Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Merdeka!

well, it honestly doesn't feel like a merdeka. must be cuz i spent the whole day sleeping. but i guess after the much preparation and also running around, plus coming back pretty late and also sleeping late, the sleep was so worth it. haha.

the only two things i did today was walk to Siew Ping's place for makan and then watch 2 movies. yea. not so patriotic right? haha.

Malam Malaysia yesterday was really good. in my opinion la. k la, i'm prob happy that all the events and the flow of events went well. and the performances were good too. so yea. i liked the Deco too. Merlin and his team really did a good job on deco i must say. the bandar and kampung thing was done quite well i think. i liked the decos on the tables la. haha. k i shall post some pics up la. just of the deco tho. haha.

k i feel like i'm talking rubbish now. like really. like some super crappy stuff. so i'll stop here la. see ya.

VIP table deco

Kampung table decorations

Bandar table deco

Some food some of us had

Our venue

Calvin and Eric with Calvin's hardwork (helped by Eric also)

Kampong table b4 event started


Some of the beautiful girls of the night. Oh and Merlin too. =P

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Thursday, August 28, 2008



babi. type mail means u press send after finish writing la k. PRESS THE FREAKING SEND BUTTON!!



and now i'm too pissed off to send the mail. ish. sry zhen. will reply soon.

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i'm like probably the last person to know that men never really landed on the moon. sheesh!

feel so dumb man. ish. plus i made it worse by asking has ppl landed on Mars. macam bangang je. ish.

nvm nvm. we all must learn stuff somehow la right? haha.

and too much! =D

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Because I'm Kay-Poh About Music Also

i'm probably like one of the only few ppl who actually has this sort of feeling in me. to be a busybody and find out as much as i can about music. like seriously the most randomest stuff i will find out. and i find it like really interesting. here are some examples.

  • The front man for Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, used to be the drummer for famous band Nirvana
  • The frontman for Lostprophets, Ian Watkins, recorded all the drums for their album Liberation Transmission
  • The original drummer for My Chemical Romance, Matt Pellisier was kicked out of the band because he couldn't stay sober for performances.
  • The only original member of Yellowcard is the drummer, Longineu W. Parsons III.
  • The only original member of Taking Back Sunday is the rythym guitarist, Eddie Reyes.
  • Jesse Lacey who was originally bassist for Taking Back Sunday is now lead singer and guitarist of Brand New
  • Jon Foreman sings the ending bit for Relient K's song Deathbed
So yeah, pretty much random stuff like that which ppl don't know about is what i like finding out about. quite interesting no? and there's so many more interesting stuff but i can't remember them now la. sry.

Other than just that, there's also like info on some songs. interesting stuff again.

  • Sara Bareilles' Love Song is actually directed to her record label company who wanted her to write a love song.
  • Brand New's song Seventy Times 7 and Taking Back Sunday's song There's No 'I' In Team are responses to each other and even have the same lyrics in each song. The songs were related to the incident when Brand New's Jesse's girlfriend cheated on him with Taking Back Sunday's ex-guitarist John Nolan.
  • Third Eye Blind's popular song Semi-Charmed Life is about drug usage.
  • My Chemical Romance's song Helena is about frontman, Gerard Way and bassist Mikey Way's grandmother.
  • Taking Back Sunday's song Liar (It Takes One To Know One) is based on the novel Lord Of The Flies
  • blink-182's song All The Small things was the first song written for frontman Tom DeLonge's wife.
interesting tak? bet u guys didn't know some of those stuff right? haha. yeah. i waste a lot of time reading up all these interesting facts. haha. i even force myself to find like all the versions of songs. quite a few songs have two versions. examples?

