Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weightless Because You're Not Alone And You Can Be New Again


Manage me, I'm a mess
Turn a page, I'm a book half unread
I wanna be laughed at, laughed with, just because
I wanna feel weightless and that should be enough

Well I'm stuck in this fucking rut
Waiting on a second hand pick me up
And I'm over getting older

If I could just find the time
Then I would never let another day go by
I'm over getting old

Maybe it's not my weekend
But it's gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching
While the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction to everything I fear
Cause I've been going crazy
I don't wanna waste another minute here

Make believe that i impress
That every word by design turns a head
I wanna feel reckless
Wanna live it up just because (just because)
I wanna feel weightless cause that would be enough

If I could just find the time
Then I would never let another day go by
I'm over getting old

Maybe it's not my weekend
But it's gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching
While the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction to everything I fear
Cause I've been going crazy
I don't wanna waste another minute here

This could be all I've waited for
This could be everything
I don't wanna dream anymore

Maybe it's not my weekend
But it's gonna be my year
And I've been going crazy
I'm stuck in here

Maybe it's not my weekend
But it's gonna be my year
And I'm so sick of watching
While the minutes pass as I go nowhere
And this is my reaction to everything I fear
Cause I've been going crazy
I don't wanna waste another minute here

All Time Low

You're Not Alone

It's just like him
To wander off in the evergreen park
Slowly searching
For any sign of the ones he used to love
He says he's got nothing left to live for
(He says he's got nothing left)
And this time I think you'll know

You're not alone
There's more to this I know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

She's just like him
Spoiled rotten, confused by the lies shes been fed
She's searching for no one (but herself)
Her eyes turn to green and she seems to be happy that she is hurt
And this time I think you'll know

You're not alone
There is more to this I know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

You're not alone
There is more to this i know
You can make it out

(There is more to know)

We're not alone
There is more to this i know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

(So tell them)

You're not alone
There is more to this i know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

You're not alone
There is more to this i know
You can make it out
You will live to tell

You're not alone
You're not, you're not alone


New Again

My dear what long arms you have
All the better to hold you down
Slap my wrist with the sweet consequence
What are we, what are we to do
What are we to do with you
What are we, what are we to do
What are we to do with you

I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)
I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)

My dear what deep roots you have
All the better to hold you down
We live inside your branches
Your families nest's ask "Boy, where have you been?"
No you don't know were I've been
What are we, what are we to do
What are we to do with you

I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)
I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)

Don't know were I've been

My dear what long arms you have
All the better to hold you down

I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)
I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)

You don't know were I've been
You don't know where, you don't know where no

I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)
I am, I'm ready to be new again
I'm ready to hear you say who I am is quite enough
(Quite enough)

Taking Back Sunday

awesome songs. the first one is more for rock ppl i guess. but the lyrics don't feel the same without the music. same goes for all the songs. listen to all. worth ur time.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Office

if there's anything i would want for my future, i'd love to be like Jim Halpert. and work in an Office like Scranton's Dunder Mifflin Inc.

why? it just seems fun. and interesting. i'd love to play pranks on the office weirdo. i'd love to have interesting colleages like that in the office. i'd love to have a best friend like Pam. i'd love the crazy things that happen.

sure it could do with a normal boss, not the really retarded Michael Scott. but hey,not everything is perfect right?

but hey, that's just a show right? so i'll just settle with wanting to be like Jim. cool guy. oh and i'd want Pam too. then things would be gr8.


k too much Office di.

but still. Jim Halpert is the man to be. :)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cuz Not Everyone Is Like Me

shit. i think i started an epidemic. i mean, i told ppl to do smth which was supposed to help them.

i mean, in theory it should. and it works for me. but the first person who followed me and tried it ended up in a mess. but apparently she's better now. but it feels fake somehow.

and she passed it on to another person, and he seemed to end up in a mess too. but i think he dropped it b4 he got too into it. so he seems kinda ok now?

and now! i regretfully told someone else the same advice. why oh why did i do that? i just hope that it won't make her life miserable.

haih, i'm sorry.

i should have realised not everyone is like me.

