Wednesday, June 04, 2008


seriously la. i'm spending way too much. =/ i'm supposed to limit myself to 100NZD a month. but last month itself i spent 200NZD. haih. way over la. ish. how to survive within the JPA money la liddat. dah la last month i spent almost 700. but thats cuz of holiday la. so i guess it's excuseable. but i still am spending too much. gonna cut down from now on for buying stuff. i seriously din think i was spending so much la. ish. dammit! i jus checked my this month's spending and it reached 180 already! >=( but that includes the Snap bill, metrocard, fixing my watch, and also buying the pillows and stuff la that day. crap la. i'm so not going out this month. cannot afford too. ish. but i wanna buy guitar. :( haihhhh. nvm nvm. control control.

i guess now i feel guilty for buying this....

but it was SOOOOO worth it k! it's a double disc CD. plus it was the platinum edition. that means it has 6 extra bonus tracks! and the DVD comes with 3 video clips (in very high quality) and also 4 live AOL Sessions. plus it's a great album k! so for just 20NZD, it's like super super worth it! but still guilty la. k. from now on til at least near the end of the year, no more buying anymore CD's. which reminds me, i need to ask my sis to send my Goo Goo Dolls CD over for me. hmm.

and yes i've finally replied all the emails ppl have sent me. i'm slowly crossing things off my things to do list. feeling quite happy. and like a lot of the stuff i havent done are like the ones that are gonna cost me money... HAIHHHHHHHH. ish. and i just realized that i'll most prob be missing Dark Night and a bunch of other "Summer" blockbusters. =/

k enuf abt that. oh i finally went to class today after a week of not going to class. but i dunno if i actually learnt much. i felt i learnt more math from friend than in class. and also the same for Chem. i think it has something to do with my short very very very short attention span. i can only prob concentrate for a minute tops if someone is talking. my mind fades away from that person like so fast. damn la. i hate it. it's so hard to learn or listen to anyone like this. so now i'm forcing myself. hopefully it'll become a habit and lenghten my attention span. hopefully for my sake la. oh and thanks to my own revision and also Ross' help in teaching how to do some math problems, i managed to get 10/10 on my 3rd skills test. which i reckon is the hardest of all the skills tests. so yes i'm very bangga! =D

still yet to find out how BB2SJ did in pesta. for the singing at least. hopefully it's way better than the drill which somehow we were conned off again. ish. plus it was nice chatting with ppl and hearing their voices again. somehow it just felt like things din change. like somehow i was back in Msia and jus din go for pesta when i called. it was nice to hear friends' voices again (yes it is a super super super rare occasion that i pick up the phone and make a call recently). so yea. i'm left with like 80 cents in my calling card. but it was worth it spending an hour or so talking on the phone. haha.

oh and i realise i can't stand ppl who think they basically "deserve" to be treated nicely, when they don't do the same for you. yes i know the do unto others thing. i've lived that way, and it so wasn't worth it. everyone still gives u crap eventho ure nice to them and give them what they don't deserve. so ya, now i'm saying, i really don't care anymore. if you kick my leg which is in a cast, i'll def kick ur leg twice as hard when ur leg is in a cast. don't bother saying, "come on Ben, be nice. my leg hurts. please don't kick it." oh yeah, sure. like you tot of that when you were kicking my leg. ppl who suck don't deserve good things.

hmm. k i think thats all for now. typed a quite long post di. so this shud last for the whole week then! =D gtg makan then go College House! ;D

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Sanjit said...

Hear hear on the last paragraph of ur post =)

Zhen Lim said...

Ya lah buy more CDs some more lah. :P

Hmm but the question is, who decides who sucks & who doesn't? Who decides who deserves to be treated well? Are we ourselves that great?

Ben J said...

yea. i tot of that. i guess in general la u will know the ppl who suck. those ppl. and ya i know we shud treat everyone nice and all no matter what they do. but it's like pointless la. so as i see it, the ppl who suck in my eyes, dun deserve to be treated nice. and i guess if ure better than the other person, it wudn't be that bad to judge them based on ur own standards.