Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm An Internet Nerd

if you read that and laughed/cursed or actually realised what happened,

you're an internet nerd.

trust me, i would know. :P


that pic still rocks btw. :D

k crazy di. i should sleep now.

the song i'm listening to is super motivating in my opinion too. i shall post up the lyrics soon.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bday Awards 09

lol. i dunno why i'm doing this. but i feel i should acknowledge all the ppl who did something awesome. if you din win anything this year, there's always next year! hahahah! no la just kidding. i still love all of you all la. don't have to try and win my love :P but i don't mind you trying of course :P

so anyway, let's see what we've got...

1. For the person first to wish me the first (according to NZ time): Bernard! (it would have gpne to the person i love the most, but i guess it prob wouldn't be fair. so Bernard gets first place! :D )

2. For the first person to send me an email: Lauren! (plus it was an awesome email with a picture of some guy i dunno and there was a nice template and everything! so Lauren rocks! :D )

3. For the person who organized a super fun time for me today amidst the exams: Gloria! (you rock so much, it can't be put into words. Thank you so much again. :) )

3. For the person to wish me first on FB: Karen! (i honestly wish i remember how or where i even met her)

4. For the most unique FB wish: Dana! (cuz she din even wish me.)

5. For the only person who had a whole blog post dedicated to me and my awesomeness + wishing me at the same time: Dana! (that's why she din wish me on FB. go here to see! click on the M in the empty. it'll get you somewhere.)

6. For the first person to wish me from Malaysia thru text: Yumey! (thank you for beign awesome and finding out my number and texting me. :) sry that i din get ur number b4 this! :( you're awesome la. :) )

7. For the first person to wish me thru MSN: My sister. (I like how excited she was when she wished me. and how we chatted and chatted til we had to go off.)

8. For the most persistent wisher: Su Yuan (she wished me thru MSN, text, and also FB. and i only replied her thru MSN, which she din get. must be cuz she's gaming! :P go study lar you! thx again! :D )

well that's all i can think of now. if you guys can think of more, i'd be more than happy to give! :D

seriously tho, i really had a good year. or good day for my bday. i mean seriously, most of the time i was studying and was in uni slaving away at work. but somehow i still ended up like happy giler. must be cuz of Mission AYWD a.k.a Mission Kit Kat la. so really, for all those who took part in it. thank you so much la. i really really appreciate it. i love the msges you guys sent. and the kit kats. really thanks a lot la. i know i don't need to say this and you guys know it already, but you guys are some of the most awesome ppl ever! really mean it. the photos of everything will be up soon k! :)

really been an awesome day. thx so much for everything once again. really really appreciate it.

so prob not hiding my bday can be a good thing afterall eh? :)


k back to study. :)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Faster Ride

A green light, unkind
No where to go on a one track mind
It's a break down at the wrong time
I'm catching up but I'm still behind

We did it right, we did it right for some time
But I looked up and you were gone
We did it right, we did it right for some time
I couldn't give you what you want

Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
Get it, get it, go until you get it right
And I hope you find it
Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
But you just got to kiss me one more time
So just kiss me goodbye

A red light, wrong way
I'm just a game that you like to play
It's a hot start to your cold ways
You got bored then you walked away

You did it right, you did it right for some time
But I looked up and you were gone
You did it right, you did it right for some time
I couldn't give you what you want

Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
Get it, get it, go until you get it right
And I hope you find it
Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
But you just got to kiss me one more time
So just kiss me goodbye

So now you're moving on (you're moving on)
With no regrets (with no regrets)
But I'm still hanging on (I'm hanging on)
To every word you said (to every word you said)

But you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
Get it, get it, go until you get it right
But you'll never find it, no

Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
Get it, get it, go until you get it right
And I hope you find it
Cause you just want to take a faster ride
Lower lows, higher highs
But you just got to kiss me one more time
Just kiss me goodbye

So just kiss me goodbye


it speaks about you. :)

oh the song is awesome as btw.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just Because You Can, Definitely Means You Should Apparently

k Ben seriously. don't go there.

yes it's very easy and you can def get it in a snap.

it's all laid out nicely for you to just say the right things and pick up.

but, you know what will happen if you do.

you pretty much got it wrapped around your finger and are in control. but just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

stop creating these chances to make sure you get what you want.


the best part is, who i am now, has no reason to listen to that part of me.

funny how it has grown to the less dominant part of me.

and it's awesome. :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Body Clock Is Just Totally Whack

today i woke up at almost 4 again. for the 2nd str8 day in a row. this is bad. i'm supposed to study. and cuz i woke up late today, i din couldn't go for futsal to make up time to study. don't think i'll be able to go for volleyball tmrw either. haih.

anyway, just felt like putting a random post. with some pics. cuz i haven't done that in a while. plus i'm gonna sleep after this. so what a better way to end the day than with a blog post. :)

Presents from back home! thank youuuu :) and this is why i don't buy clothes much. :P oh Malaysian Kit-Kats taste diff. i've had one so far so cant really say for sure yet.