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I'd Like To Call This Fall Of The Moron

so let's put it in poker terms. (no this has nth to do with the endless hours i've been spending playing poker.)

so here's this new kid. just started playing poker. but has been doing very well, so now he thinks he's really gr8 and awesome at poker and he knows everything.

then he plays with you, and challenges you. without knowing anything about you, he starts trash talking you. insulting you. telling you, you suck. you'll never make it. you're a loser and he's way better cuz of the way he's been winning.

now he looks at his cards and the cards on the table and he thinks he has a pretty good hand. well considering it's triples. it's pretty good. now he gets cocky, and since he's looking down at you, he raises big.

now he continues to trash talk and insult you, thinking he is sure to win. i mean, hey triples, what are the chances are of him losing right? well that's what he's thinking at least. so now with his big raise, he thinks he's in the lead. he's got the upper hand. he starts daring you to call, calling you a chicken if you don't call. but he sure aint prepared for what happens next.

why? cause you raise and go all in. now he panics. after all that big talk, could it be that he's gonna lose this hand? and if he were to continue playing, he'll have to go all in. but if he doesn't, then all his big talk would mean nothing. but he has ego, after all that big talk. plus he thinks you're bluffing too. so he says "heh i know you're bluffing." trying to fake a calm smile to try and hide his panic and worry and protect his ego. he talks way less after that due to the panic and worry building up in him.

the cards open.

the triples lose to a full house.

and the fall of the arrogant moron has arrived.



i love watching arrogant ppl, who just insult ppl cause they think they are better, fall. they say pride comes before the fall. i absolutely love being the one making the person fall.

you don't know anything about me and made assumptions and insulted me for no reason. and now, i've taken your challenge, and i told you i'll do one better. and you thought you were very gr8 at that challenge and you looked down on me thinking i couldn't do it. now i'm gonna do you one better. and what's sooo satisfying is that, you challenged me to something i've mastered so long ago. it's new to you, but it's so old to me. you're gonna get owned. you should have thought of the possibility of that b4 you started the insults now shouldn't you? >:)

and i loved the part how you just shut up and didn't dare say anything after i said i'm gonna do one better. i bet you can see your shame coming from all the crap you've talked. and you're already in embarassment now.

of all ppl, you shouldn't have picked me to mess up, esp when my cards are better than yours. >:)

this is gonna be good and so satisfying making this moron fall.


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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Original Title Was Way Too Long

cuz all i'm doing is just fitting the profile and the stereotype people place on me from what i look like now.

and who's to say this isn't the real me anyway?


i love that i'm being me and it doesn't look like i'm trying to be something or someone else.


on another note, when she told me that, it just impressed me.

i don't know why. i mean, in some way, i think ppl trust me enough to tell me stuff about them cuz they know that i won't tell others. i basically don't talk abt what happened btwn me and you to anyone else. i don't see any reason to. unfortunately for me, people don't do the same for me. which sucks. cuz hey, sometimes i judge ppl pre-maturely or there are certain things that i don't like abt a person. and me, being someone who can't keep my mouth shut, will tell these things to ppl. and some people, just somehow don't have the common sense to not tell that person i was talking about. i mean, it's not like i won't tell the person to their face, but when u say that i say that, well u know how it feels la.

ANYWAY, i digress. i'm still amused that someone i don't consider myself very close to told me that about her. it feels weird, cuz none of the ppl i feel i'm close to actually tells me this kinda stuff. they either just assume for me to know, or expect someone else to tell me or they want me to ask first. so yeah, this is kinda weird. i din ask her anything. but she told me str8. and i love her for that. cuz it's something nobody gives to me. somehow that's what a close friend is supposed to be like i guess. they tell you stuff that you should know cause they know you care and want to know abt them.

but then again, maybe she's just someone who's not shy abt it? haih. i dunno la. i'm so happy that she told me. but at the same time i'm disappointed that even some of my close friends couldn't do that.

there's a problem when the closest people to you assume for you to know everything and not "officially" tell you stuff. and if you think i'm being unfair, put urself in my situation and then tell me how u would feel. don't be biased. be neutral and decide.

how could you guys not bother to tell me? haih.

and for you. thanks so much you. you rock. :)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So When Is It Not Showing Off?

k for some reason, i always am deemed to be someone who shows off. i dunno why.

but actually, i'm at my current state of thinking, i'm not just thinking of myself. i'm thinking abt everyone. the question on my mind is, why is when people use new stuff, it's considered showing off?

