Friday, March 28, 2008


cuz then you realise,

no matter what you do,

no matter how much you say thank you,

no matter how much you wanna repay,

no matter how much you wanna show your gratitude,

nothing will ever match up to the kindness and generousity and familyness the seniors here have given you.

i can honestly say i don't think i've met such caring and selfless ppl in my life.

seriously, Thank You guys for everything. really really appreciate.

i remember talking to Isaac quite a while back, that we wanna be jus like how our seniors were to us to our future juniors.

ok i'd go on, but Wei Zhen did say last time that it sounds like i'm in love with my seniors. =P

but seriously once again. i would like to wish my seniors: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU"VE DONE FOR ALL OF US HERE. REALLY APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH! =)

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glo said...

"we wanna be jus like how our seniors were to us to our future juniors."

man. this sentence, is the best 'thank-you' ever :) this is our hearts' desires. glad that u guys caught the 'vision'. chocolates can't even beat that, except ice-cream maybe :p neh, just kidding :p

thank you, ben :) we are so encouraged and touched reading this.

(this is also on behalf of the 'seniors', at least my flatmates :p)

ps: btw.. dun nid senior-junior gelaran dy lar k... :p

Bernard aka xiaoqiu said...

yeah ben... no senior or junior gelaran... we are all equal... we can learn from each other..the older ones should learn to be humble and learn from the younger ones as well..Everyone has something to offer.. i dont really like the idea of people saying the juniors this or that... NO seniority involved in our friendship and fellowship.. thats total rubbish.. sorry to be so emo...hehe

anyway, am really touched reading this..keep up the good work man!!!