm seriously too lazy to be bothered.

i try. seriously i do. but if you don't want me (to), i'm going to leave it.

there IS other people.

this is why i end up nonchalant.

and to you. i don't respect you because you don't respect me. i know you don't like me. and with recent days and the way u've been recently, i'm growing not to like you too. i know how fake you can be. but if i can withstand this for so long now, i believe i can go on. why? because when it comes to people like you, i'm better at being fake. but just to you. other people don't deseve it as much as you.

remember, i don't see who you want others to see, i see the real you. the twitch in your facial expression, the tone of your voice, the intonations, the words you use and how you use them, they all mean something. and these things, try as you might, you can't control it.

so, to you, you and that subject, i give up on. it's a good thing both parties won't care. you won't notice, but i will.

being care-less is like being free. :)

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I Love Futsal

i absolutely love playing futsal here. it's an utter joy i tell you.

it's like total enjoyment. and i'm faaaarrrr from good at playing football. but yet it' so fun.

why? cuz of the awesome ppl who play. everyone funny reactions and everything la.

at least once during the game smth will happen that will make everyone laugh.

i think that's why it's fun also. everyone is laughing and playing.

possibly also cuz i don't take winning seriously. so even if my teams loses i still have tons of fun playing the fun ppl i play with. but i still try my best.

isn't gr8 when you can try your best, fail, but still have the time of your life?

well i think it's gr8. :)

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Biggest Mistake Of My Life

i should have gone to watch Iiro Rantala and his Trio. this is by far the biggest mistake and the biggest regret of my life. :(

30 bucks is cheap for a show. if only i knew that. plus they're damn good.

arrgghh. i think i regret more reading what Deb said about it. damn she made it sound so good. plus they got photos and autographs.


biggest mistake of my life!

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Emo People

they piss me off. like seriously. i just realised how annoying it is.

and note, when i say emo people. i mean those types who sit and brood and whine ALL THE FREAKING TIME. this doesn't include when normal ppl have a down time.

but seriously, they are so annoying. thank goodness i grew up and left that phase. but i shall still apologize for being emo last time and no doubt being freaking annoying. man was i irritating.

actually right,when i say they, i actually mean one fella la. this guy, every single freaking day has some emo thing to post as his status update on FB. and everyday he's sad. it's actually gotten to the point it's annoying. sheesh. let it go man. whatever it is. it's not worth it. start living life. enjoy!

being an emo kid is so not cool. u should at least try like ppl i know to not be emo. u wanna look emo, fine. just don't act all emo ALL THE TIME. it's annoying.

but seriously, damn i must have been so annoying last time.

yes, apparently i am heartless too. deal with it. >:)

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Other Alcohols>Beer

just because you get to keep your abs

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I Miss My Sister

i really do. and i knew i would. like i said in a post b4 i left.

i miss her lame jokes
i miss bullying her
i miss lepaking with her
i miss jamming with her. (tho we only really properly did Check Yes Juliet)
i miss picking her up from school. (cuz it gave me a reason to drive)
i miss how she would "apologize" to the drivers that have to move out of the fast lane to make way for me.
i miss how she would get irritated for me using noob so much that'll she'll use it in a burst against me.
i miss walking around in the mall with her and pointing out random strangers and making fun of them and calling them nerds.
i miss how it irritates her so much when i do that and how she'll say i'm so mean and how she'll tell other ppl how mean i'm being.
i miss the way she then tries to find ways to call me a nerd.

hayooooo. i miss my sister la. :( how to not miss her when she's so cool?

nvm, a few months time i get to see her. yeay! :D

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Save Save Save!

for a guy who is supposed to be saving, i spent 32 bucks altogether tonight.

5 bucks for ticket and the rest on drinks.

crap la. save save save!

shud have just spent that 30 bucks to go watch Iiro Rantala.

but then again, i dun regret going. and i regret not going Iiro.

so if i dun wanna regret, i should spend more.


oh a stranger at Coyote said i look like Taboo from BEP. 3rd tme now. must really look like him then. haha

k la. it's freaking late. i shud go sleep now. makes sense since head feels heavy.

p.s.: band prac is sooo gonna be crap tmrw. everyones gonna be wasted as. hahaha

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Name The Nameless

i just realised, for more than a year and a half up til now, not once have i heard anyone say her name.

not ONCE. like seriously.

ok fine, the lecturer did call out her name to answer questions. but that's it! (assuming she is the one who answered the question. don't blame me! i sat at the back so couldn't see.)

haven't heard any of her friends call her name.

so, maybe, she has another name! that's not official.

but no, i prob would have heard that name.

interesting how some people can be nameless.

of course all this assuming i got her name right last year. but i'm sure! hundred percent!

plus i don't think i'm that blur to not notice. i tend to notice this stuff ok. lols

k random. i know. i'm just finding excuses to take breaks from my online quiz now. haha.

crap quiz tmrw too. and weird situations happening around me. really can't understand why certain ppl are acting that way.

and why certain ppl who read my blog and know i when ppl make up excuses still wanna try. haiz. oh well, don't wanna linger on it la anyway.

and k, seriously, i gotta post up the stuff i wanna post b4 it becomes irrelevant to post anymore.

oh and comp died again. but hardly feeling the effects. think i got used to it. now can concentrate on studying. hahahaha. damn i sound like a nerd. yucks.

which brings me to think, what is a nerd anyway. officially. k let's go check.

Nerd (pronounced /ˈnɜrd/) is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests rather than engaging in more social or popular activities. Therefore, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by peers or will tend to associate with like-minded people

wikipedia definition. hmmm. ok definitely don't wanna be a nerd. brrr. so for now i'll just say i'll study for the sake of passing my next quiz la. haha.

aaaahh man i'm crapping so much. k here's the plan. finish the online quiz. go get dinner. camp in library to finish studying for tmrws quiz. gr8. now go!


p.s.: Mayday Parade's The Silence - pretty good stuff. i like Anywhere But Here better tho.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It STILL pisses me off how the undeserving get promoted and awarded, while those who deserve it more get forgotten.

like someone once said to me, "open your eyes to the things you do not see"

granted i may not know who does deserve the promotions and stuff, but who doesn't deserve, anyone who knows can clearly say so.

nothing is what it seems.

so irritated by the way ppl get away with stuff just cuz "administration" doesn't know shit.

on a side note, i think it's called ironic when someone who wants justice sides with someone who continously fucks screws up and gets away with it citing the same stupid reasons over and over again.

congrats. you know who you are.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Don't Ask Me, Ask My Body

looks at the snacks i eat la.

the yoghurt, there's 5 more in the fridge. the tupperware is filled with awesome popcorn. the kit kat, the other pack is finished and there's barely any left in this pack.

so despite all the snacks i eat, i don't get fat. what rubbish.


don't ask me, ask my body.


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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Change To Dependance

i realise i'm needing ppl a lot. not good not good.

but haih, now i'm stuck. i want to know what exactly i should say. but nobody knows this about me. and i guess i don't really want anyone to know either.

but i need someone to ask! so i don't make a fool of myself. grrrr.

but thinking back, those days when i just did whatever i wanted were the days that were really fulfilling.

arrgghhh. so here goes!

don't regret this ben, you clearly don't know what you're doing.

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