Friday, March 28, 2008

7.51 AM

its 7.52 AM now. why the heck am i awake so early? cuz the initial plan was to go for the morning Math class at 8 so we can sorta make up the 12 PM class.

but apparently Li Ying is not going for the class now. and i dun wanna go alone so here i am just wasting time....

i shud have just gone you say? nah. the morning class is supposedly better tho. however, that class is a whole chapter slower la. plus only 5-20% of the Math is new.

so yea. no point going for the early class also. but bugged i woke up early. but yet i would have anyway cuz of Ross' radio clock blaring away at 7.

will most prob skip the later Math again too. i find skipping the class pretty worth it (weird eh?). i'd rather have lunch la then sit there and bore myself with stuff i know and also some boring slow moving lecturer.


u damn spoiler la!

ure not supposed to do that. shit la. i jus knew u were trouble! and now i've been proven right. ish la. i damn tak puas wei.

i still don't believe ur story. it jus seems unbelievable u would do that by urself. sry but i don't trust ppl i hardly know. for all i know, you did that cuz someone told you to. and ure jus another spy. who knows la! but i've learnt paranoia keeps me alive. esp when it comes to certain ppl.

ish. u damn kacau la. and u can't just say what i said out of nowhere. i said that so long ago! i dunno if i still would wanna say it la. ish. so annoying. but i guess thats not ur fault. i just opened my big mouth cuz i was trying to be nice.

BABI LA! i damn tak puas now.


and supposed "friends" who treat you like a random stranger is also damn tulan...

cannot tahan la. u act like that and can call urself fren is it?

help a bit also cannot. yea sure. "friends". wtf man..

only do things for ppl who do things for you. awesome.


i admire ppl who aren't afraid to voice out their opinions. not worrying whether they will hurt you with what they say.

jus speak their mind. realised that when i'm here. so thankful for those ppl in my life currently.

i mean its jus ur thoughts what. there's nth wrong with it. if ure so worried what other ppl might think then die la like that.

and plus the person accepting ur thoughts and opinions also why so narrow minded la? ppl say stuff also you terasa. small thing also kena. hey, the world is NOT gonna agree with you on everything. get used to it. (and by saying that, there's prob some ppl in the world who'll terasa. damn annoying.)

i honestly think only a friend will dare say ure wrong, u messed up. what ure doing is not right, what ure wearing sucks, ure hair sucks etc.. cuz honestly think abt it, what kinda "friend" lets another "friend" mess up? and let them continue messing up? or not being the best they can be. i mean you don't have to CHANGE the person or force the person to change. but telling the person already you got problem then die la like this.

heh. "friends".


its 8.17 AM. yes it took me 25 minutes to write this short post. i know. haha. din know what to say la.

ok i gtg. class at 9. already missed the last Engr class due to sleep. dun wanna miss this one. plus got assignment i think. so better go. haha.

damn i'm hungry now.


Currently Listening To: Best Of You - Foo Fighters

p.s.: i just looked up the lyrics to this song. and it's damn good la. damn good song. for me to sing la at least.

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