Tuesday, April 01, 2008


seriously la. when ppl kena prank here. they seriously kena prank.

you should see how determined they are.

ok so this is my story la.

this morning, abt 12 smth AM i decided to do laundry. why? cuz i was supposed to do earlier but forgot. so i did when i could la. so did my washing then came back half an hour later and put it in the dryer. on the way to put stuff in the dryer, this is what i see:

what is that? a tyre?

oh no, its a whole bike! UP A TREE!

hahahahah. see la. i laughed at that guy. then i also kena. cuz after i put my stuff in the dryer and came back to collect. i find i kena sabo! =_=" my DRYED clothes in the dryer had like a bunch of soap powder poured onto it. ISH.

SOOO had to wash clothes and dry them again! ish. another 2 bucks wasted. ish. but since i was in a good mood for April Fools. jus din care la. haha.

so now, to make sure i dun kena sabo again, i brought my things to the laundry room and waited with my clothes. haha.

so finally after folding my clothes and all, wen't back to my room. and i came back jus to see this at Oli's door.

yes yes. thats his door. the time was about 3 smth AM. i think they started when i left la. they stacked up the whole thing ok. who did this? some of the bike prankers. and also my neighbour Scott. i think this was super awesome. cuz Oli was inside sleeping and had no clue. we all jus walked around quietly not trying to make a sound. i was of course jus watching la. i'm good okay. haha.

so this is the final work of them. brilliant la i must say. so the original plan was to all go and sleep and jus let Oli wake up on his own and walk into the cans. but some of them couldn't tahan la. so they had to wake him up there and then also. haha. so they tried calling him on the phone and all. but he just wont come to the door. they were also knocking on the door for so long. jus to get him up. and they did this for like HALF AN HOUR OKAY. super determined ppl. haha.

so finally, he gets so pissed off his sleep is disturbed he opens his door and the some can from the top drop. and he's like stunned la i guess seeing the wall of beer cans. guessing la cuz cant see him on account of the wall. haha.

then after that he burst through everything and it caused such a great loud bang. quite surprised noone else woke up and came to look.

oh and yeah. he was pissed off alright. haha. he tried taking the fire hose and hosing Scott's room. but luckily for Scott he got in and closed and locked the door b4 anything happened la.

oh and there's a video for it too! must try and get it from Scott la if i can. haha.

he even came out later and pushed all the cans from the front of his door to Scott's door. which was firmly locked la of course. haha.

well cuz of that i ended up sleeping at 5 smth. and missed my Chem class. ish la. but i guess it was worth it staying up and watching? haha.

and today was not bad. excluding the soap powder prank, i din kena at all. cept from some blogger online la. haha. i think i got abt 3 ppl. din do much la this year.

plus it feels so not me to not con ppl. ESP on April Fools day.

looks like the conner is like going into retirement. haihh... haha!

so, what's green and has wheels? ;)

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