Monday, June 09, 2008

It Snowed

yes. i shud be super excited. and frankly when it was snowing i was stoked. like seriously. it was awesome! heck i even walked out of connon without my keycard! i basically jus walked to the dining hall and back. jus to walk around while snow was falling.

it all started when i jus sorta started watching scrubs on my laptop. then i got a call from Bernard. he was so excited i din catched what he said at first. so i was like "What??" then i heard "It's snowing!!" and then i just turned and opened my curtains and saw the glorious snow falling down. it somehow did look like ashes falling down when u do illegal open burning or paper. but it wasn't la as it was ice dropping. haha.

View from my room

Me in the snow in front of my room there.

The snowed on cars from Ross' room.

so basically jus walked around a bit. then went and found Tanmay and all. so then we went to Ilam fields. and played with the snow a bit. making snowballs and iceballs and stuff. took quite a few pictures too. but i still haven't got the pics from him.

then decided to go to Uni to get to the 11th floor to takes some pics. but.... tak jadi la. cuz they were closing. so then went back to Ilam fields. and played around a bit more then feeling too cold again went back and sorta washed my hands in hot water cuz i was playing in the snow without gloves and my fingers practically froze and became numb.

then decided to go out and meet calvin and gang since they called me earlier. half way there i met Pali and gang. and we sorta played and made a snowman. again i was without gloves playing with snow.Rolling Snow (no it's not a band, it's what i'm doing. =P )

Lying down in the snow

they even made me lie down in the snow. seriously. oh and b4 this, when i kneeled down to make a snowball, my belt broke and i can't find the pieces to fix it back. so now i'm beltless. and i need to buy a new one. but anyway, after rolling the snowball quite a bit, my fingers were numb again, so i went back and decided to heat them up by soaking them in warm water. i actually decided not go back out after that. BUT i brilliantly forgot that i hadn't met Calvin and all yet. sheesh how forgetful and distracted can i get right? so then i went back out. and halfway i met Pali and gang again and they actually finished the snowman. so took photos with it la. technically i built that snowman too. haha!Snowman

Me and snowman

then finally i reached Calvin and all. basically jus hung around for a while and played with snow a bit. then went back for dinner. and washed my hands in hot water again b4 going for dinner. and Yuen Leung noticed i was basically shivering the whole time during dinner. but thats cuz i was wearing two layers the whole time. maybe my fingers were so numb that i din notice my body was cold la. but i really din feel my body cold la.

then went back had a bath and basically jus rested.

and the next day everything got worse. my fingers were all sore. sore to the point that if i clench my fist not even hard it hurts. and i was basically "crying" the whole day in my room too. nose also like some tap that can't be closed. oh and i cudn't sleep that night also. went to bed at like 12 smth. but din fall asleep til 4 smth. and woke up at 8 smth. i woke up and went to the toilet. then washed my hands in cool water to calm down the swelled up hands. and still i cudn't sleep cuz the pain was annoying me awake. i also jus put on my earphones connected to my discman and jus listened to music. i think that helped la. cuz halfway thru 23 i offed it and decided it's time to sleep.

buuuuttt.... today still not ok. hand still pain. even now. damn pain. it's so annoying! but at least i stopped "crying". finally went to the last lectures today too. but i know i'm def sick la. cuz now i'm in my room with the heater OFF and i'm in shorts and a tshirt and it feels hot! like really. maybe i shud take a panadol. but how wud that help? hmm.

plus it's study week and i haven't done much studying yet. and i got loads of stuff on my mind also. abt what ppl said that din make sense to me. and also stuff ppl said i wonder why they said. which i think wud be the same thing right. yea. so everything is basically CRAZY in my mind now. can explode. like really. can u imagine on the snow day, i cudn't sleep cuz i was thinkin i was in a Scrubs episode?? and we cudn solve the freaking case that i cudn't sleep. like WTH!?! but somehow i managed to talk to myself to convince myself to let it go and sleep. dun exactly know how i did it la.

so yes. basically, i'm going crazy. like really. and the pressure of having to do well in exams and my lack of motivation and focus to study doesn't help one bit.


i think i hate snow now. >=( but then again it cud be cuz i kept washing my hands in hot water la. but still!

i think i hate snow now. >=(

p.s.: does anyone know how to cure this ache?

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Zhen Lim said...

Very smart lah someone scared of cold still go act so macho all with no gloves & only two layers.

Ben J said...

eeehhhh... why la ppl think i'm trying to be macho all. ish. haha. its jus cuz i din have proper gloves la wei. haha. plus body ok la two layers. tak sejuk. plus i think my body getting used to the cold la. haha.

KS said...

haha... sure u getting used to the cold?? hehe... anw, y la u go touch the snow with ur bare hands?? haha!! btw, nice snowman wor... too bad cant make a snowman here in AKL...

Ben J said...

haha. i'm used to 16C being hot now actually ks. haha. and no gloves laaa.... no choice. haha! thx! this is another reason why chch is better! =P haha!