Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Call At 7.14 AM

u won't believe who called me.

at that time.

and u know why?

MU and Barca.

ya i think u know who called. ya from Malaysia.

so i watched the match la. 2nd half onwards.

not bad. quite fun watching ppl tension watching the game. esp that guy who was goin to work after the match.

MU played not bad la. cud have played better of course. but dunno what's up with them. quite sloppy i must say.

oh and after that i came back to my room and slept again. and skipped chem class. and woke up for math tutorial.

ya i know this was long ago story. like yesterday. but was reading Gloria's blog abt MU and Barca then i remembered. and i really kesian her la. every match there is it'll be hard to sleep. i can't imagine how it'll be if my sleep is disturbed. i'm sleep king remember. which is prob why i slept trhough chem class la. haha!

but i thought it was pretty cool getting a call from Malaysia, telling me to go watch football. so ya. haha!

p.s.: MU won btw. 1-0. :)

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Never Fails To Deliver

hmm. so i came back and watched OTH la. quite late i know. but i was too lazy to sleep early. haha. and i must say. One Tree Hill eps never fail to deliver. it's like one of those damn power shows la.

the one i watched today was nice also. tho i think the quotes and stuff near the end til the end were damn power la.

seriously la. damn cool. and ya Dana, got more nice quotes for u. haha!

i guess the only downside is that real life will never be like that. haih.

oh well.

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Well In Other News

weird. i memorised the whole starting part of Jason Lo's Evening News a long time ago. and i still remember it. haha!

speaking abt music, i realised that
Panic!'s I Write Sins Not Tragedies is, well, quite interesting. cuz it feels like i can feel it somehow? dunno.

and..... my tests finished! Math jus now. so happy. it was way better than expected. thank God i did the past year papers. and this means i got the whole night off! so i think i'm gonna go out. the House epi and OTH epi i'll watch later la.

and and and.... it's so curiously interesting that i wanna know. but then i thought abt and realising that there is no way i cud find out, i gave up hope la. no point asking too. but the curiousity is still there. and the place i can get answers from seems permanently closed. so ya!

k la. i'm prob high now. oh and i went Nando's yest! the only one in the whole of the south island of New Zealand. damn it was good! we ate so much also. i ate half a chicken k. HALF! and all four flavours too. and 4 side dishes. wahhh. happy la last night!

plus Hafiz is another seriously damn cool senior. like seriously.

ok la. goin di. bye!

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Cuz I Got One Last Chance

Reverse This Curse

A withered past and a blurry future
My hearts on an auction it goes out to the highest bid
I live to fast and I know I will lose her
But there is an option to die is to live in her head

so i'll hang on
never let go
I dug this blade into my chest
It`s dead

One last chance to reverse this curse
You stole my heart but I had it first
And now I see you`ve got something to prove
And nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth

A deadly wish but it should have come sooner
A corpse at a funeral that I will never attempt
There is a light on in the back of this house but you`re not around
To die is to live in her head

so i'll hang on
never let go
I dug this blade into my chest
It`s dead

One last chance to reverse this curse
You stole my heart but I had it first
And now I see you`ve got something to prove
And nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth

This goes
Out to
The ones that fall in love
Into the cold
That filled my soul

Last night I had the weirdest dream
That you and I drove up the darkest street
Passing through these city lights
Closure for the kids that died

One last chance to reverse this curse
You stole my heart but I had it first
And now I see you`ve got something to prove
And nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth

One last chance to reverse this curse
You stole my heart but I had it first
And now I see you`ve got something to prove
And nothing to lose, so let me tell you the truth

This goes
Out to
The ones that fall in love
Into the cold
That filled my dark

Escape The Fate

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BOB Vs Sushi

which to choose?

Battle of The Bands?



i wanna go for both! cuz BOB will have music! and rock music! have to go! love watching ppl play. but then knowing that most Kiwis are metal heads... i dunno whether to go also.