  • Stars, Oh! Gravity, Meant To Live, Dare You To Move, The Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot
  • The Kill, Attack - 30 Seconds To Mars
  • This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know), A Decade Under The Influence, Great Romances Of The 20th Century, Error Operator - Taking Back Sunday
  • Suffocating (To Stay Alive) - Sound The Alarm
  • Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Love Song - Sara Bareilles
  • Why Don't You And I - Santana
  • Emergency - Paramore
  • When I Get Home, You're So Dead - Mayday Parade
  • What I've Done - Linkin Park
  • Golden Skans, Gravity's Rainbow - Klaxons
  • The Adventure -Angels and Airwaves
  • Thriller, The Take Over, The Breaks Over - Fall Out Boy
  • Again I Go Unnoticed - Dashboard Confessionals
  • Feel Good Drag, (*Fin) - Anberlin
  • Miss Murder - A.F.I.
  • No It Isn't - +44
kk i shud stop here. sry got carried away. haha. but yea. there's like 2 versions for those songs. some sound different. some are longer and all la. quite interesting to hear the differences.

kk thats it for now. :)

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Dreamy Dreams

that dream was seriously happyfying. i mean it was just seriously happiness. i was together with her.

and i honestly never saw it coming. she somehow always had a guy. like always. and i know that there's no way for me to be with her. cuz i know that nobody would approve. ok, maybe just 95% of my friends and family wouldn't approve.

but then suddenly la she said let's just try it. and i didn't care. i mean it's just a try right. plus i guess deep down both of us knew we wouldn't last. but we both wanted that fun and short happiness. and yea. i was happy. i really was.

the good thing about this is that i knew it was a dream the whole time. so i didn't feel bad when i woke up knowing that it all didn't happen. it's nice to wake up happy. :)

but it sucks to know that happiness exists in dreams only..................

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Disease Starters

k first of all, i'm not talking about mosquitos starting malaria and all those stuff. i'm talking about ppl. and no they don't spread diseases that kill you. haha. the type of diseases they spread is the one which are the phrases they use. like seriously. i've met so many ppl with so many phrases they use which somehow everyone will catch on. these are the disease starters.

dunno la, but for me i think it's super cool to have ur own word u use and then everyone following ur word. quite banggafying. haha. k so here are some of the disease starters that i know who has influenced my speech and also others.

Dana :-
Ben-o, Lauren-o, Teng-o (basically add an -o to everyone's name.)

Merlin :-

Bernard :-
Oh my (precious) sky!
Very Nice!

Peter :-

Josef :-
apa ni!
(too many i can't remember la.)

Jon SE :-
well, you know me.
*something abt punching which i can't remember*

crap i can't remember any other ppl i've been influenced by la in speaking. k i'll update this place when i remember la. haha. but good job so far Disease Starters! :D hope i can become one one day. haha.

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Hmm. For Next Time Maybe?

The River - Good Charlotte ft M. Shadows and Synyster Gates

(sorry can't find a video i can put up)

but thats the song i think we could have performed la. i mean, it's like a pretty chun song. got two guitars, keyboard, bass, drums. like perfect also. quite a cool song. and fast song. hmm. kk for next time la. try something adventurous. haha. but pfft. finding this out now doesn't help. oh well. haha.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Talent Night Was Awesome!

seriously! like wow! there were so many good stuffs man! like out of 17 (yes 17 performances) i only prob couldn't appreciate 2 of them. other than that, they were all really good! like really!

damn skill man. and there's like so many ppl who can sing well, like really well. dang i can't remember if i remember them all. but i'll try.

Best Singers:
JJ, Amar, Chin Feng, Aliff

k the guitarist not that many skill fellas la. but seriously, the paling chun was Raden la. he's the man la. seriously. he's like super super SUPER pro. heard from Amir that he's been pro since like form 1. seriously he's damn good. He even wrote a song (which he did perform with some others) and he even had a pretty awesome solo for the song. like really. i honeslty think he's really really good. and he's damn humble also. i went to tell him he's awesome and he just denied it saying he isn't. wah. really that guy is awesome man.

for bassist i think i'll give it to the girl bassist from Lincoln la. cuz first i think she got gaya la. and she's pretty not bad looking. so ya, hot girl + guitar + style = awesomeness :D

for drummer i still think it's Ian la. he was good i thought. but the high school guy was pretty not bad also. quite chun. haha.

i think for one of the most entertaining ones was the Bunyi Guitar song. k la maybe not la. but it was cool. cuz they sang and they even had a dance. not bad la. and i think the Beat It song another band performed at the start was pretty cool too. quite well done i must say la. The Bye Bye Bye performance also not bad la. haha.


k i dunno what more to say la. it was seriously done very well. OHHHH and i got a good joke from the MC, Ka-Mun. the pregnant lady one. seriously damn funny. one day i'll tell la k. haha.


