Monday, March 31, 2008

My Whole Holidays Just Crashed

2 tests.

Chem which i have no clue of whats happening.

and Math, which hopefully i remember what the crap went on in class.

2 assignments too.


one is a whole year project. but its a group work which starts this friday.

the other is an individual project. which i think is the one screwing up my whole hols.

we're supposed to create some sort of invention that separates the egg white from the egg yolk.

no we're not only supposed to think of some idea ok. we're supposed to write a 10 page assignment. 10 freaking pages.

and we're supposed to actually create the whole invention. and test it. to make sure it's always succesful. and we must create graphs and charts to show our results too.

cuz they want a photo of our invention too.

can u imagine how crap this assignment is? they dun even want any egg shells in any bit. and they want it to work continuosly.


i feel its damn tough for like a third month assignment.

when all we've learnt from out engineering class is how to draw.

designing and all? hayoo.

where the crap we gonna get materials too la?!

like damn cheap liddat.

plus buying the freaking eggs!? who knows how many we have to buy la!?! have to test to make sure all works well and all ok!

gaahh.. now i'm pissed off.

ISH LA! >=(

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glo said...

i totally agree tht this is quite a nonscensical assignment.

i think there's some egg separator in the stores eh. we dun have it. can use the easy way to separate egg..

anyway.. nzd 6.00ish for 30 eggs at the chines stores. if you are careful with the eggs, can make french toast, fried egg, omelette, steam egg, scramble egg.. mm.. nice nice.. we can help you also lar.. then can eat egg together :D :D

sorry i got lame. i din mean it in a badd way.

all the best for ur assignment. do let us know if we can help :)

KS said...

Hey... i haf lotsa assignments too... i sacrificed to go see u guys in cch wor~~ haha... so, better welcome me wif red carpet, limo all those wor... hahaha c ya~