Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things To Blog About Part 2

  • Music Influences Part 3
  • Msn Bridges Gaps
  • Tribute To Jo
  • Change of Attitude
  • Kedah
  • Need To Get Outta Here
  • My Hair
k need to remind myself if not all i'll forget.

so much to blog, so little time. haih.

and Ally left for back home today. and i feel kinda sad. like emo liddat. i guess one reason is prob the regret that i never spent enough time with her la. but she made so many good friends here tho. not ur usual hi and bye friends. like really good friends. wel it seemed that way la at least. feel like i need to learn that attitude of friendlyness from her la. haih.


damn. she told me not to emo also. haiihhh.


Currently Listening To: Could I Ever - Planetshakers

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