My attempt at preparing something other than pasta. :P

2nd batch. had tons of cherry tomatos and cheese and enchilada sauce left. so i figured use it all! :P it tasted not bad too imo.

i like this candle picture. seems DA worthy.

this thing smells freaking awesome! i just love the smell! :D guys, u should totally buy it. k maybe not. i don't want you smelling like me. k girls you should totally buy it for some guy whom i don't know. :D

and a few comics that make me laugh. some of them u need to know the internetz pretty well to get. so if you don't, you can ask, but chances are i won't be able to do the joke any good.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arkham Asylum

this game was so frustrating to install. SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING. wanna know why?

k first, i get the iso copy off the hub. then i install, it decides to stop half way. k not even halfway. a quarter of the way, and it doesn't move anymore at all. plus u cant cancel. and if you use autorun to try and install after that, it doesn't work. cuz u don't cancel the game properly. so fine i get the other installer. and that's some unpacker thing. so fine, use that and played. but during the game got some sesat bugs like grapple not working and grappling into total darkness of a bottomless pit where you don't die. mind you, i had to grapple through the walls (somehow) to get into this empty unknown space.

but fine whatever, at least i still get to play the game right? WRONG! 62% through the game, then suddenly it decides to have a major bug where i can't see the stuff i'm supposed to see. so i can't go to the place i'm supposed to go. so irritating man. worked so hard to get there and now can't do anything. i tried so many ways to fix it. reinstalling (about 5 times this round), playing around with the Start Application. finally din know what to do, so i restarted. everything all over again. well i tried. with some things turned off and all. but then i got worse bugs like glide not working. wah stress man.

so fine i said forget it. but i tak puas la. still wanted to play. so since Ka-Mun said his copy of it works. i got it from him. then i tried installing again. SAME PROBLEM! wah stress again la. i mean can work for others why me cannot? :( but i was determined. i went inside the iso folder, and found the setup file, and used that to install since autorun, couldn't work for install. this time i realised that the progress bar got further than the previous one. then i realised, it was skipping the stuff installed the first try and just continuing on with the other stuff. but it still stopped before reaching the end. so i had to Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the setup each time, then start the installer manually again. and each time it got further b4 jamming til it was finally done. this i had to do about 5 times too. so yeah, had to run the setup around 5 times just to properly install it once! fine.

i mean now at least i got a copy which is known to work installed. so i should be able to finally enjoy the game even though i have to start all over again. right? wrong! again. i mean so close this time. all i have to do is crack. and my comp wont let me! what crap?? and u know why?? it's cuz it's saying that the dll file in the crack which i wanna copy is a virus. so it won't let me copy. so fine i find a way to turn off Norton's Auto-protect (which i didn't know how to do til today), and finally i can copy it into the folder. so yeah. okay. then i figure okay since it was copied i can turn auto protect on again and play. what a bad move. as soon as i try and play, the game tries to execute the dll and Norton flags it and removes it str8. so the game says it can't play cuz of an error. so then i have to turn off norton again and keep it off this time, then copy from crack to game folder then only can launch the game. and then finally i got to play the game. albeit from the very start.

SEE! 4 paragraphs of problems just to get one game working properly!! that's just madness! my comp was totally totally against me. stupid thing. but i still love it. :P

so, the actual question is, was it worth all the trouble to install the game?


totally awesome! had a lot of fun playing it and being batman and taking down the baddies. plus the i reckon they had a pretty solid story line too. the graphics were awesome (tho i had to overclock and turn everythnig else off to play on Very High and enjoy the game). and one of the most fun things in the game for me was the Riddler challenges. cuz u actually have to use your brain for some of his riddles. though the maps help find it, i guess it would be more fun without the map. but then again, the whole place was too big i guess to do without a map. hmm.

so yeah. FREAKING GOOD and FUN game. would totally recommend it. Thank You Ka-Mun for recommending it to me. had fun.

but for now, back to studies. i'm glad i finished it b4 monday too. now can concentrate on studies fully. :)

ok gnitezz! :)

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Well That Was Fast

i honestly don't think i've had what i said in a blog post actually happen so fast (refer to first part of previous post). brilliant.