Sushi on the other hand will be fun. plus it's sushi! and i hope oh so much there's wasabi! i think that may be one asian food i might miss la. haha! aaaah WASABI! :(

haih.. decisions decisions.

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Monday, April 28, 2008


I tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it
I don't believe it makes me real
I thought it'd be easy, but no one believes me
I meant all the things that I said.

If you believe it's in my soul
I'd say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I'm trying to let you know
That I'm better off on my own.

This place is so empty
My thoughts are so tempting
I don't know how it got so bad
Sometimes it's so crazy
That nothing can save me,
But it's the only thing that I have.

If you believe it's in my soul
I'd say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I'm trying to let you know
That I'm better off on my own.

On my own.


I tried to be perfect it just wasn't worth it
Nothing could ever be so wrong
It's hard to believe me
It never gets easy
I guess I knew that all along.

If you believe it's in my soul
I'd say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I'm trying to let you know
That I'm better off on my own.

Sum 41

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Weird, But Interesting

i just had a thought come to me.

i feel like dye-ing my hair.

ya i know. weird. but kinda cool too that i would have thought of that.

and guess what colour my brain chose.


like seriously.

i always would have gone with purple streaks or smth liddat.

but suddenly blonde? hmmm or red? that'll be pretty cool.

k red maybe the whole head. blonde would be streaks of course.

babi! damn crazy thoughts. but i like! haha!

plus been thinkin of doin Ian Watkins' Rooftops hairstyle. or that kitchen kid from the video.

interesting interesting.

well lets see how it goes! =D

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My First Test!

well it was ok la. not hoping to score since i only started studying YESTERDAY! why? i blame procrastination. and also my procrastination of assignment. and also not focusing. ish!

and i still need to edit! add stuff and remove stuff. this is why it took so ling for me to decide in the first place la. haih. ish.



hmm. plus i was reading all the past msges that day. kinda interesting. the stuff that i said last time. and the stuff ppl said to me. hmm.

k gtg relax a bit now. watching Robocop. haha!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Edit Edit

shit shit. edit.



where the hell is the edit button!?!

oh there it is.



*click click*



oh shit.

it's too late.

what have i done............................

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Eh, Nice Quote

saw this from one of my cousins pm.

"Stop blaming me for the choices you made"

cuz it's your choice right? you wanted it to happen. you made it happen. so it can't be my fault when i make a choice based on what i've seen you do and heard what u've done right?

Ur choices led me to my choices. yea. things shud have been diff. but i guess we all made our choices that led to today.

the big question now is, IF you din like the choice, how do you fix things?

to at least something better than what you ended up with la.

cuz would it be fair to blame me for what you did?

I may say it's your fault,
Cause I know you could have done more

The Kooks

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Friday, April 25, 2008

It Amazes Me

how some people still never realised.

are you free tmrw?
do you wana work for an event at sepang?

heh. thats someone from church. i somehow think it's pretty cool la. two months i'm not there and din realise. haha.

but i guess it's kinda my fault la for not informing. plus din really keep contact with him. haih. bad me.

i got 5 parts of my assignment to finish by TOMORROW. oh well. and here i am. 2.40 awake. gotta wake up at 8 tmrw.

go buy A3 paper. and also check whether my money has come in yet. yeay money! haha.

i've been in a creative mood these past few days. unfortunately, nth that insipres me that much. plus dun have all the right tools to make my visions turn out the way i want to. haih.

one day when i'm rich la k.

k gtg. sleep. like seriously. if not i'll end up as an EPIC FAIL.


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Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

i'm currently comtemplating on buying two Cd's.

