Tuesday, June 17, 2008

For You To Read

this is what YOU said

yeah, i knwo we have to settle it.im just avoiding it i guess.

funny how that if i do it you make a big fuss. i'm just doing what you're doing. following what you do.

so you wanna avoid, i shall avoid too. and the avoiding will just go on. :)

fair, no?

Currently Listening To: Instead Of A Show - Jon Foreman


you said...

tht was quite some time back kay. and we were trying to be friends then. thats why i din wanna settle it yet cos it was nice to talk to u casually! but if u wanna avoid even talking to me casually, i cant do anything ryte? if thats the way u want it ben. and stop quoting what i said. cos if u do, i can quote ur deceiving, hypocritical, useless words the way u do. im sorry i gotta sound brute here.

Ben J said...

oh u mean my words, like how ur words are?

you said...

wow, that was shocking to get a reply from someone thats not planning on talking to me for a long time. hmm. well, they're your words too k. at least i dont go publishing it in public.