Friday, December 28, 2007

Late A Little?

k for those of u who still come here, i jus wanna wish you guys......

and Happy New Year. dun haf a pic for that yet. haha!

bye! ;)

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Monday, December 03, 2007

So This Is Goodbye?

hmm. maybe i think so. this place jus bugs ppl and it bores them too.

so its time to pack and leave.

bye ppl!


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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Have We Tried Our Best?

When our time is up,
When our lives are done,
Will we say we've had our fun?

Will we make a mark,
This time.
Will we always say we tried.


did i try my best? i dunno. considering i've done things most ppl wont do after going through what i went, i do believe that i haf really tried. forgiving isn't an easy thing.

n i guess as much as i din want to tell what i wanted, i did end up doing so anyway. well, that would be the sms that you couldn't reply. and maybe its best that u didn't. it wud haf hurt more.

yes i realise i'm getting in the way. i see that now. wish i wasn't. i wish i was the way u wanted to head to anyway.

i guess this shud b my last emo part post? maybe. but even if it stops i hope its for the right happy reason.


for me to burn one cd of songs takes a lot of thinking. esp on a CD-R. why? cuz i haf to think of what songs i wud want to listen to for the longest time without having to burn another cd. cuz burning a new cd will take more time burning and choosing songs of course. then there's the putting in order of the songs so it'll turn out to be a nice mix CD. so yea. burning a CD to listen to is hard work k. haha.

so when the problem of i'm-too-sick-of-the-cd-in-car and also i've-heard-all-the-other-cds i have arises, i'm forced to burn a CD. and on a CD-R too. cuz if it was a CD-RW at least i can erase the CD later if i dun like it. anyway, it din turn out that bad. abt 20 songs of fast angry emo sort of songs. i'm so proud i burnt such a great CD. haha! plus it sorta gives u the energy and the feeling to drive. the music makes it feel like i'm racing in a game. that sort of feeling la. unfortunately noone to race with now. haih. but its still nice. haha.

speaking of driving, i floored my mom's car that day. and i guess it was kinda disappointing. i mean i managed to get at past 12 AND on a clear highway. yet, it cudn't go fast enough. it actually had like a set cut limit. i managed to reach 140km/h with a 4000rpm. and it never went higher. yes i was flooring it. and my mom's meter shows til 160km/h. like helo?? if i'm flooring it and it stays at 140km/h then how in the world do i get that extra 20km/h?? i jus noticed this. wonder if anyone else has experience this weird unableness to go faster even if the car is being floored.

anyway, i've still got loads of stuff to do which i haven't done yet. sheesh. haih. and this blog will prob close soon too. like real soon. so say ur last goodbyes ppl! =D haha!

oh i jus realised i din blog abt my non-existant bday yet. haha!

see how la. haha!


p.s.: i've lost my voice too. ppl say i may be getting sick. haih.

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