Panic! At The Disco's A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

and Fall Out Boy's Infinity On High.

why? cuz both albums are really good and entertaining. so it'll be worth it i believe. plus it's good to buy and support the artists la. and my discman needs more of a variety of songs to play. and also there's a few versions of some songs that i dunno which is the original anymore. like Fall Out Boy's The Take Over, The Breaks Over. so yea. and also i plan to buy Hillsong United's In A Valley By The Sea.

haih. choices choices. dunno what to decide. i may jus end up buying all that i want. well it's worth it for music i guess.

i hope!

see how it goes la.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Must Watch Music Videos

ok. so i have this thing of watching music videos la. and i was wondering, what are the best music videos that have ever been made made? and cuz of that one small thought, i ended up making one whole list of MUST WATCH music videos. like seriously must watch.

why? for quite a few reasons. but i think this list i made is made up more cool effects and cool story lines sort of MVs. some of them are funny (Bowling for Soup's Punk Rock 101, Green Day's Warning) and some of them have a nice meaning to it (Anberlin's The Unwinding Cable Car) and a lot of them have a gr8 story in it (Nickelback's Savin' Me, Sum 41's Pieces, Hoobastank's The Reason + Same Direction). and most of them have cool effects. i think the best in the list for cool effects has to be Blink 182's Always. super chun. no idea how they made the vid. Mute Math's Typical is really good also. like i have blogged abt b4.

but yea. this is my list of the best vids to watch:

Anberlin - A Day Late

Anberlin – The Unwinding Cable Car

Blink 182 – Always

Bowling For Soup – Punk Rock 101

Coldplay – The Scientist

The Color Fred – If I Surrender

Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race

Five For Fighting – Superman

Foo Fighters – DOA

Good Charlotte - The River

Green Day – Warning

Hoobastank - The Reason + Same Direction

Lifehouse – Spin

Linkin Park – Bleed It Out

MuteMath - Typical

Nickelback - Someday

Nickelback - Savin Me

OkGo – Here It Goes Again

OutKast – HeyYa

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Face Down

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dani California

Relient K – Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been

Rob Thomas – Lonely No More

Sum 41 – Pieces

Switchfoot - Stars

Switchfoot - We Are One Tonight

Taking Back Sunday - Liar

Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure

Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)

X-Ecutioners – It’s Goin Down

Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

Yellowcard - Lights and Sounds

trust me if there's any on the list u haven't seen, u seriously shud go watch now. like now. like this the only time i'm shooing u from my blog and telling u to go watch. seriously.

oh and of course there's TONS more i haven't added to the list. mainly because i can't remember. tho i think Backstreet Boys' The Call is a pretty good vid too. but yea. a lot of vids din put in.

oh and if u guys have any suggestions on vids that I shud watch let me know too! =D

blah i talk too much.

oh click the ads too pls! for me? =)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm not saying its your fault
Although you could have done more
oh you're so naive yet so
How could this been done
by such a smiling sweetheart
Oh and your sweet and pretty face
Is such an ugly word
For something so beautiful.
Oh that everytime I look inside

I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me!

I may say it was your fault
Because i know you could have done more
Oh you're so naive yet so
How could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart.
Oh and your sweet and pretty face
Is such an ugly word
For something so beautiful.
That everytime I look inside

I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me!

So how could this be done
By such a smiling sweetheart
Well you're so naive yet so
Is such an ugly thing
For somone so beautiful
That everytime you're on his side

I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... Well, she's still out to get me.
And I know, she knows that im not fond of asking
True or false, it may be... She's still out to get me!

Just don't let me down
Just don't let me down
Hold on to your kite
Just don't let me down
Just don't let me down
Hold on to your kite
Just don't let me down
Just don't let me down
Hold on to your kite
Just don't let me down

The Kooks

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I'll Always Remember


cuz it hurt so much.

and i forgave smth noone wud have.

jus to get hurt again.

so to be fair to everyone i'm leaving.

i know this is best.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gap Filler

Tagged by Li Hsien

First name:
Last name:
Abraham (it's pretty cool to be known as Mr. Abraham here. =P)
alaaa.... everyone knows di la. haha.

