Tuesday, May 13, 2008



i reached my 3k mark of songs! if i include the sample songs in my comp la. haha! cuz like now got 2989 songs of my own. and then plus the sample songs which have 11 songs, nicely 3k! haha.

and the album that made it 3k was OneRepublic's Dreaming Out Loud. which makes it 53 Full Albums (excluding the Christian Albums of course). also the 21st album i got off the hub and 25th album i got since coming to NZ. wah. quite bangga la. like so fast my music collection can grow. i wonder how big is it... brb.

whoa. 14Gb. not bad. quite little. so if 3k is 14GB, that means... each song is 4.7MB! wow thats huge... eh! why am i doing math la. i'm supposed to be chilling out now. ish. but i guess i'm supposed to be doing my math assignment now la. that's why. and u know what, yest i was supposed to do my math tutorial, and i ended up COD4-ing for 3 hours. crazy la. then when i was done, almost 11, i wanted to start it, then i ended up with this...

which ended only at 12 smth. crazy la. i'm like the king of wasting time. seriously. so i ended up doing 1 question and chatting.

but since i had to return the book at 9 the next morning, i just went to return it and renew it again so i cud do it in the library. and thankfully i managed to finish. haha. but i'm quite amazed with myself la. i mean i woke up at 7 smth and went to the library by 9 to go do work okay. BE PROUD OF ME! =P haha!

oh and for some reason i had a pimple (i think) on my eye lid today. so weird. i think i caused it when i couldn't put on my contacts cuz of the irritation in my eye. hmm. and cause of that i skipped my Math lecture and jus slept. and i woke up at 1.15 and rushed to lunch man. my hair must have been a bit of a mess la. cuz when i went there the lunch girl was like "Did you straighten your hair?" hmm. must be quite obvious eh. need to fix that out soon. haih. oh well.

Random Image!

oh and got back my chem marks. really grateful for them considering i din study much on account of my Egg separator project which was just messed up. got a 24 out of 39 for it. =/ haih. but i guess somehow i deserved that la. haih. but it's a horrible mark. oh ya my chem. got 48 out of 60. not bad la. right now, i'm jus aiming for a pass in all subs. not a high mark or anything.

and Chem lab was so fun today! =D not cuz of the lab la. it's the ppl. and the "member" guy. haha. this is one of the reasons Malay is such a cool language. haha!

hmm. most prob i'll get my math test marks tmrw. hopefully it goes well.

k i shud go now, need to start my Math assignment as soon as i finish my important stuff since i was out at ppls room wasting time b4 this. haha. so for now, i'll leave u with my desktop pic which i find pretty cool. it was drawn buy some guy from DA. really awesome. for those of u who dunno, it's Venom from Spiderman. or at least some version of him la. haha.


p.s.: i've put up some polls for u guys to do. please feel free to jus click on ur choice and submit. thx!

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KS said...

Haha... miracle!! u woke up early... to do work smore... yea, am proud of u... for one day... =P i think that pimple on ur eye lid is smthg else la... not a pimple... hehehe... try askin li ying they all wat it means la... haha... btw, the random pic u took... the green tree stands out wor!

Ben J said...

haha! yea def a miracle. ooo. interesting. i must go find out what it is then. haha! ya. that pic i tried to get all the diff trees and the sky. got one orange, yellow, green and.... NO LEAVES! haha!

glo said...

huhu. nice pic :p

ya cepat go do ur math assignment :p