Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Painter

Cause he paints pictures for people to see. and what people sees of him is only the pictures he paints.

It's interesting because since people only see what he paints, he basically controls what they see. If he wanted them to see a blue sky, all he'd have to do is paint a blue sky. If he wants them to see a mountain range scenery, all he has to do is paint that.

And they say that a picture tells a thousands words. And most of the time when he paints, he'll paint something related to him and his life. So in a way, his picture tells a thousand words of his life.

So would you say that the people who looks at his paintings know him?

I guess to a certain extent they do.

But, they only see what he wants them to see. Chances are they will only see the good that he paints as the bad he hides from the world and it never becomes a painting.

So they wouldn't really know the painter. They just know what he wants them to know.

And the only way to know the painter is not through his paintings. But through the painter itself. It's i guess the only way to go about it. And the most efficient no doubt.

But doing this takes time and you most probably won't know the inner secrets of the painter with just one meeting. It takes time.

So then you ask yourself, do you really want to know the painter?

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