Favourite colour:
Favourite animal:
no idea. and can't remember. oh well.
Favourite subject:
Favourite country:
New Zealand. definitely.
Favourite place of vacation:
erm. i dun travel much at all. i'm prob gonna have to go with NZ on this one. haha.
Favourite ice-cream flavour:
dun eat ice cream much too. Cookies and Cream?
Favourite tv series:
One Tree Hill, Lost, Prison Break, Smallville, Hustle, House
Favourite sport:

- were you doing at this time last week?
last week? how shud i remember la?? erm i'd prob guess onlining. or gaming.
- are you planning to do next?
finish writing email.
- is it that you wished you had?
for this tag i'll say.... nicer natural hair!
- animal are you most afraid of?
being afraid is just a state of mind. haha. i dunno la. not sure.
- are you most afraid of in your life?
not being good enough for ppl./being replaced. (cuz the feeling sux)/not being of need to ppl
- is the most embarassing thing so far in your life?
gosh. there are so many moments la. can't remember.
- is it that you have always wanted to do but didn't have the chance?
get on stage and play with a band! ahhhh... what a great dream it would be....

If you were given the chance to do anything right now, what would you do?
(regardless how long it takes or how expensive it is):
hmm. right now with what i'm thinking, i would like to go back to the past and change things.

5 people I tag:
- Daman
- Jin
- Jit
- Darryn
- Calvin


finally done with the overdue tag. heh. sry Li Hsien.

so much thinking been goin on recently. seriously too much. i realise how big a fool i have been. listening and looking at the shocked sounds and faces of my frens made me see that. i've forgiven things noone would have forgiven. i've let myself get hurt. all this time i caused all this to myself. none of this shud have ever happened. haih. stupid me. with my stupid decisions. and me being stupidly soft and kind and caring. what did it bring me? hurt. being taken advantage of. being used. being lied to. believing when i was told "i will nvr do such a thing again" jus to know it happened again. ben, ure a fool. being nice nvr helped u. u were nice and kind and forgiving and all u got in return was crap. and when u forgave the crap, u were given more crap.i look back and jus can't believe at all how u cud forgive what happened in cheer. it's damn bloody painful. sitting back there and watching everything. gosh u seriously are a dumbass. now all u got is hurt. i hope ure happy. thinking things cud change. that things wud be diff. that u cud believe words. u shud have known better. u def shud have known better.

haih so much more things i cud say. and i have actually said already. letting it all out was awesome. and thankfully i din make the mistake of acting fast and doing what i planned to do. thanks to One Tree Hill who saved me from a bad decision. seriously la. how to not love that show. somehow that show like reflects my life in some way. hmmm

haih. all this i blame on love la. and being too nice to ppl who will take advantage of you.

ish. stresssss...

the emo parts have been taken out to accomodate anti-emo ppl. =)

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Problem With Not Being Sick

u know even when ure not sick u can run into problems. i would say i'm a person who doesn't get sick much.

the problem part is, when i do it pretty bad. like a few days of bad stuff.

and currently now, i've got a pretty bad headache. dunno whether it's really bad or ok ok only.

my body is aching too.

so i have to end up taking Panadol.

my first panadol in 3/5 years. =/

haih. i hope this clears up by tmrw. =(

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cave Stream And Castle Hill

heh. it was AWESOME! seriously.

but it's now 2.36 am and i jus got back and i'm way too tired to talk much abt it.

BUT i shall leave u with one pic of the scenery b4 we went for the cave stream.

also cuz my phone batt was too low after taking these pics to take anymore pics..... =(

yes... once again it was the photo stitching thing. which i think is quite cool la. haha

ok i gtg. church tmrw....


