Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Call At 7.14 AM

u won't believe who called me.

at that time.

and u know why?

MU and Barca.

ya i think u know who called. ya from Malaysia.

so i watched the match la. 2nd half onwards.

not bad. quite fun watching ppl tension watching the game. esp that guy who was goin to work after the match.

MU played not bad la. cud have played better of course. but dunno what's up with them. quite sloppy i must say.

oh and after that i came back to my room and slept again. and skipped chem class. and woke up for math tutorial.

ya i know this was long ago story. like yesterday. but was reading Gloria's blog abt MU and Barca then i remembered. and i really kesian her la. every match there is it'll be hard to sleep. i can't imagine how it'll be if my sleep is disturbed. i'm sleep king remember. which is prob why i slept trhough chem class la. haha!

but i thought it was pretty cool getting a call from Malaysia, telling me to go watch football. so ya. haha!

p.s.: MU won btw. 1-0. :)

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glo said...

:P haha. well. it was liverpool-chelsea today. i watched the mid-2nd-half onwards :p

guess i'm used to the morning calls dy :p

btw, smtimes it's kinda interesting to see the bond between the guys when they are watching football :)

Ben J said...

haha. but ya la. still kesian u. sorta have to wake up cuz of the noise.

and ya. somehow football brings everyone closer. haha.