Friday, April 25, 2008

It Amazes Me

how some people still never realised.

are you free tmrw?
do you wana work for an event at sepang?

heh. thats someone from church. i somehow think it's pretty cool la. two months i'm not there and din realise. haha.

but i guess it's kinda my fault la for not informing. plus din really keep contact with him. haih. bad me.

i got 5 parts of my assignment to finish by TOMORROW. oh well. and here i am. 2.40 awake. gotta wake up at 8 tmrw.

go buy A3 paper. and also check whether my money has come in yet. yeay money! haha.

i've been in a creative mood these past few days. unfortunately, nth that insipres me that much. plus dun have all the right tools to make my visions turn out the way i want to. haih.

one day when i'm rich la k.

k gtg. sleep. like seriously. if not i'll end up as an EPIC FAIL.


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Darryn said...

Haha. I think I know who is it... =P ...