Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Is Love To You?

i'm curious. what is love to you? and i don't want something that you got str8 from the Bible. cuz i know what the Bible says. but i wanna know what is love to YOU. anyone reading this post.

maybe u can sum it up in a sentence. it can be based on what u feel/what u felt/what you would like to feel when you are/were loved or when you hope to be in love.

i was thinking abt this myself. and i think that being in love is loving someone who has nth that you can take from them. smth like, they're not just there cuz they have smth you want. and if like they could give you nothing, you would still do everything you can for them/to get them.

but i guess mainly its cuz you want them not cuz they have smth you want/smth you can get from them. to me thats some bit of what love and loving someone is.

what about you?

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DaMan said...

read really inspired me, n i think it is soo true..

Ben J said...

thx for the link.. but it doesn't work. as in i can't click. i'm guessing its win datt's one la.

AND if it inspired you why don't you say smth abt it la? ish. answer the question man. haha.