Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Revenge Can Cause Diabetes

because it's just super sweet. :)

reading ppls blogs when they dunno ure reading can be quite fun. i guess it's fair since they read ur blog and dun really tell. i mean they told la. but not really also. hmm.

and the problem with saying "i told you so" is that the person ure going to say it to needs to remember that you've told them b4. cuz it's no point going and telling them "hah! see la. i told you so b4." and then their reply is "oh is it? i really dun remember u telling me at all la. hmm." it's just not... satisfying. and u also go unappreciated when they remember what others tell and not when u say it.

but thats the story of my life. :)

and besides i'm in a good mood now. maybe cuz i'm feeling cheeky and sneaky and mischevious. which are like basically almost all the same thing. but yea. u get what i mean.


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