Cartel - Faster Ride. good stuff.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honestly Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

i dunno what is it with certain ppl (i'd say Malaysians, but i cant verify that it's general to most of them) la. they just have so many attitudes that can get pissing off.

why is it that when you don't know smth, then have to like "rub it in your face"? i ask you, how many of you have said "oh i didn't know that", just to be replied with a "harr?? how can you not know?? everyone knows this sort of thing." or "you stupid is it?" or any other comment indicating of how stupid or ignorant you may be. seriously, do you know everything in this world? not everyone walks down the same path of life and learns the same things. have you ever thought that what might seem obvious to you, may not be to others? the opposite may be true too. like things you think are not obvious, seems very obvious to others. i get so irritated when i don't know something just to replied with laughs or "how come you don't know?" statements. there are better ways of putting it i'm sure.

how about the one where ppl don't like to share information or knowledge which is free? one example i can think of is those ppl who download series and movies off the internet. i know a few ppl back home, who know all these sites, but will refuse to tell them to friends. why? my theory is that it's the kiasu mentality. they want to be the first one who watches the series. and how do you secure that? by being the only person who knows where to get it. seriously, how many friends do you know who will update their status after watching the latest released episode of a series? it's somehow like a show off. as if to say "hah. i've seen it and you havent". who's willing to bet that if they watched it a few days later instead of a few hours after release, they wouldn't say anything about it at all? but honeslty, why not share the place where you got the ep from? why say secret? honestly, it's not like you recorded straight from the tv and had to encode and sync the audio and video. all you did was download. and you wanna claim that? and not share? gosh. i dunno la. and this is definitely not exclusive to series, or movies or music. share knowledge on stuff also cannot. ESP WHEN IT'S FREE. so dumb that you put in nothing to get smth, but aren't willing to do the same for others. you aren't even at a disadvantage to share the info.

well that's all i can think of for now. i think i had smth else. but it escapes my mind for now.


on another note. all my games are boycotting me as they refuse to work. clearly even my comp wants me to study. great.


i gotta be honest! gotta gotta gotta! cannot be nice to ppl i feel are being a pain to me. cannot stand hypocritism and i don't want to be one. i gotta learn to hand out the truth even though the person may not like it. and deal with the fact they aren't gonna like me for it. i'll comfort myself with saying they are just not mature enough to handle the truth.


there's so many things i wanna blog about. but so many controversial issues. and so many things ppl will terasa. but i'm still too nice. haih.


it's been 2 n a half years. it's sad that we'll have to leave each other. :( i'll miss you.


damn. just when i had a plan of what to do, my brain brought in new ideas. now i don't know which to choose.


if heaven had a "What If" machine that lets you go to every point in your life to see what whould happen if you did something different, i think i'd wanna go now.

thats all i wanna rant for now. i blame Arkham Asylum for not working properly. 100NZD for the ori game. so tempted to go buy. lol.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Figured It Out!

so i was talking to Lauren and then i was talking abt how i reply her emails super slow this year. as compared to me being so good at replying last year. relatively. and not only Laurzkena. a lot of other ppl who have emailed me also i haven't replied. sheesh hopeless.


now know why!!

it's cuz of.........


seriously. that's the only thing that changed since last year. now i spend time on FB instead of replying ppls mail. too much. see i knew there was a real good reason i wasn't using FB. nonsense betul.

but right, even though FB has brought some bad to my life, actually a lot of bad, i still don't regret getting it la. :)

so yeah. if i don't reply my mails, blame FB! :P

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

If This Isn't Creativity, I Don't Know What Is!

brilliant! Bearer just totally owned with this album. how geniusly done.

i am so impressed.

good job Bearer. awesome stuff. even if it's not ur original idea, you got it going and got it going good bro. kecekapnessan.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hey I'm Improving!

eh not bad. out of the recent 10 posts. prob only 2 you wont understand. lol not bad.

i realised this after readings ppls blogs and there was like totally nothing to relate to or understand. all their posts. which lead me to be like, ah forget it, if i cant understand i'm not gonna bother reading. which is prob what ppl do here la if they don't understand.

so yeah. i'm proud that i managed to blog understandable stuff recently. lol. shall try to keep it up.

at the same time, have to kurangkan the perasanness and the conning ppl-ness. i'm like a con addict these days. everything also wanna con. til certain ppl don't bother to listen di. b4 i talk also they walk away. hahahaha. lol so ya. gonna try and con ppl less so they believe me when i'm being serious next time. haha.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


i may just be a bit too narcissistic.

because i actually know and recognise how i REALLY sound like and am not shocked by it.


