Saturday, July 12, 2008


k so the last few days been playing some pool. til like really late. but yest was def the best day la. for me at least. cuz of all the crazy shots i took. and the shots i aimed for went in.

k imagine this, behind the back shot, hits one ball twice so it goes in at one end. then the white ball travels all the way across the pool table and hits another ball in at the other end. behind the back shot okayy. haha!

then there was this other spinner shot. which basically went like this.

k my shot is to hit the purple ball. the yellow and red i cant touch.

so yea la. i hit the white and it goes in the middle of the yellow and red. then the amazing happens.

like u can see in the pic, the purple ball moves in direction 1, then somehow turns back and goes in the direction 2 which is like opposite of direction 1. then it goes in direction 3 which goes through the yellow and red and then goes into the pocket!

that was like the coolest shot ever la. instead of going right after direction 1, it turns back cuz of the spin. haha. quite cool man. prob one of the best shots i've made. haha.

other than that there were also times i used other balls instead of the white to hit the ones i wanted in. quite the skill. haha.

k thats all i wanna say for now. see ya.

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KS said...

I reli see it wasn't like it seemed!! haha... u sure it can happen ar?? haha... amazing wor! nex time u go back m'sia u bcome pro in pool dy la...

Ben J said...

haha. really happened man. li ying was there at the time also. she quite pro leh. haha. and no la. i'm not like my friend who goes play pool like 5 days in a week. haha.

KS said...

OK la... haha... i think if u like ur fren go play 5 days a week, u can even make the balls fly lei.... hehe...

glo said...

i also wan play pool!!

ps: that's a very cool photo there! the hair and the shirt esp! and the lights - just at the right angle!

Ben J said...

haha. thx gloria. somehow feel the pic cud have been better tho.