The chun guitarist Raden

Bernard, Aliff & Freddi

The guy in front singing is Amar

Chin Feng

The Bunyi Guitar song.

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Feel Good Drag

"I'm here for you" she said
and we can stay for awhile,
my boyfriends gone,
we can just pretend.
Lips that need no introduction
Now whos the greater sin,
Your drab eyes seem to invite
(tell me darling) Where do we begin.

Was this over before
Before it ever began
Your Kiss
Your calls
Your crutch
Like the devils got your hand
This was over before
Before it ever began
Your Lips
Your Lies
Your Lust
Like the devils in your hands

Everyone in this town
is seeing someone else
Everybody tired of someone
our eyes wander for help
Prayers that need no answer now
I'm tired of who I am
You were my greatest mistake
I fell in love with your sin
You littlest sin

Was this over before
Before it ever began
Your Kiss
Your calls
Your crutch
Like the devils got your hand
This was over before
Before it ever began
Your Lips
Your Lies
Your Lust
Like the devils in your hands

Failure is your disease
You broke my heart my joy
You brought my greatest failure
Discourse won't save yourself

Was this over before
Before it ever began
Your Kiss
Your calls
Your crutch
Like the devils got your hand
This was over before
Before it ever began
Your Lips
Your Lies
Your Lust
Like the devils in your hands

Was this over before
Before it ever began
Your Kiss
Your calls
Your crutch
Like the devils got your hand
This was over before
Before it ever began
Your Lips
Your Lies
Your Lust
Like the devils in your hands


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I Shouldn't Complain But....

if i don't i can't stand to just keep it all in.

i can't stand the fact that the money i'm saving my parents by getting the scholarship is just going to my younger sis to buy her pleasures and make her such a manja.

i mean seriously, why do they let her get all those things she doesn't need at all? why are they making her such a spoilt brat? why do they let her just spend spend SPEND?? it's like they don't control her at all. anything she wants also she'll get it.

argh it's so not fair! and what do i get out of it? nothing. it's just pissing off la. i know it's prob selfish to think of it this way la. i mean, for the money i saved my parents from getting JPA, shouldn't I be the one enjoying it? but yet, even here i'm trying to save as much as i can eventhough i honestly don't think i have to do so.

i mean seriously, out of all my siblings, i'm the ONLY one who actually thinks before buying stuff. i only buy the stuff i need and the things that are a good deal. and i won't buy if it's gonna cost my parents a lot. i would definitley say i'm spend the wisestly among my siblings. heck! i hardly buy anything at all! last year i only bought 2-3 tshirts. for the WHOLE year. it's not like i didn't want to buy. it's cuz it costs money and i already have enough and i don't want my parents spending stuff for me which i don't need.

argh. just not fair la. i don't like this at all. :(

haih. i dunno what else to say la. just why can't my siblings be more like me. or maybe why can't i enjoy more.

ah. jus ignore this post la. nonsense talkings of a pissed off guy.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Bugs In Life

Disclaimer: The rules are simple. If you can't handle the truth, stop reading and don't bother reading. And it's a high, super high chance it won't be about you, so don't perasan k. Thx.

k la. that incident is still bugging me.

i mean ok fine that what happened could not be changed and all. but the fact that you coudln't think better of me? like come on, seriously la. did you really believe that about me? well. i dunno la. but it's just bugging that you thought that way about me la.

hmm. another thing that annoys me is how ppl that are not close me expect me to be close to them. i mean, they're not like always there and it's not like i talk to them always and are close to them la. but when they expect me to treat them like a close friend? come on la. i can't do that. ure still my friend. but u can't expect me to treat you like my other close friends right? hmm. i don't know anything about you. yet i see you so often. and you have your friends that hardly see you but know EVERYTHING. i'm okay with that. you have your close friends and i have mine. and i know i'm not one of yours. so don't make me feel bad that i don't treat you as one. it's different k.

i KNOW i don't fit in with your group either. so yes maybe i do keep away from you. i mean it's pointless right? can u imagine just sitting there listening to you talk about stuff which i don't follow? i don't fit in. and i honeslty don't feel like i have to force myself to. do i have to make myself fit in to be your friend? thats why there are somethings i choose not to do with some people just cuz i don't fit in and i know i will have a miserable time if i do join them feeling like an outcast. but it doesn't mean i don't love them as the friends they are to me. they're def still my friends.

