Friday, June 06, 2008


finally today my design studios for this sem finished. and it ended with a presentation of our project, which i must say that Ross nailed. and thru the whole time we have been doing this project, i think it's like the most fun and awesome time. although it's been stress at some times trying to figure out stuff and all la. but it's still awesome. why? cuz of my group mates Caroline and Ross. they are awesome! the way that Ross says stuff and comes up with words is just a crack up.

yes, wokachang is Ross word. what it means, we still have no idea. i think it's something like "thingamabob, thingy.. etc..." yea. smth liddat la. and the way Caroline gets bugged abt it is funny too. haha. she totally can't stand it. but of course in a good way and all la. from the "Rational-e" to the "CAD" to the "well/good". hilarious.

Ross and Caroline

and i realise that my group can super waste time. tho we got more organized near the end. like the first meeting we had. we spent like 3 hours to create a simple problem definition. and we weren't even done then! and had to meet up some other day. i tell u the way we get distracted is amazing. we talked abt rowing to the Foundry and also Yanosh, and a bunch of other stuff. haha.

but near the end we were more focused i must say. well, at least me and Caroline. Ross still got distracted quite a bit. but it was cool in a way that i could find out more abt ppl and also listen to interesting stories.

but yea. i guess our group was balanced in it's way. Ross was the playful one who got distracted, Caroline was the one who did the most work of all i must say, and i was sorta in between (due to my short attention span and also not wanting to let my teammates down.). but even tho all of us tended to fool around and play around and get distracted, everyone came up with really gr8 ideas. and we did work quite hard on this. i hope we do well.

and the one thing i like also is that they sorta "noticed" the diff in my culture and all. like they were really considerate la. like things that i'm blur abt when they talked, they sorta explained it to me. they din expect me to know and all la. they knew i wasn't from here and they sorta made it a point that i understand and all la. plus they were also really encouraging. like when i jus sketched some pics that day for our recommended solution Ross told me, "wow man. thats tops! don't ever doubt yourself again." that really felt awesome to hear. and Caroline also never failed to mention that my SolidWorks designs look great. it was really encouraging la. esp since i dun consider myself artistic and all. and these wasn't the onyl time. there were heaps more times they were encouraging too. hmm. i jus hope i was just as encouraging to them.

so yea. my team was really really really awesome. like seriously. plus i believe the design we came up with was pretty stellar. i so so hope it's all good and we get a good mark for this. but even if we don't it was really great working with my teammates. :)

so to end here's a few pics of my teams design project. for a mechanical washing machine. made of Bamboo and plastic! =D

Exploded view of the washing machine.

The inner drum with the plastic mesh netting

Cross section view of drum with the outer drum

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KS said...

Cool, man!! haha... is this for the engineers without borders one??

Ben J said...

yeap yeap. it's the ewb one. what did u guys do ah?

KS said...

We had 4 choices lo... hehe... windmill survivability challenge, washing machine, cooking stove and portable bridge... i chose the windmill one... so,how did ur group fare?? muz b quite gud eh?? i see the CAD drawing's quite nice...

Ben J said...

oooo we had quite a lot of choices la... but diff group diff choices... i think Calvin's group did the bridge building and then Li Ying's group did the incubator thing. i dunno la how my group did so far... jus only finish. haha! and the CAD is nothing compared to ur awesome one la. haha. still yet to learn so much more abt the CAD. haha.

KS said...

I think ur CAD program's vy elegant wor~ haha... mine's juz like toy liddat... but the effect aftrwrds shud b ard the same la... i mean the photo rendered view la...

Ben J said...

ooo. yea. the program quite cool la. but quite annoying also. it's this years version. and uses A LOT of memory. got a lot times it crashed on me halfway through designing. and sometimes cannot even save cuz they say not enuf memory to save. haha! but ur designing and all stillmore skill la. ur thing is way more complex and nicer. haha.

KS said...

Huh?! even an XPS oso will crash ar?? mi gudness..... haha.. thanx 4 ur compliment lei~ aiks... i kinda like 3D design thgs la... so fun..