Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BOB Vs Sushi

which to choose?

Battle of The Bands?



i wanna go for both! cuz BOB will have music! and rock music! have to go! love watching ppl play. but then knowing that most Kiwis are metal heads... i dunno whether to go also.

Sushi on the other hand will be fun. plus it's sushi! and i hope oh so much there's wasabi! i think that may be one asian food i might miss la. haha! aaaah WASABI! :(

haih.. decisions decisions.

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1 comment:

glo said...


hard choice...

sorry to be put u in such a dilemma, but.. that's the best time we could think of..

so.. well..

anyway, if you are not coming, i will try to save some of you if u want me to ;) and wasabi :)