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Friday, April 11, 2008

Creativity Appreciated

u know when someone creates something,

it can be anything at all,

maybe it took hours and days and weeks,

or maybe it took 5 minutes,

maybe it came from sudden inspiration,

or maybe they were thinking abt it for a long time,

maybe they put in tons of hardwork,

or maybe they jus simply did it,

but in the end,

those small short words of appreciation to what was created makes creating it all worth it. =)

"oh this is brilliant. 8D"

"... i like the pic and i got respect for you"

aaahhhh. content. =))

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

One Major Regret

i honestly think that one of the biggest major regret i have in my life is this:

Missing Projekt Revolution 07.


seriously la. all the power bands were there.


haaihhhh.. plus Saosin was on the revolution stage.

ish ish. but how wud i get to a concert and stuff wud b the major probs la.

ish. why la! i missed like the greatest concert EVER.

this year's one i think not so gr8 la. the revolution stage has much better ppl tho. if i were to go it wud be for the revolution stage only. haha.

but ish la! shud have somehow gone last year. =(

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My Holidays Are Being Wasted

i'm so gonna regret this. i'm sure of it. k tmrw! tmrw i'll do it. tmrw i'll study hard!

i hope. haha.

seriously la. whole day today i din do much.

and apparently my English is pretty good. for a foreigner la. at least thats what some of the kiwis here think la.

i think it's not good still. heck. i couldn't even spell gorgeous just now ok. how dumb is that......

and i've just been playing COD4 today. a lot la. prob like almost finished the single player. really cool game la. cept it lags.

stupid comp la. big dual core and suppsoedly gr8 graphics card all. like rubbish la still. i seriously need to reformat my comp. anyone got a hard disk i can pinjam to store my stuffs?

ooo. and today i tot myself Hysteria by Muse too. the bass part la. with Josiah's guitar of course. pretty proud of myself. yes i can play it up to speed to. pretty proud of myself. haha. been learning a few bits and pieces of songs too. like and also Devastation and Reform by Relient KHelicopter by Bloc Party.

and i was shivering like hell antartica during dinner. even Sam and Yen Loong could see it. weirdness.

and i'm currently the only one left in my corridor.

sounds like a good time for a party. ;D



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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Placing Trust

i KNEW it!

when everyone let me down, i knew there was one person who wouldn't. i wouldn't get brushed off just like that.

this is what you call placing trust in the right place.

i mean i knew it all along la.

just that now it's super satisfying knowing i'm right.

ok i knew i was right in placing my trust there. but i guess even more confirmation sorta seals the deal.

i mean, it was smth simple that noone else could do.

hahahaha. i'm happy now~~~

ok la. prob high now.

but it's all the same.

and yes Jin. this is ur update! =)

and what i wanted to say yest which i told u i forgot is this: i feel like making an emo picture! =D


damn. i'm giler di.

whoa whoa whoa!

oh i went to Taylor's Mistake and paintball today.

no paintball pics. but here is Taylor's Mistake. (excuse the extremely low grade "stitching" of photos and also photos. prob shud have taken the photo when there was more light too)

ok la. i think i shud go study.

or game! =D




aku gembira! =D

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

So So Tired Of This

it's getting so annoying.

i mean i felt good you know being nice. doing something good. making someone else happy.

made me feel so much better after doing something i thought was bad.

then just a day later i get your arrogance.

like i owe you that. like i'm supposed to do that for you.

i'm doin it out of courtesy ok. and just so you know, it's for YOU.

don't come back to me acting so gr8 like you are the one who started everything.

it was me ok.

for you to act like i owe you and must do that for you?

that's just too much.

i already have more than i need to handle.

i don't need the crap from you.

i'm just not gonna care anymore.

you wanna be fake and keep everything in go ahead.

you wanna act as if it's you who are doing me a favour when it's vice versa, go ahead.

so sick of you doing the least you can and acting like you gave up something so big.

a holiday is what i need.

and a holiday is whats coming up.

i'm like so happy to disappear for now.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008



it kinda sucks when you do something for your frens just becuz they're your frens. and when you do it you just don't expect anything from them in return. cuz making them happy is all the satisfaction you need.

