Tuesday, June 10, 2008


pissed off. read only if ure prepared.

seriously. like you can't be serious right?

like as if la i needed to be more pissed off.

do you even hear urself talking?

do you even realise the words that are coming out of ur mouth?

do you realise that everything can be slapped back in your face?!

how dare you tell/talk to me about being fair??

how dare you tell/talk to me about avoiding when there have been numerous unreplied emails and sms-es??

how dare you tell/talk to me about trying to be friends when you yourself couldn't treat me like a proper one??

maybe you didn't get it when i talked about ppl who suck don't deserve good things. you don't deserve anything from me.

so don't assume and expect anything k.

whatever you got so far is cuz of me being nice. you never deserved any of it. i can't believe you have the nerve to think so.

yes i have double standards. to you. in the exact same way you have towards me.

so please, just don't bother. the type of person you are, doesn't deserve any of this.

and don't say "i'll change". it's all just words without proof. that's what it has ever been with you.

so seriously,

f*** off please.

You, you, you oughta know!

Alanis Morissette

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