ppl who are not my friends are the ppl who only want to include u on things when they don't have anyone else. but when they got ppl and all, oh yeah, sif they're gonna remember you. it's pretty much annoying. then u act like we're "supposed" to be close. err, no way. dream on.

and i need time for myself too. i mean sure it's cool to hang out with friends and spend time chatting and doing stuff. but i still need time to do my own stuff. ppl shud know that just cuz they're at a disadvantage doesn't mean that they shud bug ppl with advantages. i mean i need my space and time too. i need to do my things. and most of the time i need time to myself cuz i already have a lot of things on my mind. the fact u are bugging me just adds those things to my list. and you have no idea the stuffs i've been through to have my mind working overtime with all these crazy thoughts. so don't think that i don't need my time. i need my time to do my own things. i can't always layan you.

i'm pretty much not who you think i am. i'm not how i look like. i'm not how i seem.


so don't make it out to be what u want it to seem.

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Scary To Know

it's scary to know that just cuz of one habit, i lose 1 out of 3 friends that know about it. and the other two, well let's just say they don't like it either but are bearing with it cuz they wanna be good friends. and maybe change me.

it's scary to think about how everyone would react if they found out. would i really lose 1 in 3 friends? would the remaining 2 only stay cuz they are forcing themselves?

funny how one change in one's life can cause a whole bunch of things to change.

i had no choice. i had to do this.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I feel disappointed for some reason. yet i know i shouldn't be. aih i also dunno why i'm disappointed. hmm.

and sometimes ignorance is bloss la. cuz now i know there's like no surprise. too much la. me and my curiosity and my ability to find out stuff i wanna know. ish. too much.

oh and i've had this in my mind for some time: What if you COULD go back in time, BUT you can't change that part of your life that's messed up. I mean, there's no way for you to change it. The situation is just made for you to fail. Hmm. If only some people could see that instead of thinking of themselves all the time. Some people do try and put others first you know. Even if it doesn't seem like it. But as for me, i will not put others first if i have to suffer. Why? Not only because i find it to be pointless and unappreciated, there are other reasons to.

And! the weirdity part is that i'm happy now. at least u guys did something la. Good job! :D

see? i'm happy and disappointed at the same time. skill right? i also dunno la. my brain is just. well my brain la. haha.

k i think i will study and watch Crank now. seems like a cool movie. haha.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lauren Chia Yan Hong!


wow! sudah damn tua man! 16 years old! =D ahhaha. soon u'll be 50 and all wrinkly! hahhaha! =P well, i hope ur 16th has been a sweet one girl! if it hasn't, you know la which guy i'm gonna have to find for not making it sweet. haha! =P

anyway, sorry this post didn't come up earlier. have been busy the whole day with assignments which i had to stop at 11 smth pm cuz me and my partner were just getting absolutely nowhere with it. hope you don't mind! it should have come up like last night la. at 12 am. but u know me procrastinator. haha!

and about ur present..... hmmmmmmm. well, i haven't really got anything proper yet la. but i did reply ur mail! :D and one whole post just for you also. thats counted as a present rightt?? =P and i also made u an ambigram! =D

hope u like it la. it's nothing fancy and all. but yea. and yea, i will try and think of something to get u k! =D

oh ya. and thx for being an awesome sis to me for the past 4 years! (wow thats really long time di eh? =P) i shall expect to see more awesomeness for another year to come k! haha!

kk i shall end now. hope ur day has been great enough for ur sweet sixteen! =D Sayang Lauren! *bighugehugallthewayfromnz!*


The Awesome! =D

p.s.: reply my mail laarrr. why u make me wait so long??? one day di tau!! =P hahahahhahahah! jk jk =P

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Slow Down

Close the door and take the stairs.
Up or down? Ups and down.
Don't pretend you've never been there.
You kiss me like an overdramatic actor who's starving for work,
with one last shot to make it happen.
You've won the role, you've played your part,
you've been cordially invited.
But I'm not impressed, and I'm definitely not excited.
'Cause the film runs a shallow budget,
and the writer's subject script isn't any deeper.
So dive right in...

Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
hey you, who are you kidding?
I'm not like them. I won't buy in.
Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
hey you, who are you kidding?
Don't quit 'til 47.
Then we'll turn it up and we'll play a little faster.

Take back everything you ever said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.
Take back everything you said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.

She said 'Alright, Alright, slow down!"
Oh no, oh no, we won't.
'Cause I regret every thing that I said to ever make her feel
like she was something special, or that she ever really mattered.
Did she ever really matter?

Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
hey you, who are you kidding?
I'm not like them. I won't buy in.
Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
just don't count on this summer.
Don't quit 'til 47. Then we'll turn it up and we'll play a little faster.

Take back everything you ever said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.
Take back everything you said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.
I'm not saying that I'm not breaking some hearts tonight, girl.
I'm not saying that I'm not breaking some hearts tonight, girl.

Alright, alright, slow down...

Take back everything you ever said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.
Take back everything you said.
You never meant a word of it. You never did.

Hollywood hills and suburban thrills,
hey you, who are you kidding?
I'm not like them. I won't buy in.

The Academy Is...

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Green Street Hooligans

I've never lived closer to danger, but I've never felt safer. I've never felt more confident, and people could spot it from a mile away. And as for this, the violence? I gotta be honest - it grew on me. Once you've taken a few punches and realize you're not made of glass, you don't feel alive unless you're pushing yourself as far as you can go.

Matt Buckner
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Pure Ownage Part 2

seriously, this guy is damn too much.

and this guy is damn pro on his bike. seriously

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".... don't you see it? we're just exact opposites. but somehow same in some weird way. so i can't kill myself cuz then she would die too.

but of course i don't want her to die. she's still like a part of me. she's like the bad side of me. the side no one was ever supposed to see. and i honestly can't live knowing her life is going down the drain because of me. yes, this IS my fault. and you did agree last time too remember.

so is this the only way? you definitely know it is. it's the only way that i can save her and everyone that cares about her. it IS the only way man. we're opposites. it's just the way it has to be unfortunately. yea it'll suck for me. but at least things should be better. and yea. i guess in some way i want this too. i want to do this not because i have to do it.

-you know there's no turning back once you go with this plan right? are you sure you want to do this?

... yea i'm sure... and even if i'm not, i want to be. i have to do this. i need to do this. it's the only way. i need to fuck up my life so she, being my opposite, will have a better life.

so i guess this is goodbye then. i don't want to hurt you guys when i change from being me. and yeah, don't tell anyone. just say i left without reason. they wouldn't understand.

-this isn't the way it's supposed to go down bro. you shouldn't be doing this. you know that.

heh. i guess sometimes we don't have a choice. *half smiles*..."

Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Harvey Dent

Those bad guys don't have to worry. Cuz their life is bad enough. the only way they can go is up, which is all good for everyone. Ah, but for the good ones, heh, they are the ones who should live with the worry. Cuz when ure up, the only way you can go is down.

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Pure Ownage

they can so freaking sing man. cekapness.

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Perfectly Said By Caleb

taken from Caleb's blog. i dunno how to say it any better. thx!

"k, i think im done stating d obvious, so yea, i bet u guys notice rite, that a lot of times that ppl ask certain stuff that u kinda are like forced to decline or u are forced to say for example, "hey, can i ask for ur help?" but yea, k, i noe that some of u dont feel obliged to answer as pressured, but yea, ppl get pressured to be nice or to give d socially acceptable answer..esp when it concerns others feelings.." do u think i look fat?" so yea, guys are like forced to say no, or something like that..sorry la but i find that really annoying..if i think ur annoying, i will say i think ur annoying, but its not out of malice but its actually out of care cuz i want to see u grow or change to be better..honestly i use to think that if we all just spoke out our true feeling with no malicious content or tone in our voice, the world would be a better place, then again that is under d assumption that everyone wants to grow or wants to change for d better..

