Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Have All The Time In The World

until you don't have any time left. and it's too late.

sometimes i always wonder why ppl like to keep things til the last minute but they don't really know when is the last minute. so they end up being too late to fix anything or make things better. oh well.

i wonder who let it out too. curious la. can guess who la. but it's sorta expected, yet totally unexpected. and on that other thing also. i so knew la. k la. can't talk so much cuz it's like obvious and everyone knew it was gonna happen. it's like saying oh there will be morning tmrw. ya. like that obvious la. so the person who said that morning was never gonna come, heh, u know la what all ur words mean.

and i'm feeling happy today. no idea why. prob cuz i was right again. i tend to always be. maybe cuz i state the obvious? but today is a crazy day. din do half my tutorial. forgot to sign up for Skills Test 2. forgot to go to the Skills Test 2 Practice. need to do the EWB part for my group. then hopefully the chem online quiz too. then got the assignment 6 too. got 3 emails to reply. 1 to send out.

yes i'm damn busy. it kinda sucks la. cuz like have to do a lot of work. haihhh. plus i have no idea whats happening in Chem class.

and despite all this! i'm happy? ok. someone needs to call the crazy ambulance. haha.

oh and i got another One Tree Hill quote. think it can suit me. thats why i like it. oh and if u havent seen the episode and want surprise when u watch it, skip this part k.

Nathan: I'm sorry you're dying, but you have to know. I can never forgive you. Not now, not ever.
Dan: So that's it? You're gonna make that decision?
Nathan: No Dan. You made that decision for me. The moment you pulled the trigger.

well. it's true isn't it. the actions you make today will decide how your future turns out. So when you decide, at least you know you did what you wanted and had to. so no regrets right? :)

i'm still bummed out abt that dream i had. i was gonna say devastated. but i guess that would be exaggerating a tiny bit. but ya. haih. it was so real. and it was so awesome! haih. but i think the worst part was that it was so real. jus imagine, ure sitting here reading this post now. that's how real it is. and the next moment you know, you're waking up from your bed. and it sucks even more when prob the gr8est thing that could have happened to you was in that dream which was so real. haih.

but i guess it all makes sense in the end la. like why would she be in a football restaurant if she knew nothing about football. like how could i find this dream girl there. like it din match la. plus i guess that it being a dream is prob the reason why i nvr got her name or number. and why would my parents be there? and why in a black car? and why was that someone in the back seat? there were so many things that din make sense. BUT it still felt so real. so so real. i would seriously give anything to be that happy again. haih.

Nothing is what is seems i guess.


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