Thursday, May 01, 2008


was talking to Jin last night abt getting a external hard drive. cuz like i'm running out of space. actually he wanted to get one cuz he's running out of space. but i now feel bad. cuz i compared to him i dun deserve it also. he has 120Gb of space and is left with 9Gb only from all his music.

and this is me

ya. i got A LOT of space. and yet i'm down to 10Gb. why?? i blame the 60 smth almost 70 movies i have. a possible 30 series. and also the 8 or 9 games on my comp. and also the almost 3k songs. so ya. maybe i shud cut down on some stuff. like seriously. haha.

oh and i can't tahan music. like seriously cannot say no one. why? cuz during my one hour lecture break, i went to Riccarton Mall. andd.......

ya. haha! basically i went there to look for Panic!'s album la. the one i wanted to buy like i said that day. and ya. then i found it. and then i was looking around la. was gonna go off di then i turned and looked behind me and they have that "Shop Assistant Reccomendations" and Cities was there. so ya la. where can tahan di. took only. haha! spent altogether 45NZD on music today alone. haha. but worth it! esp worth it when u buy and then in the lyrics song book u read this:

Thank you for buying this music and for supporting the artists, songwriters, musicians and others who've created it and made it possible. Please remember that this recording and artwork are copyrighted by law. Since you don't own the copyright, it's not yours to distribute. Please don't use internet services that promote the illegal distribution of copyright music, give away illegal copies of discs or lend discs to others for copying. It's hurting the artists who created the disc. It has the same effect as stealing a disc from a store without paying for it.

Anberlin, Cities Lyrics Book

cool right? so ya. i think i MAY follow this. so ya, don't ask to pinjam the CD from me to copy it from me la. it's not nice. esp cuz i hope to be a future famous guitarist in some rock band. i don't want ppl to not buy my CD too. it hurts. so ya! def worth it! plus support them la.

and i remember what Peter said. smth abt buying back all the music he's downloaded. one day. and i think i will wanna do that too. like slowly buy back as the course of my life goes along la. plus stealing is not good la. and i like buying original stuff and supporting artists. even if some ppl say i'm crazy to do so and i shud jus be happy with downloading. i'm contented knowing i'm doing what's right. :)

oh and one quote i find nice from OTH yest is when Nathan asks Lucas abt his shirt thing.

Nathan: Haley said u tried on like 8 shirts today.
Lucas: It was 5 shirts. and that's privileged best friend information!
Nathan: Well, i got the husband privilege card. heh.
Lucas: good point

quite cool la. i mean for me i hope i can find someone liddat la. like a partner who will tell me everything la. no secrets and stuff. even if it is abt other ppl. yeah. oh well.

and it's also funny how diff ppl become when they hang with diff ppl. if they hang with ppl who dun like u, it's like somehow, they'll stop talking to u they way they used to. interesting la.

and another annoying thing is how noone will tell me things i shud know. i mean i feel like i dun really have that friend la. like someone who is totally like MY friend. like if someone said smth abt me, they'll come tell me. like if someone close to me is doing smth wrong, they'd tell me. or maybe if someone told them, "oh dun tell Ben this." and it's smth i shud know they would tell me. even if it's smth i dun HAVE to know, they would still tell me. everyone is just too busy trying to protect all their friends. k la. i'm prob being selfish wanting an exclusive friend la. someone who wud tell me everything. even the gossips. and not too busy worrying whether i SHOULD or SHOULDN'T know. or what it would mean to others if they told me. i guess i want an unconditional friend? but i guess it's jus impossible to come by la. oh well. prob one of those times i'm hoping for too much from my friends.

or prob i jus need a wife la. ;)

oh well. life's like that i guess.

and for the OTH Ep 515: Life Is Short Quotes for Ms. Dana Lee:

Brooke: Do you ever wanna go back? I remember being sixteen and everything just seemed much easier. Would you do it differently?
Lucas: Hmm… I'd try and appreciate the things I took for granted, but… I think we have to go through all of this stuff, you know, to get to the places we want to be.

ok la. maybe not so many gr8 quotes and stuff. and got more la. i still have to find it. so ya. wait la Dana. haha!

ok i think i'm gonna watch my House now. =D


Currently Listening To: Here's Your Letter - blink-182

p.s.: yeap. this song still does remind me.

Here's a letter for you,
but the words can confuse,
then the conversation dies.
Apologise for the past,
Talk some shit, take it back
Are we cursed to this life?


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