Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now Playing Sidebar Gadget

k since i'm bored now and got nothing better to do. i'm gonna blog abt my favourite sidebar gadget. i'm sure u've seen it in the tons of screen shots i've put up on my blog. anyway, the sidebar gadget it called the "Now Playing" gadget.

k it's that thing in my sidebar above the clock. basically from what you can see, it shows you what music ure playing in ur sidebar.

so to work this thing, u can basically choose from any of the players provided in the gadget like seen above la. mine is of course WMP.

basically this gadget can like control almost anything in ur media player. k so first like when u dun have ur player open, just click the center part of the gadget and tadaaa! ur media player opens! =D

so thats how it looks like when ur media player is open and playing a song.

the thing i like abt this is that i can change my songs using it quite easily when a random song i dun like starts playing. all i have to do is just click one of the buttons circled in red. the buttons are Previous, Play/Pause, and Next. this makes it so easy to change songs when i'm like browsing the net and bump into a song i don't really like. i don't have to open up WMP and change it from there. all i have to do is press the next button to the next random song. or pause when i find a nice YouTube video to watch.

i know it's possible to just minimise the WMP into the taskbar and make changing songs easier. but then if i minimise it, then i can't see what song is playing unless i move my mouse there and that thing pops up. like right now (thx to another plugin) i can see what song is playing by just looking at the WMP tab at the bottom like in the pic.

of course Dell also makes it easier to change songs with the Media buttons on the laptop. but then to get my hand off the mouse to click it is quite mafan la. haha.

this is my favourite part of the gadget. it automatically finds song lyrics for you. all u have to do is just click the "L" button when the song is playing. so far it's worked really well finding a lot of songs for me. makes life so much easier when ure wondering what the heck is the person singing. haha.

then there's also the covers thing. just click the "C" button and it lets u view the covers of the albums for the songs u've heard recently. like first they show the last nine la. then u can click any one u want for a bigger pic:

like this is Jon Foreman's Fall and Winter EP cover. to go back to viewing the covers all you have to do is click again.

the gadget also makes it super easy to edit track info. once again WMP doesn't need to be open for u to edit. just double click the words in the gadget to edit. and u can also adjust the volume by just scrolling. neat huh?

u can also rate ur songs easily by clicking the stars at the side of the song info place.

if any of u uses playlist, then u can click the "P" button to play the certain playlist that u feel like listening to at the moment.

there's also many skins that you can choose from. like in the pic above.

there's also quite a lot more stuff u can customize of the gadget la.

so thats all the good stuff abt the gadget which i find really cool and super useful for me la.

however... there are some bad stuffs abt the gadget too. like for instance, if u have a song which is like not known or can't find lyrics for, the song doesn't display in the gadget:

obviously, lyrics also can't be found and all la. somehow this gadget is connected to the internet and stuff la. so only if it can find ur song on the net easily, it won't display or find lyrics.

another this is that it tends to lag also. like it takes a while for the buttons to appear when u put ur mouse on the gadget.

it also has sudd stopped working for some random reason. dunno what's up with that la.

BUT overall, the gadget is still awesome! i give it a 4.5 stars out of 5! it's a totally must have for music lovers who have a sidebar.

ok. thats all i have abt my fav gadget for now. see ya!

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