Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Note To Me

i got that from

think abt it. are you like that pic? where you are not moving? and u live in the past? and it will become your future too.

what's the point?

yes the past hurts. and u live everyday regretting it wishing you could take back everyday.

but you can't. no matter what. it'll always be there.

so just let it go. let everything go. the best thing you can do is pretend it nvr happened.

but don't let it go to waste what u've been through. learn from this. learn who to trust and who not to. learn to know what to want. learn to care for ppl who actually give a shit. learn from this!

let it go. let it all go.

cuz it's killing you slowly. so just let it go.

everything. from the pics, to the history to the texts. everything has to go to move on.

even ppl have to go.

else hate will grow and you'll be back to usual.

change. change. u just have to if u want to survive.

noone is gonna help you. noone will try to fix it. noone can change the past or make a better future for you. so just let it all go.

and most importantly don't come back. at all. never.


whoa. had to let that all out. was thinkin all abt it during the engr exam which was SHIT. like serious shit. lost at least half the marks. thats like 50%. and i'm SURE of this. who knows what else will happen next la.

also thought of Lostprophets' Hello Again. thinkin of the words. and seriously it's so dumb to overlook things that are in front of you. it's also very easy. this is one line a got from the song:

Just say when, and you'll stop the pain
Of your life, bring it to an end

it's so obvious. it's up to me to say when. cuz like i said, noone else is gonna help me get out except myself.

so now. now is the time to stop. now is when i say when.

i'm gonna try. and i'm gonna try hard.

and it all starts by letting everything go. and removing the things that hurt.....

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