Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Nobody Knows

i wish i knew the future.

cuz this annoying "dunno what to do" feeling, is well... pretty much annoying the shit out of me.

why the heck am i awake so late? who knows.

could be the BlueBird and Tui.

could be the thoughts.

could be the wondering.

but definitely there's a whole lot of ego involved.

and there's a lot of keeping it all in and letting it all out somehow.

or at least hoping that you're letting it all out. somehow.

it doesn't rain. it pours.

and wearing a raincoat doesn't always mean you'll stay dry.

the only way to stay dry is if you don't leave the sheltered cover of your home.

but you've already made your decision to step out into the rain.

and you can't change the past.

We're neither clear nor descript.
We kept it safe and slow.
The quiet things that no one ever knows.

So keep the blood in your head,
And keep your feet on the ground.
Today's the day it gets tired.
Today's the day we drop out.
Gave up my body and bed,
All for an empty hotel.
Wasting words on lower cases and capitals.

Brand New

Currently Listening To: Thank You For The Venom - My Chemical Romance

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