u can ask my BB friends, i tell them stuff that u cant imagine telling another person..i remember saying, " dude, ur breath gonna wait for u to brush ur teeth before i talk to u"( that was like in d morning la, n we just woke up) but yea, d point is that i care about my friends la, n i expect my friends to tell me stuff like this also..imagine, there are ppl out there who are suffering uncomfortability because they dont want to hurt others feelings..well, then again, im a culprit also too..thats cuz certain things that ppl can take, like saying " i find u annoying" that is too mean, n i think can be only said to ppl who u noe can take a hit like that..if ur not sure, then dont try that..even if u noe d person can take a hit like that, always ask first..if not ur relationship with d person will surely suffer..if only ppl are open about themselves, then they can like change for d better..haiz.."

thank you Caleb! see now i'm happy i bugged u to blog. =P

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

French Connection United Kingdom!

walau! this is just too much!


first i fall asleep without setting my alarm! so i miss my 8 am class in the morning cuz i woke up only at 8! and CS din go to class as well so i can't get my handout!

then i brilliantly continued sleeping! so i missed my math class at 9 and my Physics class at 10. then i missed my Engr102 tutorial at 11!

AND PALING TERUK! i missed my skills test retake! but i met Li Ying at lunch and she said it's ok to go late la. so that's at least better.


i went there and did again and i only got a lousy 6. which is just one freaking mark improvement from last time! WHAT THE HELL LA! i studied quite bit for that k! ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :@

why i got wrong also i dunno. i counted everything carefully k! ZOMGWTFBBQ LA! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PISSSED OFFF!! ::@@@:@:@:@:@

then in my pissed off rage from the computer of all ppl to bump into at the door, i only manage to suddenly mumble out a sorry just for walking out the door first. like wtf? why sorry? just walking out a door what. macam bodoh je! GAH.

SUCH A HORRIBLE DAY! and it's only 2.25 in the afternoon now!



GAH! one more thing i found out. apparently now i have to go to a dentist. cuz i have one tooth at the back there which is going to erupt! ISHHHH. dah la dentists here cost so much. and apparently it's going to be painful. like seriously. HAIIIIHHHH. plus i need to get it done soon or else it'll spoil the rest of my teeth.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walk Away


^thats how far i got trying to use the Vista Speech Recognition to type my blog. and thats also is like after so hard to get to the page. sheesh.

anyway, i just wanted to say, i've heard it all before. like really. and i know what i'm talking about cuz i've been through it too.

so i just don't believe you guys anymore. oh no. it's not just one person. everyone seems to be doing it. and when they say stuff like that, they don't actually really mean it funnily enough. it's just the spur of the moment talk. to convince someone for that moment. things like these only time will tell.

but i'm not waiting for time. i already know how this story ends. :)

so no. i don't believe you. and don't get angry at me for not believing you. it's not me who said that and didn't stick to the words right. you can get angry when you actually followed what you said and i didn't believe.

hmm quite a morbid 400th post. but oh wells.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Work = Force x Distance

heh. what do you know?

i believe it's working and improving too.


and i must mention here that Paramore is just such a super kick-ass band. like seriously.

no seriously. haha.

damn i should get back to me Math Tutorial now. wasted too much time tonight. =/

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Sunday, August 10, 2008


sif you didn't know that place (would've) existed.


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Cleaning Day

Random Picture: Flower outside my window. I think spring is coming. :)

seriously, today is like cleaning day.

i washed my hair and had a bath.

i cleaned my shoes. (finally after like so long!)

Top: after; Bottom: before

i shaved.

i did my laundry.

yeah thats all la. i would have vacuumed my room also la. it's so long overdue. but been busy with all the events today.

k la i must say the dinner was nice. something different la i guess. but shouldn't have drank since i had my physics quiz and my math to study for. brilliant. bit of a headache k just now. too much. but k la. it's prob all in my mind. haha.

and din take as much photos as expected. and i was so casual as usual. well, good to be diff than normal i guess. haha.

and Sam is huge ok. and he's like 2 years younger than me. monster! :P

but he's all cool and all good la. haha. actually ya, one of the fun and coolest Malaysians i have met here actually. not bad. skills.

k la. thats all for now. shall post up one vid from the secret admirers thing. nvr actually watched it yet. so i dunno abt the sound quality la. haha. enjoy!

