Sunday, June 29, 2008

What To Do?

what do you do when everyone around you finds something so wonderful and great, and then they tell you to check it out.

but when you do check it out, you find it to be real mediocre.

for one thing, you don't want to say anything to them cuz then they might think twice about it. and cuz of that the awe they had in that something may be lost. and you know you don't wanna take that away from them.

but yet if you don't say something, then it'll be like you're afraid to voice out your opinion. or smth like that. like where is the freedom of speech?

ah. dunno la. dunno how to word this out.

just that from what i've learnt and been learning, instead of just keeping it in. voice your opinions. the truth may suck, but it's still the truth. and we all gotta deal with it one day.

so why not today?


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1 comment:

glo said...

a friend once asked me:

which is harder? telling the truth or not telling the truth?

and if i tell the truth, i dun have to rmb anything ;)

after all, you can always speak the truth in love ;)

go BenJ!