i mean, what's the deal? wasn't the thing bought to be used anyway? k for example, my camera. so i bought a camera this year. and i bring it quite a lot of places. and a lot of times, when i bring out my camera, ppl say, "oh new camera la, trying to show off." which is something that i just can't stand. i mean, i've been a person who has loved taking photos, whether it's artistic or not, or whether it's nice or not, since 2005 since i last remember. and i've been using my camera phone to take so many pics. i've got tons. so that's proof (if you needed it) that i really do like taking photos. so isn't it fair, since i bought a new camera, to bring it around and use it? i mean that's what it's for right? to be used. to take pictures. i mean, just cause it's new i'm not supposed to bring it out and use it?

it's not like i'm shoving it in your face and asking you to check it out or even boasting about it. i NEVER did any of those. true that i do take weird shots and some are just random shots. but hey, i take what i feel is nice. whatever looks nice. to me. don't i have the right to do that without being judged as a show off trying to show off his new camera by taking weird shots. like i'm trying to impress you. please, i've got better things to do than impress you. i don't deny that there i times where i ask you to see photos that i take cuz i think they look nice. but hey, can't i be proud of a picture esp when i'm NOT a professional photographer, nvr taken and photography class, read anything abt photography, and don't even have a DSLR?

it's just irritating the way using new stuff is associated with showing off the new thing. i would honestly say it's fucking immature. it's a good thing that i can handle stuff like this. i mean, you can think i' the biggest show off in the world (and i know some people have eventhough they haven't told me), but that will never stop me from taking photos. cuz if i had enough money, i'd hire a photographer to follow me around in my life and take photos of everything. cuz everything in my life i would like to record somehow.

but enough of me. what about those people who can't handle it? who take whatever you say quite seriously? what if you hurt them by calling them a show off? (of course provided they never did anything to show off) you could cause them to just hide away their stuff and never use that thing. for example, the camera again, if you call someone a show off just because they use a new camera, and this person takes it personally and never uses the camera again. thus missing out on so many potentially beautiful pics and memories that come their way. you happy with that?

of course, after saying all this, i may be wrong. hey, i don't know everything right? but to me, i don't think anyone should associate the use of new stuff to being a show off. it was bought to be used. not left in the cupboard. and honeslty, i think it's only the asians who have this mentality for some reason. yes i'm speaking as asian. it's sad to say. haih. and it's like the older ppl also do it. the people who should be mature.

wow. my thoughts are all over the place. but whatever. i needed to let this out cause of recent events. i bought it to use it. and i don't care what you think abt me using it. but think of others you put this mentality on.

so when is it or when is it not showing off? i'd like to know.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

When You Get It, You'll Realise It's True.

nice. :)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Because Li-Hsien Did Ask For An Update

n i'm finally giving it to her. sorry for the lateness yeah. :P

sooooo......... quarter of the year is gone. yeah so fast eh? things are good. actually. great. i dunno why. things are different this year. things feel great. lol. i can't explain it so yeah. i'll get on to the more me things instead of some philosophical thoughts. we'll come back later. :)

so this year is my first year doing proper Mechanical Engineering. last year was a sorta "introductory to engineering" thing. so yeah. wouldn't really consider it part of my course. more like a foundation sorta thing. this year is when i'm really learnin abt Mechanical stuff and all that. and GOSH. it's hard as hell. like crazy hard. you have to read A LOT k. it's like after each class everyday, u gotta sit and revise what is taught if u wanna keep up. so yeah, studies still suck. bad. cuz i'm lazy la actually. yeah i know i'm supposed to change and all. but aih, it's easier to talk than actually do. sheesh.

oh and this year i've moved to Ilam Village. and i'm staying in the furthest block away from Uni. and considering the Engineering block is also one corner of Uni, i'm pretty much walking end to end. it's like 15 mins walk to Uni.but if u walk fast enough i think 5-10 mins? smth liddat. but i reckon if i skateboard there should be 5 mins.

the place i'm living in is nice tho. it's sorta posh-ish looking. but ooooooo, do i have tons of things to complain abt. cuz k, Ilam Village has like 3 types of buildings, Manuka (old one), Kowhaii (newer) and Hinau (newest). and i'm staying in Hinau cuz i moved from Uni Hall so i get 10 bucks discount per week if i move to Hinau. but i tell you, Kowhaii is soooo much better. confirmed to be moving there next year.