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Video Call!

haha. so i had my first proper video call that day with Lauren. not bad la. it was like quite interesting. can make faces and talk at the same time. quite cool. haha.

we talked for an hour k. that like quite skill. i mean have to look at face and talk. haha. it's like a phone call i guess. cept u can see what the other person is doing. and the sound quality was not bad right Lauren?

well, maybe i'm jakun and all la. but i found it quite fun. and interesting. i mean there was like look, talk, type and play games and chat. thats super cool k.

k i should stop being jakun now.

my first video call la k! haha!

oh and my hair is longer than Lauren's hair now. not bad. quite skilled. when am i gonna cut? hmm. well, see how la. since summer here is going to be hot. and i'm def gonna be working. and str8ening again is expensive. maybe at the end of the year la. haha.


kejakunnessan. :)

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Time I Should Be In Malaysia

k seriously, this is too much. my time to be in Malaysia was def from the 19th July to at least the 20th August.(provided my holidays are super flexible la) why? k i got tons of reasons.

20 something July - Jo's road trip thing.
31st - Jo leaving
2nd August - MTV Asia Music Awards
4th - Panic At The Disco Concert
9th - Kamil's farewell kenduri
18th - My dear "adik" Lauren Chia's bday

plus i prob get to take my guitar here instead of resorting to buy one. plus i get to meet up with Sanjit and Nik who were down for their holidays. Plus my sis is back too. and plus i get to say bye properly this time to everyone. plus i could prob str8en my hair again. plus i'm sure there was a PC fair going on also. plus i can help my fam fix their comp problems. i prob would have seen batman b4 everyone else in NZ also.

woi! too much la. so many reasons to be back NOW. and thx to the ticket price of 4k++ my only time back can be in 2010. ISH ISH ISH.

see! tambah emonessan. :(

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The Piles Just Pile

Shit just got real

Bad Boys 2

*k u know la what i wanna put here*

haih. i just realised i have no clue at all abt what's going on in Math. like totally clueless. i have no idea whats happening. i can't do the Math tutorial questions at all. like can't at all. :( it really is depressing thinking abt the upcoming test knowing i won't be able to solve anything. haih.

and it's really annoying having a head full of thoughts. it seriously makes me look anti-social. i mean i can just walk past ppl i know just ucz my head is too caught up in it's many crazy and worrying thoughts. and then when i just walk past them, the ppl will then think i'm purposely ignoring them. then the next time i actually see them, they will ignore me back. haih. i didn't purposely not notice you! :(

haih. i guess cuz of my thinking also i'm anti-social la. i mean, whats the point of talking to people when you know that half way through their talking you're gonna end up zoning out and thinking about all the stuffs that is bothering you. and like i did mention in the previous post long time ago, i have a short attention span. so i don't really listen to ppl. plus this thinkin thing makes it worse. but really been fixing that. and i think there's improvement. hmm.

and maybe thats why i choose to be in my room so much. like stay away from ppl. and maybe thats why i'm not so talkative. cuz i think too much. haih. who would have known that thinking would have caused problems. :(

ben is anti-social. :(

see la. i knew it. kan i dah said in like 3 previous posts. once happy must be emo again. and just as soon as i said it it happens la. wonderful. ish.

emo. :(

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


"Could you be more specific on how much?"

"Sure. With everything I had, and with everything I have now and with everything I will ever have. Specific enough? :)"

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One-Eighty By Summer

Go on just say it,
You need me like a bad habit,
One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone.
Go on just say it
(Are you afraid to)
You need me like a bad habit
(Say what you want to, tell me you want to)
One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone
(Are you afraid to say what you want to, tell me you want to).

Well I hold my tongue use it to assess,
The damage from way back when it mattered,
But nothing seems important anymore,
We're just protecting ourselves from our self,
And I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
(I don’t think I’ll ever come back down)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
(I don’t think I’ll ever come back down)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
(I don’t think I’ll ever come back)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back…

Are you ashamed to say what you want to,
Tell me you want to.
Are you ashamed to say what you want to,
Tell me you want to.
Go on just say it
(Are you ashamed to)
Go on just say it
(Say what you want to)
(Tell me you want to)
Go on just say it
(Are you ashamed to)
Go on just say it
(Say what you want to)
(Tell me you want to.)

I'm making the difference,
It just seems pointless,
With all the obvious lines all out of focus,
Why can’t you just be happy?
Why can’t you just be happy?

