Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five Score And Seven Years Ago

i told u di. when it comes to music, i totally cannot tahan laaa..... my brain jus says yes to everything. and so today i bought ANOTHER CD. like seriously. that makes it 4 in this month. today's CD was:

yea. i mmg planned to buy la. cuz the songs in it are really good and nice.

but yea. i think i'll jus buy once a month from now on. need to control di. like seriously.

and this smoke smell thats sticks on my clothes can get pretty annoying. dunno why also. is it cuz i come into my room late? or is it the air around? or is it the places i've been? hmm. dun really know. weirdness.

haih. i still din do my math assignment. doing it today. hopefully. if not distracted.

k gtg.

Currently Listening To: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz


KS said...

u seriously too much money to spend dy... give me some share share~~ hehe...

Ben J said...

haha! but i dun spend on food leh. so ya. my food money goes to music. haha!

glo said...

Bern said that Reliant K is good ;) haha.

man. i'm amazed at your passion for music.

btw, i collect CDs of my favourite singers and artists too. but then, i'm more into chinese songs, so can only buy from msia :) haha. but nowadays seldom buy dy le :)

oo. and i do agree with u abt the smokey smell. a hypothesis wud be the smoke from the chimneys. some of the houses have a fire-place where firewood is burn to keep the house warm - and thus the smoke.

something random...i was looking at this chimney one day and trying to imagine Santa Claus going down the chimney. Hmm. Well, still can't figure out how he can go down the chimney, and come back up red-and-white; not black :p