Friday, May 16, 2008

Lefties, 'Sup

u know right, sometimes i think most lefties jus dun get the recognition they deserve.

why i'm saying this? cuz i like heard quite recently "oh u know right, David Cook, he's like so awesome. He can play a left handed guitar!"

err. okayy?? he's left handed so he plays a left handed guitar la. i'm right handed and i play a right handed guitar. how come i dun get recognition for that la?? it's the same thing whaaattt....

but then u say, but it's LEFT HANDED! then i ask u. how come u dun go, "hey look! that guy is writing with his left hand! thats sooo cool!" or "he's brushing his teeth with his left hand! wow!"

comeon la. seriously. left handed ppl use their left hand. nth fascinating abt it k. haha! and if u say guitar again, then i'll go back to me playing guitar again k.

so don't praise CERTAIN lefties. all are the same ok. all use their left hand. and playing a left handed guitar when ure left handed is just normal la k. he's not cooler than any other left hander. actually, come to think of it, when it comes to guitars, that wud make him not cool at all. think abt it, a lot of lefties play right handed guitars. now that's pro k. ok la not so pro. but what's pro is playing a right hand side guitar left handed. thaaaattt's pro.

k la. i'm babling away. bet u dun understand. but i guess the point i'm trying to say is, dun make something normal look cool. like David Cook playing a left handed guitar.
(Note: i'm a right hander, i dun know who the heck is David Cook, and i'm not trying to kenakan anyone. just something in my mind)

anywayy, in other news. i've been wondering right, everytime i greet ppl with the word 'sup i tend to get a response i nvr expect. even tho i get the response quite a lot.

so here's like a typical convo with me la and what i tend to expect.

Ben: Yo, 'sup.

You: 'Sup.

BUT, this is what i get quite often. and i end up stoning after the answer cuz i always dun expect it.

Ben: Hey, 'sup!

You: oh nth much/oh something awesome happened today!/erm the ceiling?

Ben: *stoneee......*

u see what i mean? like to me 'sup is like hi. like yo. i know la it originally comes from "What's Up". but when i say it i so dun mean it like that. haha! imagine like saying HI to someone and they reply with "oh nothing much has been happening with me". kinda surprising la. haha.

it's not wrong of course. jus that i somehow always dun expect it even if it's actually the right answer. weird la.

ya. thats all. i actually did some work tonight. not bad. and i watched Swordfish. quite a good movie.

k i need to go take out my contacts!


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