And I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
(I don’t think I’ll ever come back down)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
(I don’t think I’ll ever come back down)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back down
I don’t think I’ll ever come back…)
I don’t think I’ll ever come back...

(Just come back, just come back...)
Go on just say it, (just come back...)
Come on just say it, (just come back...)
Well I’ll just say it, (just come back...)
I’ll just say it, (just come back...)
I need you defenseless, dependent and alone.
(Just come back, just come back, just come back...)
She says live up to your first impression,
Well my best side was your worst invention,
Can't you live without the attention?
Can't you live without the attention?
(Just come back, just come back, just come back...)
She says live up to your first impression,
Well my best side was your worst invention,
Can't you live without the attention?
Can't you live without the attention?

She says live up to your first impression,
Well my best side was your worst invention,
Can't you live without the attention?
Can't you live without the attention?

She says live up to your first impression (Come on, just say it),
Well my best side was your worst invention (Come on, just say it),
Why can't you live without the attention
(I need you defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live without the attention (alone).
She says live up to your first impression (I just say it),
Well my best side was your worst invention (I just say it),
Why can't you live without the attention
(I need you defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live without the attention (Alone),
Why can't you live (Defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live (Defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live without... live without
(Defenseless, dependent, defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live (Defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live (Defenseless, dependent),
Why can't you live without… live without
(Defenseless, dependent, defenseless, dependent).

Taking Back Sunday

with awesome songs like this written with great lyrics, how la to be emo? haha.

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Did I Mention?

k seriously, did i mention my friends are awesome?

k cuz if i din...


heh. dunno why la. the past few days sudd only happy for no reason.

k got reason la. but yea like no reason happy only.

i mean, my internet got cut and pissing off stuff with the online quiz happened but still like happy happy. haha!

k la. maybe cuz the quiz issue got resolved. so mmg no problem di.

but weird la. like my happiness is growing exponentially the past few days. haha!

BUT as we all know, ups must have it's downs. so now i'm just waiting for the big down which will balance out the big up.

but (again) that doesn't mean i won't enjoy every bit of the happiness i have now! :D

and the weather today damn random man. suddenly the morning can go down to -1C? like random much? it was like a happy 8C for the past few days. suddenly only wanna go so low. haha. it's a good thing i decided to wear long sleeve tshirt today man. what a lucky coincidence. haha.

still waiting for my photos from yest from the woman.... ish. slow la some ppl. haha.

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Monday, August 04, 2008


heh. i feel like i'm the reason it all started.

but i shall not be perasan la k.


and i still feel we should have taken waaayyy more photos today la.

hmm. nvm next time then. got this sunday also. then Malam. haha.

gosh i'm slowly becoming a girl la i tell u. sheesh.

the fact that i'm typing this with my hair tied also says smth. haha!

and dana said i look ass with my hair tied. ish!

oh and i did drawing again! see if u can guess whats this originally.

did it during meeting somemore. haha!

this is in perfect equilibrium. cool eh? it's like balanced there. haha.

k bye! my finally busy/pissing off/happy day has finally ended. haha! =D

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Emo Kid's Jacket

probably one of his most useful items of clothing.

cuz it helps him hide his scar riddled arms.

the only place he could find to let out all his frustration and anger and hurt he faces from the world.

maybe it's the rush he gets from the cut? maybe it's actually being able to see the hurt? like showing the hurt in a different form. maybe it's to just feel real again. or maybe to just start feeling again.

I hurt myself today,
To see if i still feel

Nine Inch Nails

so thats why he needs his jacket. to hide it from the world. the world won't understand. most of the world won't care. more than half the world probably hates him already.

besides, with his jacket on all the time, he can hide it from the people he loves whom actually care. cuz they would freak out. but it's his only way out.

so he needs this jacket of his. it's sorta like his lifeline i guess. it gives him a way out and also helps ensure the ones he cares abt don't worry.

oh and i guess it proves useful as it keeps him warm through winter and also when he walks under the neverending rain of a gloomy day.

ah, yes. the emo kid and his jacket. :)

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Brilliant. I Forgot A Title

hmm. i think i should change that picture post now.

oh and Happy Birthday Jin! :)

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