Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Holy Guacemole!

Crap! i just found out that u guys haf been giving me comments but i haven't been approving them at all.

I feel so dumb wondering all this time why doesn't anyone comment.

Well, its mainly cuz of the fact that i din know i had to approve it.

ANYWAY, now i know i shall be checking my blog for any other comment updates.

But if u do post, pls let me know who u r. Anonymous ppl suck. Eventhough what u say is good n all. But i prefer if i knew who u were.

Esp a certain anonymous who posted smth which i'm still trying to figure out who it is and why was that said.

k gtg. Got ppl to go visit.


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Saturday, January 27, 2007


how i hate myself. i hate myself for being so damn selfish and the biggest hypocrite in the whole world.

i'm really sorry. i wish i cud take back all i did that hurt u. u sh nvr haf gone through such pain. everytime i look at u now i know u deserve so much better. but i cant let u go. u mean too much for me to let go.

i'd give anything to have u stay.

anything to take back what i said.

anything to take back that damned day where i acted on my stupid anger.

anything to go back to how we were.

now i know how regret feels like. n i know that day is my most regretful day in my whole life. nothing hurts as bad. i wish i didn't live to see that day. i wish it cud be erased.

but it nvr can. some wounds go too deep to heal.

n i caused it.

i'd give anything to be normal again.

i'm sry.

for the hurt i've caused.

for the words i've said.

for my fake self.

for not loving u the way i should.

for blaming you when it has always been my fault.

for making u feel bad.

for acting like a jerk.

but please know.

I Love You.

and i always will.



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Friday, January 26, 2007

Laziness. Yet Not So.

Dang. I came here wanting to blog abt the week but i became too lazy. One interesting i did was haf dinner with keane at Asia Cafe with Joel which dragged on til 11.30 with added CC time too. Haha. So I'll just post up some pics i tot was nice from India k. Which i should haf done long ago too. =P

Ok. This is like half an hour later. N i still cant post any pictures up. Stupid blogger. Or maybe my stupid internet. Sheesh.


Tea Fields
I think this shot should have been brighter. Then it would've been nicer too. =/

End of The Road

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Hell of A Day

Edit 2: K. I can't take back my mistakes, but as you said i can try and fix it. Hopefully there's a chance for me to do so.
I screwed up my dad's car. Yea. I got into an accident. Damn it. I freaked out. Thx LAUREN (See your name here. =P Happy?) and Wei Zheng for calling me and talking to me. I guess it calmed me down a bit. Thx. Just came back from the police station. I feel so guilty for ruining my Dads car. Don't think i'll be driving for a while. haihh.

Bad Day. Seriously.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Night At Dataran Merdeka

I bet you're thinking, "Ben has no life to spend his night at that place".

N maybe you could be right. But the real reason i went there was cuz Jesh had an ad to shoot for Pepsi. Kinda cool eh. It was behing the court house area there. Which was nearby Dataran Merdeka la. So we (the cousins) decided to check what it was all about and also keep Jesh company. He had to be there from 6pm to 6am. 12 hours for a 2-3 minute ad? Sheesh! What the heck do they need so long for?Anyway,we reached there abt 8 smth and i think they jus started shooting the first scene. Before this was the make up and the fitting of clothes n stuff. That alone took 2 hours. And they we shooting the 1st scene for abt 50 times for i haf no idea what reson. Prob some kid was saying smth wrong n the famous cricket player wasnt giving the right expression.

Oh wait! i din explain abt the ad did I? Sry. ok. The ad is a Pepsi ad for Pakistan featuring a famous Pakistani Cricket Player. There's a bunch of kids, Jesh one of them, who go to the guy's hose and challenge him at cricket. So he says he'll do it if there's Pepsi. So they go buy pepsi, they play, i'm pretty sure he trashes them, yada yada yada, they celebrate with Pepsi.

Yeah. Obviously i din stick around to watch them film all the scenes. I would just bore my mind out man. So we went out to find a Mamak so we cud watch the Man U game. Unfortunately, it wud seem that KL (or at least that part) had no such thing as Mamak where u can watch football. Sheesh! So anyway, we managed to get into the Selangor Club nearby. Wathced the match there and also some drama that was happening. I was pretty certain there would be gunshots. But nothing happened. Oh well. Oh Man U won 3-1 exactly like i predicted. Haha!

