Thursday, June 26, 2008

Music Influences Part 1

k was thinkin abt this the other day, and i thought it'll be cool to find out how exactly i know some of the bands i know. but i know if i were to go through all the artists i know, til forever also i won't end. haha. so i decided to look through my Full Albums folder and just go through the artists. so here goes.

F.Y.I - format

Band - Albums i have from them seperated by comma
First Song Heard: Song Name [Album] (if no square brackets it's from the album i have stated with the band name)


+44 (Plus 44) - When Your Heart Stops Beating
as far as i can remember, i found this band myself online. can't exactly remember how i found them tho. but i know what made me listen to them. it was the fact that the ex members of blink 182 were in the band (Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus). and i liked blink during that time so i def had to listen to them. and well, obviously i liked them. haha.
First Song Heard: When Your Heart Stops Beating

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
hmm. i think i heard them off the radio. and also i heard Attack on tot the song was pretty cool and got it. then also with recommendation from Jin about the band i got the album. but i must say that i just find the album ok only. nothing special.
First Song Heard: I'll Attack

The Afters - I Wish We All Could Win
this band is a Christian band which i got to know from Wei Zhen. really good stuff. the songs were just rockish enough to be enjoyed yet not too rock and all. so i got the whole album. it's pretty not bad.
First Song Heard: Someday

The All-American Rejects - The All-American Rejects, Move Along
this band definitely comes from listening to the radio. and man they have good stuff songs. like one album they can release SO many songs as singles. and all were good by me too. both albums are good i must say. well, at least most of the songs i've heard la. haha.
First Song Heard: Swing Swing [The All-American Rejects]

Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal, Blueprint For The Blackmarket, Cities, Lost Songs
k i know this band from two ppl. first heard of it from Manjuli. but nvr actually took any effort to go and get songs from them. then one day, i had to lend Julian my thumbdrive. and it came back with some recommendations of songs. and one he gave me most of the tracks off their Cities album. and yeah. thats when i started liking Anberlin. cuz man their music is good stuff la. which is obviously why i bought their Cities CD la. haha. the other three were well, just okay only i feel. Never Take Friendship Personal was not that bad la. but the other two were ok.
First Song Heard: Godspeed [Cities]

Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor
this band comes from YouTube. was watching the Projekt Revolution 2008 vid off the Linkin Park YouTube page and saw them in the trailer. they sounded not bad. so i got their songs. which turned out into me getting their album which is not bad also la.
First Song Heard: Falling Down

blink-182 - Blink-182
well, like i said, i like blink-182. so naturally i got their songs. and then i heard songs from their (at that time) new album thx to Ruth. and then i managed to get her to get me a copy of that album. and wow. it was really not bad. a change from the fun fun type of blink-182 to a more serious type. but it was still all good.
First Song Heard: All The Small Things [Enema of The State]

Cartel - Chroma
this band i nvr heard of b4 til Su Teng intro-ed it to me. and when she intro-ed it to me, she sent the WHOLE album! haha. so thats why i have the album. but i must say, it's pretty not bad also. nice to listen to la. can't remember how the album goes di. but i believe it's not bad la.
First Song Heard: Say Anything (Else)

Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
k this is Jin all the way again. he found this band somehow, and earlier this year he told me to get their songs. heard some and wah, not bad la. then he sent more of their songs. and then i got the rest of the songs from the album which he din send. and i dun think i've heard the whole album fully yet also. but yea la. haha. so far not bad la.
First Song Heard: Situations

Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree, Infinity On High, **** - Live In Pheonix
first time ever hearing of this band, i was actually looking for some other song, and Sugar, We're Goin Down popped up instead of the song i was looking for. and i tak suker la cuz can't find my song. oh ya. now i remember, i was looking for X-Ecutioners It's Goin Down. thats when i saw this song. but nvr downloaded. and at that time apparently the song was famous la. of course i din know since i don't listen to radio at the time anymore. so yea. then one day watching MTV i think, saw the vid. and the song was kinda not bad la. so went and got the song. then saw more vids from them and realise eh not bad la. got their album also (From Under The Cork Tree). then eh, really good la this album. so then the album went under my favourites list. then listened to their new album stuff also. the first few songs la. felt they changed since their last album. din really like la. but still ok. then, Su Teng sent me their whole album again. and then got used to the songs. and realised even thought it's diff, it's still cool la. and loved the songs from the album and bought the album also. haha. the Live in Pheonix is so not worth it la i think. wasted downloading it. nothing gr8 at all. the only thing cool was they sorta covered Panic's I Write Sins Not Tragedies in their This Aint A Scene song. i liked how they started the song la.
First Song Heard: Sugar, We're Goin Down

Good Charlotte - The Chronicles Of Life and Death
k this band got off MTV and Channel V. remember watching their vids with my sis like a long time ago. and wah, their songs not bad la. quite nice also. then my younger sis, bought (ciplak version) the album. and i leeched off her la. :) and the album aint that bad la. quite nice also. got some nice songs and all. above average i must say.
First Song Heard: Lifestyles of The Rich And The Famous [Young and the Hopeless]

Green Day - American Idiot
this band goes waaaayyyy baacccckkk. like seriously old. they seem to have been around like since forever man. haha. the American Idiot album was not bad la. quite nice also. i like their Rock Opera tracks. long but still nice and entertaining. and they had a couple of good songs from the album also. but this would still go as above average only.
First Song Heard: No idea. but we'll go with Time Of Your Life [Nimrod]

Jack's Mannequin - Everything In Transit
i can't remember how i knew this band. i think i came across some of the lyrics from a song of Ming Jie's friendster la. or his blog. or smth like that la. did a quick search and found the band. then i think my sis also knew of some other songs and i got them also. then i remember hearing them on OTH one day also.
First Song Heard: The Mix-Tape

k i'm damn malas and tired now di. may go and sleep soon. but i'll continue the rest later. and btw, if i forgot to mention u somehow if u've intro-ed a band to me, pls let me know. cuz i wanna know how i know the bands. thx! =)

will continue tmrw, after i reply some mails. haha.

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