Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Mac Chant

yes yes. those of u in Malaysia know all about this Big Mac Chant. but did u know there was a contest abt it?

yea. the contest is to say the Big Mac Chant in a video the most creative way possible. the contest is organized by Nuffnang (Asia's First Blog Advertising Community).

click here for the website. and u can see all the vids ppl have made. seriously, some of them are sooo lame and funny. and some are jus lame and dumb and boring. and the weirdest thing is, the current top with the most votes is jus sooo lame. and not in a good way lame. like seriously, it's so boring. but yea la. somehow got the most votes.

ANYWAY, i jus wanted to put some vids of the some that i saw which are cool. by me at least.

Human Big Mac

Big Mac Saves A Life

Big Mac Thief

Alien Fries!


i think i like the last one the best. and also the human big mac. haha!

let me know what u think.

oh and if u like it, go sign up and vote too! =D

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