Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Can Suck

i jus finished playing football and i realised one thing while playing.

you can suck at everything you do. but you sure can have an awesome time even if you suck. seriously

cuz hey, i din score or do anything gr8 in football jus now. but i sure did have gr8 loads of fun.

but this isn't jus for football i realise.

even when playing COD4, Counter Strike, Need For Speed, Tennis and even playing the guitar.

i seriously am not good in these things compared to others.

but i know that even if i die the most or get hardly any kills, the COD4/Counter Strike game was sure fun.

even if i crash my car or dun match up to others time in NFS, it sure is fun racing. (in real life also its fun la. cept the crashing part. =P)

even if i can't serve and give some lame shots in tennis, playing it still rocks.

even if i can't play loads of songs and can only play simple stuff, i still enjoy playing guitar.

so i guess it doesn't matter if you suck at things at times. it can still be AWESOME.

you can always have fun without being the best or even good at certain things.


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1 comment:

glo said...

yup. u r right. that's what i've learnt too :)

ps: i heard that the court was over-crowded today.. might have affected everyone's performance too.. :)