So later, since we knew we wud be bored, we took the Catan from the car and went over to the filming area and starting playing. Unfortunately i nvr won. The 2nd last player kept winnning. Sheesh. Then we got bored again, so we went to lay football. Which was probably the best part. Cuz we got to have fun and also watch live entertainment at the same time. What live entertainment u ask? Well, there were the street racers, the drifters, and alsothe rempits. all racing at Dataran Merdeka there. Really cool to watch. No accidents tho. Haha.

So after we realised that there was no more racing, and we were tired of football, we went back to see what Jesh was doin. And as usual, they were taking some scene again for 50 plus times. We were sooo bored...... So basically after that we din do much. We jus sat around, watch ppl set up, film. Oh we got free food too thanks to Jesh. Thanks Jesh!

We also managed to see the sun rise. Or at least the whole place get brighter, which i wont normally see cuz i'd be sleeping. And there were these sparrows too who came out in the morning and flew around for their morning exercise. They flew in a real cool formation. Sorta like when an Ancient dead magical mummy from egypt sends out a plague of locusts to come attack you. Yeah it looked smth like that. Anyway, soon after that Jesh finished and we cud finally go home.

I tot it was a great night looking at all the things that happened. The sights and sounds. Plus, i managed to stay awake for one whole day! Haha! It's kinda smth big for a person who loves his sleep, ;) But i did compensate some sleep jus now when i slept for 4 hours straight in the afternoon.

Crap. i haf to go back to college tmrw. Haihh. i hate studying.

gtg. Bye!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Darned Earthquake

okay. Due to some annoying circumstances, which would be the damaged internet cable lines (or something like that), i wont be able to post up any of the pictures from my India Trip anytime soon. Plus the fact that the pictures are quite huge doesnt help either.

Anyway, India was great. Did a lot of fun stuff and enjoyed myself too. Didn't expect that though. I'm not gonna explain on the trip cuz i'm gonna let the Pictures do the talking. hey, a picture is a thousand words right? ;)

But for now, I'd like to wish everyone Happy New Year!! Hope your year is going well so far. Mine is pretty screwy. Got back my last years results. Not good at all. Average mark was 82. One more mark to an A, so obviously its not good enough. Esp when Joel is getting an average of 91 and your parents are comparing you to him. Got into a new class too. Don't really know anyone, except for 3 ppl. But i hardly even know them too. I miss my old classmates. A lot. KS, Solehah, Jim, Effa, Zara, Huan Yang, Loh and Izzat. Awesome ppl. Unfortunately i hardly get to see them anymore. It'll probably be a hi-bye thing now. Oh well, time to make new friends i guess. Dammit la.

So i guess this would be an appropriate time to give suggestions on depressing songs. Prob not your type, but hey, u might like it too.

Here Is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls
Any other Goo Goo Dolls song too la.

Ok thats all i have for now. I gtg order some 600 bucks calculator now. If it stopped raining la. I hope, just hope somewhere along the way, this year will change into a better year.

************Here Is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls************

You and I got something
But it's all and then it's nothing to me, yeah
And I got my defenses
When it comes to your intentions for me, yeah
And we wake up in the breakdown
Of the things we never thought we could be, yeah

I'm not the one who broke you
I'm not the one you should fear
What do you got to move you darling
I thought I lost you somewhere
But you were never really ever there at all

And I want to get free, talk to me
I can feel you fallin'
And I wanted to be, all you need
Somehow here is gone

I have no solution
To the sound of this pollution in me, yeah
And I was not the answer
So forget you ever thought it was me, yeah

I'm not the one who broke you
I'm not the one you should fear
What do you got to move you darling
I thought I lost you somewhere
But you were never really ever there at all

And I want to get free, talk to me
I can feel you fallin'
And I wanted to be, all you need
Somehow here is gone

And I don't need the fallout
Of all the past that's in between us
And I'm not holding on
And all your lies weren't enough to keep me here

And I want to get free, talk to me
I can feel you fallin'
And I wanted to be, all you need
Somehow here is gone

And I want to get free, talk to me
I can feel you fallin'
I know it's out there, I know it's out there
And I can feel you fallin'
I know it's out there, I know it's out there
Somehow here is gone, yeah
I know it's out there, I know it's out there
Somehow here is gone, yeah...


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