but what sucks is when you give something to the same bunch of frens so they would help you. but none of them bother. seriously. none. ok maybe some did. but the ppl i really expected to be there, just weren't there at all.

i know i shouldn't say, "i helped you last time and this is what you do to me." cuz it would then mean my help was insincere.

so it is just disappointing i guess. cuz even when i give u a reason to help you didn't want to. yet i feel kinda stupid for helping you out now. being a fren and helping.

and honestly, it came from the ppl i least expected it to come from. so yea, i'm terribly disappointed.

just hate the double standards in life.

it's times like these i start to rethink who are actually my real friends.

just wish that one day, maybe, i could find ppl who wouldn't do things just cuz we helped them first. cuz they really wanna help. i think i've been really trying to be like that. and i do believe i've done that b4 for ppl.

i mean, not that i haven't received this from ppl la. i def have HERE.

but i didn't expect to not get it from my "friends" la.


times like this, i love NZ so much for the ppl i met here and who they are, that i don't wanna go home.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


seriously la. when ppl kena prank here. they seriously kena prank.

you should see how determined they are.

ok so this is my story la.

this morning, abt 12 smth AM i decided to do laundry. why? cuz i was supposed to do earlier but forgot. so i did when i could la. so did my washing then came back half an hour later and put it in the dryer. on the way to put stuff in the dryer, this is what i see:

what is that? a tyre?

oh no, its a whole bike! UP A TREE!

hahahahah. see la. i laughed at that guy. then i also kena. cuz after i put my stuff in the dryer and came back to collect. i find i kena sabo! =_=" my DRYED clothes in the dryer had like a bunch of soap powder poured onto it. ISH.

SOOO had to wash clothes and dry them again! ish. another 2 bucks wasted. ish. but since i was in a good mood for April Fools. jus din care la. haha.

so now, to make sure i dun kena sabo again, i brought my things to the laundry room and waited with my clothes. haha.

so finally after folding my clothes and all, wen't back to my room. and i came back jus to see this at Oli's door.

yes yes. thats his door. the time was about 3 smth AM. i think they started when i left la. they stacked up the whole thing ok. who did this? some of the bike prankers. and also my neighbour Scott. i think this was super awesome. cuz Oli was inside sleeping and had no clue. we all jus walked around quietly not trying to make a sound. i was of course jus watching la. i'm good okay. haha.

so this is the final work of them. brilliant la i must say. so the original plan was to all go and sleep and jus let Oli wake up on his own and walk into the cans. but some of them couldn't tahan la. so they had to wake him up there and then also. haha. so they tried calling him on the phone and all. but he just wont come to the door. they were also knocking on the door for so long. jus to get him up. and they did this for like HALF AN HOUR OKAY. super determined ppl. haha.

so finally, he gets so pissed off his sleep is disturbed he opens his door and the some can from the top drop. and he's like stunned la i guess seeing the wall of beer cans. guessing la cuz cant see him on account of the wall. haha.

then after that he burst through everything and it caused such a great loud bang. quite surprised noone else woke up and came to look.

oh and yeah. he was pissed off alright. haha. he tried taking the fire hose and hosing Scott's room. but luckily for Scott he got in and closed and locked the door b4 anything happened la.

oh and there's a video for it too! must try and get it from Scott la if i can. haha.

he even came out later and pushed all the cans from the front of his door to Scott's door. which was firmly locked la of course. haha.

well cuz of that i ended up sleeping at 5 smth. and missed my Chem class. ish la. but i guess it was worth it staying up and watching? haha.

and today was not bad. excluding the soap powder prank, i din kena at all. cept from some blogger online la. haha. i think i got abt 3 ppl. din do much la this year.

plus it feels so not me to not con ppl. ESP on April Fools day.

looks like the conner is like going into retirement. haihh... haha!

so, what's green and has wheels? ;)

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