Friday, May 02, 2008

Maxis Can Be Really Weird

first they stole my idea for Activ10 and gave me no credit for it.

then when i come here, i can't check my balance. i asked the lady why? she said it's cuz my balance expired. ish.

then i find out there is no way to check ur balance except through ur phone. so how do i do that if i can't check my balance through the phone?? sheesh.

then i can't get some, i would say, important msges when i out my sim card in until they were sent again when the phone was using the sim card. bangang la.

and then! now when i put in the sim card, and i press *122# to check my balance, CAN! what??! i seriously dun get it. so now they show my balance and tell me to top up by 1st June so my number doesn't get cancelled. =_=" oh btw, if anyone did msg my Maxis num, i din get it either. the only msges i did get were from Maxis. dumb right? the most unimportant ones i get. sheesh.

and i jus checked my vodafone balance. 4.26! WHAT!? i jus topped up 10 bucks on monday! giler. no idea how it went down so fast. cuz msges here are like practically free la to vodafone. so i'm guessing that it's prob all my 3 pages msges to ppls in diff countries la. i think i need to cut that down. of course i can't stop la. haha! but slow down a bit.

and it's abt 3C now outside. think i'm gonna bathe, sleep and wake up and online later. haha! see how.

OOOOOHHH! i forgot one more thing. remember the Anberlin album i bought? apparently it was even more worth it than i thought. cuz (*Fin) isn't actually 6 mins. it's like 8 mins. got like some Hidden Track after 6 minutes. cool right? worth it giler.

oh and thank goodness i din buy Panic's Pretty. Odd.. cuz i heard it and it's not that nice la. a bit too boring for my taste. oh well. so yea. the girl at the shop was right la. it was weird. like they're a whole totally diff band. but she ended up liking it. but i can't see me doing the same.

k. bathe!

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