Saturday, May 17, 2008

And Now I'm All Out

... of series to watch of course.

cuz Smallville season 7 just ended. and so did Lost season 4.

One Tree Hill season 5 is ending monday. and so is House season 4. sheesh.

Prison Break is coming back in september only. and Heroes is coming back who knows when.

so i'm all out of stuff to watch. i'm so not watching OC, or Grey's Anatomy or any lame pointless stuff.

BUT i'm watching Scrubs now. just finished season 1 and in the middle of season 2 now. jus another 5 more seasons!

so maybe i'll be occupied.... hmm.

k gtg. dinner!

and yes! i still have a mail to reply by today! i haven't forgotten! dun worry i'll get to it. haha! =P

Currently Listening To: When I Go Down - Relient K

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