oh, for those who don't know, the place i'm staying is a apartment sorta thing (but we call is flat here. which is kinda weird considering houses are called flats as well.). so i share the place with 4 other ppl, so 5 in total in one flat. and we share the cooking la. yes. i did say cooking. haha. and i totally can't cook ok. so i'm pretty much just learning stuff from my flatmates. i've managed to learn Fried Rice k. not bad. still got tons to learn la. haha. Pasta is like darn easy cuz i've been buying the ready made sauce. so cooking the pasta is pretty much all i have to do la. i say cooking Fried Rice is more fun cuz u can experiment and stuff. but yes, i've got tons more i need to learn how to cook. thinkin of what to cook weekly also is quite a problem cuz i have no idea what to do. haha.

oh yeah, my flatmates are pretty cool. til now i still have no major problems with anyone yet. next to my room there's Raymond, who's the nice guy with the car. then there's Calvin, the master chef. then YL, who's like the one who always experiments and tries making new weird food. and most of the time it comes out gr8. cool right? haha. then there's Alex, Calvin's friend, but now our friend too. he's the one that makes sure the flat is clean. seriously, cuz i think he does the most clearing up and stuff among all of us. haha.

and yeah that's pretty much abt it for the flat. and outside the flat, things are cool as well. got to know more friends. some i'm really grateful for meeting. and i also realised how grateful for the other friends i've made her last year too. really appreciate it.

been gaming a lot too. like going over to ppls place or ppl coming over to our place to game. mostly Dota la (tho i still suck at it.). last night we had a 5v5 game. that was cool. won some lost some. still suck tho. haha. oh we do game L4D and also RA3. i think that's one thing i enjoy a lot this year. the gaming. cuz sometimes it's so intense and all. not bad la.

oh! n i've been driving around here as well. yeah, using Malaysian licence which is valid here. using friend's car la. no car of my own. not sure i will be getting one. haha. yeah i know i said i wouldn't be driving here. but there was a need. so yeah. driving is fun. and makes life convenient. but yeah, there's a lot that comes with it too. so def won't be getting a car anytime this year. i'll just prob stick with my skateboard for now. :)

yeaps. well, that's the update for now. i dunno what else to say. 2nd year here feels so much different. i feel so much more confident. like i know the place now. but i hardly do, i'm still yet to learn a lot more. it's like ure senior, but ure not. and it feels just right. this year feels just right. :)

k see ya! drops me comments if u wanna know more. feel free! don't be shy! i'll accept any comments from anyone! haha. (dunno why i feel so hyper now. haha.)

oh and if anyone actually read the whole thing. remind me to belanja u ice cream next time. haha!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

i dunno why i seem to be having a string of bad luck recently. so weird.

ystd was supposed to be picked up at 9.45, but only woke up after i got a call 9.52. why? so happened my internet got cut off. and my laptop goes into sleep more when that happens. and since i use my laptop to wake me up, i didn't hear anything cuz my comp was sleeping with me. sheeesh. what's worse is, my phone ran out of memory space for msges. so i couldn't get any msg that morning to wake me up either (tho i doubt it would have woken me up. so yeah. ended up being late. sheeesh.

and then cuz of that no memory thing, i nvr received any msges the whole day. and i didn't even notice. bangangnye. and near like 12 smth am only i restarted my phone and all the msges came in. ,............

win la. and then today, internet is fine laptop on, but earphones left plugged in from the night b4. so laptop alarm rang and i couldn't hear cuz it was playing thru earphones only. sheesh. so din manage to wake up when i wanted to. ish.

plus my poker is still bad. sheesh.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Some Rich People Get On My Nerves

u see, it's simple. what's the point of buying something, but having no idea how to use it?

to me it's damn pissing off. esp if it's something i want but i don't have enough money to spare to buy it.

it's like someone buying a super high class gaming laptop, but just to end up using it for writing documents.

or someone buying a Gibson guitar, to end up just playing it twice and leaving it to rot in the cupboard.

or someone buying an iPhone to just use the call function. JUST THAT.

i mean, come on seriously people. if you don't need all the extra functions and are hardly gonna be using the thing u bought, then why bother buying such a high class thing. just buy the thing that suits ur needs la.

i mean, just cuz u have money doesn't mean u need to spend it right? you could always just give your money away to ppl who need instead of thinking, oh i need to spend it. there's always that option of helping and blessing others.

but seriously, i just can't stand ppl who buy stuff and don't use it. pointless rich ppl.

and this is why some rich ppl get on my nerves. haih.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

What Does It Mean?

i'm curious abt the question she asked.

does she know?

was smth said?

is there smth?

if only life wasn't so complex.


oh and i think it was a good night overall. ppl still remember me. :)

and i made somebody REALLY happy today.

so the time spent stoning - taken care of. :)

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

well, since i thought i took a sorta fitting pic for today yesterday. might as well just post it up and sayy....