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Sunday, October 04, 2009


playing around with photoshop.





i love doing these kinds of stuff. i love creative and arts stuff. so why am i doing engineering? hmm.

p.s.: the guitar pic reminds me of New Divide song. must be cuz of the MV.

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What I Learnt

still kinda emotionless now. but i'm gonna bring smth back from this. so here goes.

need to be done early and properly. assuming things will work out, is not gonna work. should have run it exactly like how it was supposed to be done on the day itself. so i know what to expect.

secret stuff.
i really don't like it. cuz it's hard to plan for something i know nothing about. in the process of running the thing, panic sets in and everything is done wrong. make sure there's no such thing next time.

familiarise with equipment.
getting the cable from their tech crew 5-10 mins b4 VIP walks in sucks. plus not knowing the laptop sucks too. projector and laptop stuff has always sucked since i don't know when. but there's always a problem. which i was hoping to avoid.

the nagging.
10 ppl coming to tell you the same, which you can't do anything about gets fucking irritating when you're already stressed. i need patience for this.

performing and working.
i realise, having ppl from protocols and tech crew in performances, just cannot go. cuz these two teams are the busiest on the night itself, getting them to do stuff that takes them away from the things that their supposed to do, may end in disaster. esp with trying not to get too many ppl in ur team so the subsidising can be reduced adds to it kinda. like when mamat was performing, there was noone to do lights. and when i was acting, noone to do comp properly. i just believe it wont work well if ppl in the protocol and tech have to perform. now i know.

sound was a problem. if the volume was turned up, the front would be too blaring, but the back would hear. and if it was not blaring for front, then the back wouldn't hear. the ppl talking had different pitches too, so if we turned them up too high, it would sound bad. but if we don't, it would be too soft. no idea how to fix it.

the screen.
the screen was turned halfway, i don't even know why. and cuz of that, i couldn't see from where i was sitting. which is quite irritating.

last minute things.
wah. this one i dunno how. cuz things were planned already, telling last minute was quite a kacau to change and add things in. esp since we din have time to test stuff.

i think it's really irritating how we have to go and ask the guy to on the main lights all the time and we're not allowed to do it ourself. and when the guy cant be found, crap. have to wait so long to on.

previous disappointments.
i think cuz of the whole cyber games thing, i totally had no mood at all. i guess i worried too much abt that i somehow din feel like caring about a lot of stuff anymore. plus the other stuff with the other ppl also left me irritated and disappointed and so moodless with the whole thing. but it was wrong of me to take it out and be so uncaring about this. it's not fair to YL. wish i saw this earlier. i think i would have tried harder.

hmmm think thats all i got for now. i clearly should have done better. i'm totally grateful to my team whom i think did an awesome job, considering we only got everything a few minutes before everything started. it was very very very very last minute. still trying to figure out how it could have been improved. i think mamat did a really good job with lighting, esp with the sketch cuz he hasnt actually practised with us. and everything was done on the spot with the script. so that was awesome la.

honestly, i dunno if i'm ready to talk to ppl abt this. it's like, those i need time on my own sorta thing. but i guess it's fine la cuz i just need to blog abt it and it's off my chest in a way. i think the protocols team did a good job. Xin Yee really did a gr8 job organising everything and getting ppl organised. deco team was gr8 too. they really worked hard and it paid off. the food was amazing too. tho i din really get to enjoy it fully. but what i had was gr8.

what else went wrong? i'ld like to know actually. and how i could fix it. it'd be great to learn.

do i set the standards of quality for myself too high? i think not? i guess i don't want to satisfied with being mediocre. but then would i be able to handle the amount of disappointed i serve myself?

one good thing about this year is i'm learning a lot, like really a lot abt organising and being in charge of something. what sucks is that i wish i learnt is earlier like in school or smth. so when it comes to more high class events like the ones in uni, i'd actually know what i'm doing.

hmmmmm. learn learn learn.

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