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Friday, April 10, 2009

Today Was Just A Day

Today was just a day.
Like any other.

Jack's Mannequin

cept, i somehow managed to get out on the wrong side of the bed. eventhough there's only one side to get out from.

but hanging around with the ppl i like made it ok. :)

plus the gaming helped too. :)

so sry if i was grouchy or what not this morning. i blame the bed. :)

time to sleep then. got walk tmrw! :)

i'm a pretty smiley guy don't you think? :P

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today I'm Happy

:) today is a good day. not only did Raymond graduate today, i finally figured out how to configure my camera to sorta take DSLR style sorta pics. made my day. well, it'll never be up to Kimberley's standard (i think), but it's good enough for me. nice photos day. :)

some of the pics i thought were nice. well, they look sorta DSLR like quality, but of course DSLR quality is better la. but with my cam. i sure ain't complaining. :D

of course, the beautiful/handsome models made the pictures look even better la. :) i got cekap looking friends. :)

oh and sry for the no updates, i know i'm supposed to update abt my life here so far and all that, but got no time la. haha. yeah, my hols are that busy doing a lot of stuff.



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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Remember The Walk

"If you want this to work, don't you dare fall in love with me."

- "I WILL fix you...."

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

When Will I Find Someone Like Me

it's kinda frustrating la. i mean, seriously. am i the only one who wants to music that much?

it's kinda dumb la. i mean, we go for practice, but most of them come without knowing the song. and then we waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to play the song.

i mean come on la, seriously. the song list was given like so long ago. go la at least listen and learn up the parts that ure supposed to play.

was so disappointed in how From God Above turned out yest. haih. the two hard parts of the song was like settled already which is the lead guitar and the drums. it's like if the hardest instruments in the songs are already settled, then the others should be ok if ppl actually go and listen and know the song.

for that song, it feels like only Kevin and I put a lot of effort into making it sound good a.k.a sound like the CD (not saying that the keyboards didn't. just that that song isn't really much of a keyboard song so didn't really notice. sry and no offence la Cal. :) i'm pretty sure u wud have played the right things anyway.). i guess maybe that's why i'm disappointed. cuz i like put in quite a lot of effort to make it sound the same or almost the same with the CD and when the other guitar and bass came not knowing anything, it's like haaaihhhhhh.

i mean really a lot of effort. i found out how to play the song properly. even dropped all my strings half a step just to play that song, which also meant that the rest of the songs i had to adapt to play with my half a step down strings. i watched the dvd to see how they were playing it. i listened to the song while walking to class and all. i really freaking studied the song. cuz it's a cool song and i wanted it to go great instead of normal.

yeah, maybe i'm like obsessive. but i would like to look at it as tho i'm a perfectionist when it comes to music. and yeah, a lot of ppl have told me once b4, don't follow the CD to the dot. but that's the thing, for me, following the CD means sorta like more pro la. cuz i mean hey, ure following someone who actually has a CD and is good enough to make a CD. and i guess deep down i wanna be like that. i wanna be that good.

so when i actually get everything right, and like almost perfect, but other ppl let me down by not doing their part properly, it's disappointing. maybe i shouldn't have put in so much effort.

it's not only here, it's back in Malaysia as well. it's like i'm the only one who takes the trouble to learn up the songs properly b4 coming to play. and practice enough to make sure i don't mess up. maybe my standards are too high. maybe i expect too much from something that i shouldn't expect a lot from. i mean after all, Refuel is only a once a month thing right? why bother giving our best? haih. if only i could believe that.

how come it's always the drummer and me who can get in sync? like for like those cekap songs i don't have to worry? it's like those drummers i've played with a.k.a Yih Ren, Kevin, and Amos, the already know how to play the song and how to play it well. nth to worry about there. it's always the bass and the other guitar. why? i don't know actually. maybe cuz i know how to play both instruments that i'm judgemental of them that i need them to be a certain standard.

maybe i should just clone myself and play the other guitar and bass. afterall, not to be perasan or anything, i do know the song so well that i can actually play both and i already did learn up the parts for both instruments for that song. haih.

am i the only one who learns up the song that well? like did you know that The Time Has Come (Hillsong) has 3 different guitar parts that can be heard in the song? and that's what makes it sound sooo cool. but there's noone else i know who'll pick up on these things and learn the parts to play it like them. it feels like i'm the only one who takes this music playing thing seriously that i wanna do my best. maybe i take things too seriously.

k this is a long rant. if u've read through the whole thing. i'm sorry for wasting ur time with things that don't make sense. just something i had to let out after the disappointing play of From God Above.

k ben, u need to chill and learn to relax more.

but haih, i wish there was more of me. =/

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World Class April Fools Joke

i was reading Jo's blog, and seriously, that 2008 April Fool Joke is damn cekap. world class. it's like wow wei. good job Jo. seriously cekap. it's mmg smth only you and ur planning can come up with. haha.

read it here at his blog.

WORLD CLASS. so cool.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well, At Least I Know Where It Is

u know right, i finally found my Humble t-shirt. sheesh. panic so much. and u know where was it? back home in Malaysia. sheesh. i panicked when i couldn't find it k. cuz i was so sure that i brought it here and i washed it here but i can't find it anywhere. but actually it's back home. well it makes sense la now that it's back home. cuz i just looked at my pics and i saw i wore it on valentine's day. so therefore, it would have gone for wash sat night. which means when i was packing on sunday, it'll still b at wash. soooo, i nvr packed it. duh. man, panicked for no reason. well at least it's still with me. :) sorta.

and speaking of pics again, i was looking thru my FB pics. not bad. i find my pics very happyfying to look at. cuz it reminds me of all the crazy and aweseome stuff n ppl in my life. so my recommendation? take time off, look at all ur FB pics. it's worth it. it'll make u smile. :) oh check out mine also while ure at it. cuz it has me! :D

been sneezing and sniffling a lot today. jus today only. and eye starting to tear up too now. but i think that's cuz i'm trying not to sneeze la. heh, but sneezing is gooood. it means someone is missing me :D haha.

k must not miss test tmrw. and apparently i feel this whole missing the test situation is quite a big thing, cuz everyone seems to make it look that way. i dunno why i don feel that bad. no i don't want it to happen again and i'll do everything in my power to make sure of that. but yeah, i guess i din expect that many ppl to care cuz it's nth to do with them. so thx ppl for asking and checking and making sure i dun miss my next test and stuff. i appreciate it. u guys n girls rock. :)

oh yeah one last thing b4 i crash and wake up early again tmrw. erm u know right, abt the whole goin back Malaysia tmrw/today thing...............


gnite. :)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well It's Better Than Nothing I Guess

well, today's replacement test went not so bad. at least i managed to answer some. and i'm so glad that it'll some what be counted still. i'm just glad that it's not a total 0 la. :) well, at least now u can say u know of someone who overslept and missed his test. :)

and craps. i got 10++ chapters to study in 2 days. great. and i spent time gaming and all today. sheesh.

oh Warman design project stuff came back. apparently my group got the highest in class. yeay my team! :D

and i totally didn't reply ppls texts today. sry. :( i was kinda busy discussing stuff.

what stuff? oh just discussing with parents. cuz u know, Granddad's bday this sat. and u know, parents want me home. and u know, it's hols from friday onwards. so u know :)

yeaps! be coming back to Malaysia! :D the only prob is the flight booking now is currently near midnight. which is quite mafan. plus i gotta pack and what not. ugh. but hey, at least i can go home and celebrate. pretty big even this year since it's his 90th bday. heck, i even recorded a video of myself wishing him with "NZ scenery". Calvin was my cameraman. haha. so yeah. i'm actually pretty excited. cuz i get to go back, plus i get to go for the function. and i just realised that i get to celebrate Sut's bday too. not bad.

so well, friday's plans, leave for friday. haha.

and i just realised i think i lost my favourite t-shirt. i have no idea where it is. :( it's my humble but still the best t-shirt. haihhhh.

k la. i should go now. i shall update my blog on how things are here in NZ soon. maybe like next week, cuz Li-Hsien said i should. :) but then again, if i see u in person also i'll update la. see how it goes.

kk byes! :)

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